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  1. Can you please explain by learning style?But anyway I'm introvert so I can see benefit of socializing.I'm sure I can understand more online because When I'm in school almost all my teachers can't explain the topic well but in online its so nice,I think that's because I'm from Philippines which is third world country.Second I can really focus on my studies because Im in school my classmates talk to me while in class so that ruins the lesson for me.
  2. I'm interest about psychology, I'm introvert so I can see the benefits of socializing more.I'm really confused whether should I go or not because the pros and cons are almost equal
  3. Im really moved by the videos on Youtube for their reasons to not go to college.I also searched for reasons to go to college and saw great reasons to go for it.Im from Philippines so our education is not that good.When I go to school I always pissed off because almost all of my teachers are lazy,they dont teach us,they just give excercise and thats it even if they did, they cant explain nicely.I just got home from our exam in school.I dont know most of the questions because they didnt teach it.Im pretty good at school .Get good grades and just scored highest on math in exam.Also I can learned so much stuff on youtube than school.Why would I pay hundreds of dollars on my tuition if I can just learn it in Youtube.What are your thoughts guys ??(Here are some videos:
  4. Yeah,good point.But I think I need a juicy compelling vision for my future so I will be motivated to do self-actualization like leo said
  5. Damn ,you guys really kick me in the ass.Btw thanks bro I'll be keeping that in mind
  6. Yeah ,pretty hard in this country to get money but I'll do my best to earn money.250 dollars is my father's salary for a month+ Damn ,that hit me hard.I'm thinking to practice money management first because I'm careless about my money.I'm a magician so I'm planning to start getting gigs.
  7. Pre San Ka banda Dto sa Pilipinas ?..Btw Antipolo ako
  8. Leo,I'm 16 years old.I really want to buy the life purpose course so I would be killing it when I grow up.The problem is I don't have enough money.Can I loan or something so I can take the course and pay it later.Much love -David