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  1. @Conscious life You need to balance both side otherwise it will cause you problems in relationships
  2. @Emerald you dont know the struggle some people need to go just to be normal...
  3. Thats worst you can do is to go all emotional and trying to reason with her...there is so much wrong in this picture that i think like me you will just need few years to understand and stop with all kinds of stupid stuff that your mom and society programmed you with... And its done bro this cant be saved anymore sorry
  4. @CreamCat Good,and did you set deadline when you are going to achieve these goals or goals inside the goals?
  5. @CreamCat Im not saying right now im saying when its finished how does it look like?
  6. How does your art look like?
  7. @QandC And to deprogram your subconcious you seperate thought from the emotion?
  8. @Leo Gura what vision did you have? I mean 400+ failures before first success you need to have some huge reason...
  9. @Mulky how can you be turqouise at such a young age how can you embody so much at that age it seems impossible
  10. @assx95 Bro in few years when you grow more you will look at this and shake your head you are better than this!
  11. @khalifa your story touched me deeply 😭
  12. At this point(like i got somewhere haha)i cant imagine myself with a person that is not willing to understand how relationships work and how we work together so we can make a nice relationahip..i find that people are not willing to do that ,if i would give books to read to someone or telling them how things should work(find a way it would work we start arguments) it doesnt end well...i quickly see that it wont work in a long run and its better to end or stay in circle of i wrong here am i missing something decieving myself being too idealistic?I end up being overbearing and like im manipulating but i just want a nice relationships ...some people(one person so far lol) that i know that i study relatuonships human behaviour etc. say :oh you read that in a book i can smell it its fake or something so it stays disfuctional rather that it improves situation
  13. @Dlavjr yeah good points im aware of them but sometimes cant let it go i have to point out the flaws and i can see that in way some people behave there cant be healthy relationship so i try to make things work but they want to stay in disfuction because it requiers no work...
  14. @Raptorsin7 Advice is given and recieved and acted on or not and there is no one doing how wind is blowing nobody is doing it its happening...but for survival etc you imagine that you are doing it...
  15. Is emotional mastery ability to change states on command,when unwanted emotions come that dont serve your goals you can supress them and keep state?Or its something else,or you have things to add...
  16. In new video leo said that we can understand human behaviour if we know self deception,how can you read and know human behaviour just by knowing how someone decieves themselves i dont get it?
  17. Dont try to get anything from anyone and you wont need to get the approval if you are asking in that way...
  18. @Etherial CatOh now i get it yeah its true guy with options will leave girls hanging and not even wanting relationship while some great guy but no so attractive want the relationship but girl will go for that attractive guy lol
  19. Yes but they are usually so unconcious that they wouldnt even consider enlightement as a possibility..
  20. Thats your insecurities coming up(investigate them)point is that everyone has options and then the solid relationship is made because of it... thats only way to have a real connection and love many people "love" their partners out of fear they dont have other options so they live a lie,thats why i would love to be good at pick up because when i have options i can truly love that one person not thinking i have no options and its run by fear...thats "true"love ...
  21. No you are not a pussy its a society are not concious yet that you create your reality there is no enviroment creating your reality you are doing it... in logical way i can tell you that only way you can experience enviroment is through you.. through your filter of thoughts/ego your feelings etc..(yet again its not enviroment doing it its your body/mind doing it)and thats all that is creating in you by you, you saying that enviroment is blocking you is you creating that experience in yourself and then its part of your reality when you create that nothing is stopping you( if you dont create it yourself )there would be no experince of you reacting and getting victimized by enviroment...and its easy to fall asleep and not realize this even if you are concious of it...this reality of rules society goverment feels real because alot of people experience similar realities so it becomes a collective reality...
  22. If we did i would destroy world long time ago
  23. Killing yourself means in mainstream hurting and finishing your body...but you are not the body you are a thought so willing to die is to surrender your identity/ thought constract...
  24. @RawJudah that wasnt the reason i commented i commented because you say girls hate pick up...and she would hate you for being involved in pick up ..