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  1. Hey guys, this is my first post and I think the concepts discussed here are the most profound and true one. This is not the typical post that I write but I'm very pissed right now and I think it is helpful to write now. Basically I understand everything and I do everything right but still I'm absolutely awkward. I cant enjoy myself and I am really tense. I believe that when I feel strong, clear emtions, flirting with girls will be easy. I think the problem is that I believe unconciously very strong in illusion of the I. As a result, I tense up because I try to control everything. Im in Infonesia and I get lots of girls on Tinder, but even in here I have in the date never success! Its frustrating! As a result, I say fuck off I dont think and act per choice anymore. I think if I can life just let flow, I feel strong emotions and live will be good. But honestly I dont get many results, even though I do like everything one can do. So, I just wanted to writr that. Maybe someone can give me advice. Right now, I'm just depressed and angry. Thanks to you all, Solvinden