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  1. @Matt23 thanks for the paper! I heard about self love being also a skill type thing so I will read the paper trough might be really interesting @bejapuskas how do go about being ‚certain‘??
  2. @Thought Art thanks for your list! How did you work on things like neediness and envy? I catch myself all the time displaying those things in my relations and I want to change that.
  3. Thanks for that suggestion! Being mindful always seemed to be quite challenging at least for me. Usually I use stuff like rubber bands so I remember thinking about a topic
  4. Hello! I recently became more and more engaged on working on myself and I came to the conclusion that lack of self love and therefor also confidence was one of my deeper rout problems. So I came to the conclusion to start my self love journey and would like to know if you have any suggestions and things you maybe did? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks everyone for participating, sorry for the late reply. I read everything and will include it in my journey, Thanks everyone!
  6. Hello there, I wish you a good day! I want to improve my courage, in just everything. I looked around and did not find much about this specific topic, so what gives? Is this topic more complicated then I think or am I just seeing things wrong? What do you think about this? Did you do something to be more courageous? Thanks in advance!
  7. FIrst I wanted to thank everyone and this forum in general helping me out, around one year I posted two topics and I improved myself on those topics drastically to which point I don't see them as issues anymore and more of something I am gladly conscious of. So thank y'all Secondly I wanted to adress the issue of low self esteem and for that I watched Leo's video on low self esteem and he talks about how to adress the issue in itself. This part sounds quite difficult therefore I wanted to ask you guys about your personal experiences with the topic and how you started going into yourself, being honest and addressing the issues? Thanks for your time, wish you a lovely monday
  8. Hello everyone, it's me again. Thanks for everyone who helped me with sharing their knowledge about the topic 'stop lieng' and I did great and got better at being honest. But this is not the topic for this post, I've had always had the problem with a lot of egoism and arrogance which greatly effected my relations badly in the past. Do you have any suggetions for self improvement in those topic? Thanks in advance
  9. So I've had this problem with lieng since a couple years now, I've been working on it for about a week now as mentioned in Leo's video. My reletions with my friends got badder and badder over time due to this problem. The thing is that I often times don't even realize that I was actually lieng in this moment, maybe because I am lieng to myself or I am just not giving enought attention to my surrounding, my talking (which also is a problem I am gonne work on) But anyways I am asking If you have any suggestions for better working on this habit which destroys my long term build relations. Thanks in advance, Mircan