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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you are doing good. First, I would like to thank everybody from this community, such wonderfull people, you guys are super constructive and polite, I'm glad of being part of this... I'm currently in a career dilemma, is not something that's giving me nerve-racking deppression or making me loose sleep, but it's bothering me like hell! This is a brief story of myself, if you have time please read: I decided to make a career change in my early 20's, I'm 26 now. I graduated in Journalism, and worked in this field for a while, I totally hate it the profession to be honest. I pretty much entered because I was adviced to do so, and as any confused 17 year old getting into college, I justfollowed what I was told to do so. Despite the bad choice, this same profession, helped me find my vocation as I began working as an economics reporter. From that day and on, I realized that economics was my thing, long story short, I found myself because of it. My years in journalism gave me the courage to seek a formal education in economics/finance, and after two years of hard work I was able to make it to an MBA in finance. I graduated from this MBA this year, and I did great, my grades were even in the highest 20% of the entire program. Unfortunetly, I wasn't hired after my MBA was over, and I was forced to move to my hometown, where it doesn't have such a big market place for private business and companies (I live in the capital, mostly just government jobs). I've always loved academia, and I contemplated for a long time to do an academic masters in economics, my family always supported this idea. Since I couldn't find anything after my MBA my family encouraged me to enroll in this masters program, right now, I just finished my first semester, and I'm loving the course and doing really well. The hard part is looking for a job in my city, it has been a huge pain in the ass since most jobs are government positions filled with bureaucracies to get in. Just recently, I visited a good friend in his city (a top financial/business financial center), I met his mom whom works with financial markets for 3 decades. She took a quick glance at my CV, and she saw plenty of potential for me to grabbing some starting position over there. She decided to send my CV to some companies that she has some friends to reference me. I know this all sounds great for now, but the complicated part comes here. * Moving to this other city, would be costly to me, is not just a making my suitcase and getting into the next flight, rent there is much more expensive to me, and that means moving which requires a certain kind of investment. Unless if ain't a really unique opportunity, i don't think is worth the move right now. * Going there would mean to give up my masters, which really bothers me, because I like the course that I'm doing, I'm quite satisfied, and personally I would like to finish what I started (there's just one year and a half left). I also felt pretty upset when my friends mom told me that, 'this masters is a waste of time, you should be worrying about making money and working for a bank'. Although, I know her intentions are coming from a 'good place', I don't really agree with such shallow values (forgive me Mrs. L), and I find it even offensive in some extent (I mean I work hard to maintain my performance in this course). I sure understand the importance of making money and making a big career, but ironically, money is not everything for me. I want to use this knowledge also to teach people and contribute to society with researches and books, that's why I choose to make a masters in the first place. Basically is just this, I have a binary choice: either I choose a path for going for a corporative job, or I finish this masters and get to academia or some research job. Honestly, I just don't want to f*ck this up, I want to get a job and provide for myself, however I'm scared of making a decision that might hurt me in the long-run. I know this is not the end of the world, but if I could get some good guidance it would work great in my side in this time of need. Thanks in advance for the patience. Cheers, and happy holidays!
  2. @Anna1 Thank you!
  3. @Anna1 My field is finance/economics I was offered to work in the field of government relations for businesses. Not really my sort of thing, I'm more number oriented and into markets and stuff like that.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the heads up. I went to the interview to check it out, it wasn't really for me, although they showed plenty of interest in me. I've decided to focus in my graduate course and apply for jobs in the near future closer to my field. I'm satisfied with my decision, and more motivated to continue to look for things that are in my domain of interest. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone. I have a situation that I would like to get some insights from more experienced actualizers! I have been looking for a job for a few months now, two days ago appeared an opportunity for an interview. When I got the phone call, I was thrilled, I was even struggling to get an interview, however, as I looked later in job prescription, my intuition didn't get positive vibes. The only thing that drove me to this position was the salary, however the rest I was really indifferent about it. I have the key competencies and skills to do the jon, but it's not something I want to dedicate my full time to it. Feeling confused, I talked to a friend that works in this industry for a couple of years now for some guidance, he told me that in the past that he applied for the same company, and he had a terrible experience with the interviewer. According to him me the head of the company (the interviewer) was super arrogant with him, and also he told me that all his colleague that worked or currently work are super unhappy despite the large paycheck. The other thing is that now, I'm undergoing a graduate course, which I invested money and time to do so, I'm hopeful that in the future I can find something closer to the things that I'm dedicating myself into. To be honest I want to turn the offer down, but I'm also feeling a bit ungrateful, because I've been asking for things to change and they are starting to come to me. It is okay to politely decline this offer? I'm with a small fear of missing out, is this normal? Should I wait a little longer for an opportunity more inclined to my interests and values? thanks for the patience!
  6. @Michael569 Yes, I was really nudged by my peers to follow this path because of the high potential of having a better paid job, and career recognition. However, just like you said this is not going with my true values. I have to admit that you're right about this, and it was hard for myself to come to this conclusion (I'm just not the corporate kinda guy). I also agree with what you said about dabling from one place to the other, I believe I need some intrsospection and get in touch with my true nature again not only the practical, and financial side. Anyways, thanks a lot for the support! All the other peers, I read your comments, however I'm not with sufficient time to answer one by one. But, I'm taking all the advices in consideration. Tks a lot everybody!
