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  1. Round? Cookable? Majority starchy carbs? If you have a yes on all three questions you might be a potato.
  2. Can hurt ppl? Doesnt understand satire? Sturdy? Can fire big boom boom out of your front wheel? --> You might be a tank
  3. @Nilsi If he does not go to jail, he is still rich and has even more attention on him so that only helps him in the long term.
  4. @Bruins8000 Id say infinity says that you will be everything, not that youre bored.
  5. Hugely undervalued imo. But do not use recreationally.
  6. Not sure if self assessment of psych. disorders is that statistically significant
  7. Thread was in Entertainment and fun so it should be allowed to give a sarcastic answer. Making fun in the fun section? Come on ?
  8. @Thought Art Just ban me already dude Im not gonna live with these 2 warning points like a criminal
  9. swallow. if it tastes good you have a problem
  10. if fucking fappuary and two insects spraying each other with goo can be post, this can too! free the nipples
  11. Thats so cool! Great insight
  12. @bloomer Youre probably just below 20 yo
  13. @IDressMyDog Theres a difference between doing A,B,C then measuring if you lost 1kg and adapting to it or Measuring A,B,C expecting to lose 1kg per week as a result of it. a,b,c = interventions, gym, food etc. Due to metabolic variability in both rest, food digestion, and activity both pyhsical and cognitive AND varying caloric measurements of foods with the same "number" on it and bioavialability of the food not only at the food level but also at your bodys capacity in time make the latter method (after the "or" impossible to attain) and pls If you want to "prove pictures" then do it same position same spot and dont flex
  14. Where do you live? Sounds dope place
  15. Honeywater is nice. But youre not getting fat adapted or ketogenic from honeywater dude. -> Your body always burns a mixture of sugar and fat depending on the system of the body AT ALL TIMES. EVEN WHEN YOU FAST YOUR BODY PRODUCES GLUCOSE FROM PROTEIN SO ITS SUGAR TOO. Get that "I eat only fat I burn only fat" social media guru idiocy out of your might the body doesnt work like that