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  1. You are not controling anything there is basically no you there thats the whole spiritul game
  2. @Leo Gura So i figured out that every logical statement cant be true because you need another logical statement to prove its validity so we come into strange loop territory which science cant understand and logical people who use logic as absolute?
  3. @March try giving him full attention for few minutes i mean full presence he will feel validated and stop being needy
  4. They are probably not familiar with them and if you can do it natural way then why bother using substance and they think its really easy to awaken peac of cake...
  5. @Leo Gura can you explain in more detail i dont understand how it will contradict itself?
  6. If she has alot of guy friends that a red flag why would she has alot of guy friends?
  7. I practiced it its really tough had few succeses but dropped it its frustrating haha but if you master it you could preatty much go for hours šŸ¤£
  8. Everything is in a book no more mr nice guy...good start is to start validating yourself not getting it from outside and dont depend on other peoples moods that is affecting yours or anything like that...(get rid off codependency)
  9. In a new video 3% of human potential you can acces within culture and 97% beyond culture...does anyone has the idea how does even 3% look like and even intuitevly how would look beyond? Like a short list of things or description tnx!
  10. @Jg17 So basically its like how capable you are to make massive resaults it sounds really stage orangey šŸ˜„
  11. @Member yeah like infinite povs and looking at the world there are infinite ways you can grow
  12. Love is opposite of normal conciousness normal conciousness is using world for his needs while enlightened loves and wants to serve the world because its his creation and people are his babies šŸ˜†
  13. @vizual then why are you here then šŸ˜œ @DreamScape yeah that could be a good example
  14. @Mihajlo Toviovic Balkan uber ales šŸ¤£
  15. @herghly hahah @Gesundheit its in a new video
  16. @Preety_India Can you explain how it works there then what they do if they dont date?
  17. You dont have a choice even how you will respond...who will choose the exact reaction you want its all govern by the conciousness/mind that you think you control you can only give life to the experience...
  18. @Preety_India Good points If you want can you make a same list how can women become high quality?
  19. @Preety_India Is high quality man made or born if hes made how so?
  20. @Preety_India Whats a high quality man and high quality women for you?
  21. Whats the alternitive besides pick up?
  22. Gambling on muay thai (kids fighting)...
  23. Whats the biggest aha moments you had on the journey and whats the most cringey behaviour you outgrow on the journey?
  24. Biggest thing i learned from red pill is not simping not making things hard on myself because im my worst enemy,not trusting women like before...not playing a "game" if i dont want to... And seeing that not having a gf is alright you are saving yourself a headache šŸ¤£
  25. @Stratos Watching the thoughts mean you are identified with awareness not thoughts if they dissapear then you are doing great..