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  1. If you fck on the first date she´s not a keeper. Simple. If you date to see how fast you get her to sleep with you, youre a boy not a man & probably soaked by PUA ideology. Harsh truth but tru
  2. @Blackhawk hahahaha do it man but dont go to the wards
  3. There is no list. There is one word: Mastery
  4. @Farbanti Maybe try not at night *badummtsss*
  5. @GrandeOrso Cool thanks for sharing
  6. Problems are not the kcal idea, its the application. 1) you can only estimate how much kcal are in the food 2) bioavailability and absorption depend on your GI health and hormone-status 3) basal metabolic rate varies with said hormones 4) activity based metabolic rate varies accoring to movement but also brain activity! But generally you need food, ok?
  7. Sorry I correct, follow me
  8. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, the semantics war: total nonsense has just begun! Take your seat! Enjoy the pops Be careful of your head!
  9. That would be hilarious
  10. Finally a good question
  11. @Someone here Reverse engineer what the human digestive tract is supposed to digest
  12. @Lila9 No teabags, wash the tea like chinese do.
  13. No that will clog that poor man up even more haha 2 Things: a) Try exercising and Magnesium bicarbonate 350mg or so b) When you do the poopie at home listen to some music or whatever makes you tick bro and use that trigger when abroad to tell your body its now poopie time I want results!
  14. A golden one. I dont wanna plug to hard but my entire Youtube Channel/IG/Podcast has a heavy focus on Modern Health thus detoxification is a major part. Might be valueable for the one or the other to check it out (link in the signature)
  15. @GabeN Gotcha, different psychedelic states than just acid ? cant imagine the two modafinil makes you more robotic imo and acid creative, weird combo
  16. Thats great! Also tells me that your diet needs an update bro
  17. @SQAAD Yes, withdrawal can develop after a few weeks already. Dont go cold turkey. My guess you didnt get it from a doc so you cant go to a doc to ask lol Diazepam withrawal symptoms: Psychiatric Irritability, anxiety, depressed mood sleep disorders Benzodiazepine withdrawal delirium including: disturbances of consciousness Psychoses with visual and auditory hallucinations mnestic disorders cerebral seizures neurological dizziness tremor Motor restlessness Vegetative hypertension, tachycardia Sweat Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite headache NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, CONSULT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.
  18. Did you try this ? Can you report how it was and dosing pls @Butters
  19. Sorry but thats the definition of our school "system"