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  1. Monks are disciplined. You want a beautiful place and food but you see this is already a high level item. Soo you're not gonna get it until you've done something for it. News flash: everyone wants a beautiful place and food haha. So yea have you checked for heavy metals in your brain? Sounds a little like you are drinking tap water and smoking hill Billy weed with practices to me
  2. Eating before bed is only relevant as you are digesting while sleeping, which might not be the most restful thing to do for your physiology. On the other side, if you deplete glycogen during the night because you didnt eat - your body enters stress mode to release fat stores and your sleep is not restful aswell. So eat before bed, but leave 1 hour or two in between dinner and sleeping
  3. Tom Cruise joins and its downhill from there
  4. !!! Amen. You got it. People try to manipulate with their mind all the time and its devils work. Rooting yourself and being authentic is where real life can flourish. But youll find girls are the same too, they too manipulate from their minds like crazy - rare to find rooted peepz in the west
  5. When you talk to a girl in my gym, its over Everyone in there with headphones ready to jump each other. Like that you approach people on your way home, do you just stop and say hello ? Big city?
  6. Instead of crying over vaccinations, how about you start crying about the massive food toxicity, pesticide use, nitrates in drinking water, monsanto crimes against humanity... srsly people get jolted by the vaxx and then consume poison nomnom
  7. @StarStruck Yea good luck with that. You probably get a new one every other year if you want to be vaccinated. Which by the way you´re not "immune" - you´re primed I´d say. The first variant of c19 which alters their antigen completely we vaccinate against, is the first they needs to be a new formula for. Even with Western civ being vaccinated, c19 just floats around the rest of the world, mutates around and comes back when hes ready for a new round. Like Rocky II. Disclaimer: No medical information, consult your doctor, get the vaccine, or dont, your choice, Im not giving advise on this.
  8. Highly unlikely we outvaxx it - its to global. Why? --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antigenic_drift
  9. when he said he is in for all of humanity in this marriage "God damn my daughter married a nutsack" But kudos to Evan for selling "how to business" courses for ONLY TODAY 1999$, that is very stage yellow for sure
  10. @soos_mite_ah how dare you not follow captialist agenda! We carefully implanted that whish in your subconscious since the day youre born and now this...
  11. EGCG and L-Theanine in green tea passes the blood brain barrier & has a relaxing and calming effect on it.
  12. Cheers! I´m looking for people who practice what I would call "hardcore" biohacking. This means boundlessly, scientifically, structurally researching and testing chemical and organic compounds as well as physical and mental technique for cognitive and physical opening and enhancement. So if you can´t tell what you do here because people would call you crazy, I´m looking for you! hit me up
  13. No. No. Yes. But this means drinking coffee before spiritual practice is not advisable, as it narrows the mind
  14. Lol this is typical city people talk. Did you read that on the internet? Please talk with some vet or epibiologist about the sick bacteria,larves,viruses,parasites which happily eat your brain after you´ve eaten their latest hosts.
  15. @Michael569 And Salamis blood glucose and LDL levels are through the roof aswell
  16. @Raphael Cheers Mate so look at it, here´s the deal: I want you to 50 push ups and 50 split squads a day. Don´t matter when, just do it in one setting (takes 15 min, dont do it after lunch) And then - Smoothie is nice, but dont jug it, its sugar heavy. - do you like cheese? jam that shit. Cheese, red meat (not only chicken!) and ham and whatnot. - Replace your rice with potatoes and see how that feels - raw carrots, cucumbers - guac and avodaco stil good - no fruit after 5pm - no black choco at night Makes no sense to increase calories by jamming more carbs, you need to get your fat & protein up Note that you neeeeeeed to do the push ups squads. Its for metabolic purposes. Try it 3 weeks report backo
  17. @Emerald Gosh thanks you cured my issue with the word, now I can live in peace again Muchas gracias
  18. @SQAAD My personal opinion: It is performance enhancement to your health detriment. But we are here for a purpose, If I am working 12 hour + days I am damaging my health OFC! But I am not here to be perfectly healthy, I am here to do shit. Thus coffee Just your jab of cortisol and adrenaline, and oxidative pathways
  19. @BlackMaze First off, this is a very intelligent question. So kudos. There are a few great books I highly recommend if youre down for it. The short answers is: SLOW and little. (Most people will say more is better because more oxygen!!111 but this is wrong) And through the nose. Conscious breathing is a lifechanging skill if you take it seriously
  20. Question really is how much do you eat, what do you eat etc. because you only have your own perspective on what is "normal" Just shooting from the hips I´d say its prob not normal. Ofc they are fast metabolizers (or "ektomorphs"), but they usually eat loads of carbs every day to fuel that fire. From a med (not med advice) perspective, I remember studies about how slight weight gain over the lifespan is the healthiest as in lower all cause mortality across the agespan. Think about it this way, if you suffer from severe illness, you need something in your gas tank to fuel you through. If there is nothing there, your body starts digesting itself way to early which is a stress level rising event, which over the long term is a baddie. If I would coach you, we would start with breathing and body connection - have you tried that? Also, your age is important. If youre below 20, I highly recommend you eat more because your body allocates growth resources according to availability.