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  1. Because you are in your mind. Take action. The map is not the territory
  2. If you feel sleepy after a meal you ate the wrong mix of the macro nutrients (most likely to fatty) You need 8 hours of quality sleep every night. Get an Oura Ring to check your HRV and resting pulse, Respiratory levels etc. to see how restful your sleep actually is. I teach this in my masterclass.
  3. @aklacor727 All people saying here "you will be fine youre not a pro" don´t understand. First, its more bang for your effort so would you rather have 50$ an hour or 60$ ? 60 of course. So use the anabolic window and get your extra reward from training lol?! Second, if you are not adequately pre and afterfeeding your body you are putting it under unnecessary stress which has negative effects on again your growth potential and also leads to overproduction of adrenaline and cortisol which is stress for the body u dont want. You should consume protein an hour before training and latest 3 hours after the training together with adequate carbohydrates and minerals
  4. For sure! Walk min 6km a day lift your groceries do 50 push ups every day randomly somehow do some sprints every other day + go to the gym and lift heavy compound sets for once a week + eat healthy and enough should be enough for maintenance
  5. @MarkKol My guess (not having seen you in person) More collagen more glycine more animal protein more saturated fat less quick isolated carbs When you have a natural fast metabolism and you eat carb only all day this leads to skinny-ness also: Strength Training. Compound lifting If you want me to help you for real, dm me on instagram @timwhitehealth
  6. 1x Bench Press 1x Decline Bench Press 1x Incline Bench Press 1x Cable Chest Flys high to low 1x Cable Chest Flys low to high Done
  7. @Yidaki huge fan of light
  8. I see! I respect that I´m way more interested in the mechanism, because studies are so weak especially in nutrition science - why? you are looking at one variable out of millions of processes happening in the same time frame where only 28% of them are even known in the literature. Or you can just look at how canola oil is factory made : https://youtu.be/Bdsy0pgZyzg Technically you could also argue that mechanisms are unkown so human outcome is more important. Makes sense but for mechanisms, we at least have limited factual understanding - human outcome is always biased through confounding variables
  9. @Illusory Self Your gut is not healthy thats why you cant take the dairy. But this is not the issue you want to be solved. Try out goat and sheep dairy, esp. cheese. Stop the whey protein shakes Soak and rinse your white rice before cooking There are some other things but this would take to much writing. If you want to we can work together, dm me
  10. @John Paul Its not normal, usually a sign you didnt balance carb:fat:protein ratio in your meals or you ate things triggering your immune system
  11. @Vision The Problem with SSRIs is that they enter the blood brain barrier only through being attached to nano aluminium particles. These suckers stay in your brain. So you are slowly heavy metaling your brain, wouldn´t recommend
  12. And for the nerds like myself: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27355649/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1953841/ (and btw you get this all for free just because Im procastinating on this forum - but I also do proper health transformations with real clients )
  13. Ah and; The whole reason these oils are so bad is that they are incredibly easy to become oxidative due to their poly unsaturated chain structure. Why do nuts and seeds have antioxidants such as VitE in the first place? Exactly because the veg. oils are so easy to peroxidize. The stability of a fatty acid in terms of their carbon chain (sat, mono-unsat, or poly unsat) --> biochemistry.
  14. Nonono If you actually look at the data (dont know which data you are looking at) added poly unsaturated fats are growing in the food supply since 1960s while obesity and disease growing with it (while added sugar and saturated fat content in food is falling) Here: https://www.businessinsider.com/our-war-on-fat-was-a-huge-mistake-graphs-2013-11 (edited because I was not nice to you but I see you are doing your best and I was just being a d*ck)
  15. The spiritual "inquiry" into the fundamental nature of knowledge and reality is really not that great and Leo oversold this, I have to say. But I forgive you because the videos on spiral dynamics are worth the detour into the spiritual traps. Deconstruction is interesting, yet completely useless when it reaches the extremes. It's like a hyperbolic function nearing zero. The returns for your time go towards nothing when you spend more and more time. Go back to practical philosophy. Develop the principles that act as a guides for your behaviour. And act ! Don't spoil the movie, enjoy the movie. Good to know it is a movie, but if you poked your eyes out finding out - well you are an idiot. If the world actually would be better, there would be less need for escapism into the mind.
  16. @blessedlion1993 we need city names ?
  17. Yes that happens at the beginning however In your gallbladder you make Bile These bile salts are important to digest fats. They get recycled in the small intestine but can move into the large intestine. Bile acids are bound by fibre. What causes diar. is the Non adequcy of re-absorption of bile salts in the small intestine which happens when you go from 20-30g of fibre a day to essentially zero.
  18. @Preety_India wow congrats on 32k posts, damn!
  19. Here's a controversial opinion: Do not consume any polyunsaturated fatty acids from plant oils
  20. I got my 6 dimensional lawyers ready for take-off
  21. @softlyblossoming You are weird
  22. No, philosophy is the love for wisdom. Wisdom is not the ultimate answer. By the way - even following your train of thought here, the ultimate answer then is, do not spoil the movie. Which leaves us to extrapolate outwards, away from the core of non duality into practical philosophy e.g how can we act You put the ultimate answer on a pedestal, which is your bias. "But it is the ultimate answer, how can something be more important?" Fool! What does it matter for Super Mario to know he is in a 2D game developed by some japanese weirdos? It does not matter. It is a hobby when he as some spare time or when he is high on the big shrooms. If god wouldnt be all loving he would slap you for staring at your hand all day. Go do something tamagotchi If a gorilla smashes tables at the solipsism annual meetup, I want to see them not running to the exits... Thats the definition of armchair philosophy.
  23. Wild game meat, grass fed finished organic beef, organic free range eggs, raw milk and high quality cheese, oysters.
  24. @Yarco Im changing career paths to become a doctor, which takes literally all my time and I had to stop my first career path - which is a sacrifice - I might need to study in another country If I´m unlucky, so I gotta move again back and forth, I wanna settle and build something and stop being on the move all the time
  25. I'm in my mid twenties now and I feel like time is running out for me to make the cut. I'm working on it but it hurts being not where I wanna be at that age. How to deal with it?