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  1. To play devils advocate. ego is a force of nature aswell. So the two are inseperable through that framework In option A, he may be run by nature however the ego in option A is still seeking to escape suffering in anyway possible. We all have our own stairways to heaven, some it's money, others it's spirituality and others it's playing devils advocate on a forum. To debate wether it's unbalanced or not you'd have to look at what balance is. And how can we quantify balance in infinity? When you recognise that all of our distinctions are predicated upon our conditioning from past experiences, (force of nature) It pretty much lumps every one into the same category of being run by nature. Wether you're spiritual or not. Where is the question/debate coming from within? What caused you to ask this? And how do you feel about it? I feel you'd get more answers by questioning the presumptions of your debate deeper rather than the calculations of them.
  2. I'm currently working on a hiphop, trip hop, chill album. Here is a sample of what's to come. Would really welcome some feedback. Thanks https://soundcloud.com/scotopic23/here-we-go-again
  3. Hey all, just thought id ask if any one has seen this and what they thought? He pretty much calls out all the categories that most of us fall under, then he began to orchestrate a story in which he explained how each group of people collectively felt over the generations and how they are all trying to steer the ship of their own society. And how each category feels about each other in different To re orient yourself to a reality where we're all just trying to live in harmony, and if we can just set aside our differences. Since Leo puts a lot of content that's in line with this sort of thinking, that we are collectively trying to engage with our hearts. As he uses tricks of the mind to get us there Chapelle did an excellent job expressing a really valuable and meaningful understanding of the world we all inhabit. That's really helps unite us. I can't speak more highly of this new show, personally my favourite of all time. Curious to what other people thought as there is a lot of depth in there that's worth exploring.
  4. I found myself drawing a fractal image last night and it really sent me in an interesting process of discovery. As i was inferring another image based upon the previous inflection, you see that from anywhere i look, everything is directly connected to other things in this "shimmering" cataclysm. I have spent quite some time being disconcerted by falling down the rabbit whole of inflections, following it down and down and ultimately coming to realise that it doesn't end and every moment connects to it and the things you're referring to. Now the thing I'm referring to is connected to the drawing i did last night. And from impying significance in this one area, or image on whatever level, you recognise where it came from, and using that line of thinking you can keep going with it and find no end. Ultimately it seems that once you notice it, you recognise that it only exists to the figure it is in contrast to. Again inferring that it's something it is not. Suggesting, never knowing but supposing. How do you delight in this?
  5. thank you so much for that. It is incredibly helpful.
  6. We seek to be better precisely because we are not. When we seek, we simultaneously are going away from something else. What is it that you are going towards in this scenario? And when accurately defined? What is it's Polar opposite? Be with that, and if you like flaunt yourself! But be Ok with the part of you that needs this to be. It's very hard i know because we are all set and dependant on what others think etc. But again, what is it in that scenario that you are looking to gain? And then by contrast look at it's polar opposite. You don't get better by banishing or defeating the bad stuff, you accept it. Love it to death.
  7. Yes ofcourse IT exists. Because IT refers to existence. Does it exist? Define it? It is existence. Well there's your answer. The answers in the question.
  8. Some one should do a graph measuring the frequency of this idea surfacing in conjunction with the lunar calendar.
  9. Leo if you could weigh in on this, I'd be grateful. To any one for that matter. Last night was a big opening up but the flip flop happens and it would be good to get some guidance as I'm sure my experiences aren't exclusive to myself. Any one who is in a position to help please do.
  10. This guy is my hero. in a twist of irony to what he says in this, I am so grateful for his teaching. But i would like to get some understanding, context, and maybe guidance in how i can assimilate, or simply navigate this. Ok so there is this story told by Tara Brach which summarised my psychological mindset now. And it's about a horse. There is a horse tamer and a horse. Who would of thought? And they were really good together. He was a race horse. But before he was a race horse he would be out of control. That is, until he met this horse tamer. So one day as the horse is doing one of his routines, something happens that triggers one of his early childhood trauma that he was suffering from. And it sent him into a panic. And bucked the rider and fled in fear. So the people go to the tamer to try and get it back for the race. So the tamer goes as and acted in accordance with the respect that their close connection deserved. He approaches, but maintains a lengthy distance. A healthy distance, he stood there in the far distance. Not close enough to see his face, but not far enough so that you can't distinguish him. He's quite far. And it showed that he was there for the horse in whatever capacity it needed him to be. This was obviously to do with my conditioning as a child growing up and not being given that space needed to come to terms with reality...on your own terms and not someone elses. But then upon listening to my friend Roger he begins to say that we will compile all sorts of stories and explanations dependant on past experience and circumstance to create a version of reality. Even when we think that "all is one" and all of that. Conceptually thinking it and thinking that conceptual thought leads to experience. And that that is not the teaching. And that this place he was talking about was really transforming me while i was listening to it. Everything began to appear to me a dream. All the people i met today were dream characters and with that perception with it came this sense that i really was creating the stage for everything to happen. When you're in a dream there is a feeling present within my experience that i do not share in reality. Maybe it's not when I'm in the dream but when awake i realise that the whole setup was created by conciousness. And that there is this emotional charge that runs through each happening. And that you get to in some part decide how you'd like to participate with each happening. Attitude wise. He then speaks about "flip flopping" from enlightenment experience bringing forth great peace, to losing that and going back to the old ways of thinking. And being hard done about it. And also realising that this whole procedure of transformation is part of the dream i am creating. I want to be changing. And that conciousness doesn't have a body, but it localises it within the body as a means to partake in this life. But the whole experience can't be divided into inside and outside. And that all of this is not true as these are thoughts and ideas are dependant on circumstance and experience. And that through this flip flopping of insight, from peace to anxiety one gets upset with him/herself. And personally these insights (which he directly adresses in this video) hav led me to recognise how dependant i am upon circumstance to be happy. And he cleverly re frames it. To, now you know, this is direct proof that happiness is NOT to be found in circumstance. So you find yourself in a different place. Where your attitude counts more than you ever thought possible. Rather than think our happiness is dependant on circumstance, a flow of opposites in intercourse with each other as you observe the happening. So it's a deeper recognition that happiness comes from your attitude to circumstance and does not come from circumstance itself. I also had this surreal sense that reality is silk. That we were all connected with silk, but that silk extends through to all forms. As this way of thinking implies the real untethered connection between all things.
  11. Yep, druggy here. Doing spirituality work. :)) What contradiction of forces.
  12. Lol this idea seems to surface to breathe atleast once a month
  13. His conciousness levels are well below 9000. Pathetic
  14. FUcken tripped out shit. Pretty much talks about what Leo was saying. That God is a designer. And it's through geometry we can understand this. Fucken crazy shit.