  7. @Bluebird It will be emotionally difficult giving up in the MBA to start my own business. I can sense some tension building-up , and some criticism coming up even from my family members, also I will have to return to my country to do so (I'm studying abroad atm). This will be kinda tough, because where I'm living now (Barcelona, Spain) is actually a better city than my native one, so going back will be pretty much me working and studying full-time, because there is nothing really interesting going on there. So it will be a period of a lot of work, discipline, and gradual steps. However, I'm feeling that I'm ready for this, and taking the hard -way might be a little more painful, but it seems more "correct" for me. Btw, thank you so much for taking the time for helping me with this.
  8. @aurum I understand what you mean, the thing is that I'm considering opening a financial advisory business (and participate in the analysis for the clients and etc...) so I need at least a certification showing that I'm credible to do so, that's why I'm thinking in choosing online. It is mostly a formalities, so I don't have any problems with the law or something like that. @dude that's really inspiring, thanks for sharing this info, that's a good tangible example. I think you're following the right path, good luck with it!
  9. @Shiva I'm considering dropping out an MBA I'm currently studying, and opening up a business with two friends. I'm don't want to stop studying though, I was thinking about making a master's online so I can keep having an education part-time, and work in my business.
  10. I believe it has something to do more with energy, instead of gender. For instance, the feminine energy is more altrustic, spontaenous, intuitive and patient. While the masculine is more logical, objective, and bold. These are few examples, I try often to tap more into my feminine side because I believe it gives me more balance in my emotions and relationships. However, exploring your opposite sex energy, does not make you lesser or a men/women. It's just an exercise to look at things from a different perspective.
  11. Hey everyone. Probably I will be making a counter-intuitive move in the next weeks that might affect my career and personal-life. I would like to know, if any one has done something similar? how was your experience? I'm feeling like an odd-ball lately (lol), but I believe this is something normal that we all pass through in life. Idk maybe I can find some comfort and confidence in reading some of your experiences. thanks a lot.
  12. @Equanimitize The program consists of three terms each one that lasts three months. The payments are made prior to the beggining of the next term ( so I only paid for the first one which I'm studying atm). I'm about to finish the first term in one month from now, so I have 7 and a half months of course to go (6 and half if you exclude the winter and spring break).
  13. @Bluebird first, thank you so much for reading, and taking the time to help me out. These qestions are great, and they came in the right time, I will really take them and think carefully over these days. Honestly, your effort means a lot to me. I will check the content you sent me as well. Hopefully, I can find a "light in the end" of the tunnel, and make a good decision. take care!
  14. Hi my actualizer friends, I have a personal career matter that I would like some guidance from open minded people, and this is a place I hope I won't be judged for my choices. I'm 25 years old, and still learning a lot, if you have some spare time to read my story, and give me some advice I thank you. Anyways, to the story: Two years ago, I was close to graduate college, and I was not satisfied with my career prospects after graduation. I was about to graduate in journalism, and after a one-year internship, and a really tough experience in the field, I made up my mind that I wanted to change and pursue something else. Despite a hard experience, journalism expanded my horizons to economics and finance, and this became my new favorite field of study. I dedicated most of my free time in my last two years of college taking extra courses in them. I decided than to seek in my graduate studies these fields, and change my career. It was two years, dedicated to study, research for the best course given my limitations, and applications for different institutions. The process was long and I had to work really hard, and last year some results started to come. Long story short, I was admitted for a masters in my country (I'm from Brazil), but simultaneously I was also accepted by an MBA in Europe that I was applying. Despite, preferring the content in the masters, I chose the MBA specializing in finance. I was told by many (including some family members that work in the field of economics) that it was a better option, given that the course would be better preparation for the labor market, and I would have the experience of living abroad and live in a different culture. I took those advices, and I moved to Europe, I'm living in Barcelona now. I love the city, I’m enjoying the experience, the rich heritage, my "freedom" to choose, and all the great friends I met from all parts in the world here! However, the course is going downhill, I'm getting good grades, but the MBA program is really NOT what I expected to be, the classes are too general, and there's plenty of projects to be done with a tight schedule which does not leave us enough time to study. This forces the students to make schemes like to copy answers for assignments from other students, and cheat in exams. This is something that bothers me, because it goes against my values, but I also understand some of them have no choice, since the course proposes to teach you specific things that require time to develop skills under a few weeks. I understand that big part of this is my own fault for choosing this institution, they offer an MBA degree in 9 months (when usually most programs last 18). I thought this could be in my advantage for changing my career and focusing in practice, but from the looks of this course it is not pedagogical at all, not meeting my true objectives, and worse I'm paying some good money to be here. Couple of weeks ago I came up with a backup plan, if I decide not to go through with this and leave first term of the course I can get a certification for international management which I can use in my CV. I was thinking about doing that, and later choosing for an online masters in economics (which is half the price I’m paying here in Europe and by some of the best uni's in the world), and in the meantime focus in writing a blog I have that talks about money, and try to open a small business idea I’m coming up with a friend. The catch is: how should I express this for my "sponsors" aka my family? They are financing my studies, and I don't want to get them disappointed with me, they created so many expectations. It really saddens me to give them this news. In the bright side, I don't feel like a loser, or a failure. I did learn a lot moving to a different country, I feel more mature, and I'm gaining more self-confidence in my skills. I just don't think it worth it paying top money for a course that teaches me basic stuff, and is not aligned with my objectives. The bad part is that I will have to return to my country, and start again from scratch, this is leaving me anxious. I’m tired and afraid of making more mistakes. You guys have some constructive advices on how I can "survive" in this challenge? Like Leo would say, I was really set for a mind-f#ck in this one. Thanks a lot.
  15. @Salvijus I learned a couple of years ago the Zen method (been training with it the past years) but I can say nowadays I'm implementing my own style (mixing with some breathing techniques and visualizations of Swásthya Yoga, for example, but the foundation still rooted in zen).