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  1. @Shaun Hey-- at least you found out now versus 20 years from now. Many people will fall into that boat so-- congratulations. Check out the life purpise course so that you can begin to identify where you want to focus or at least begin to turn your ship. Then-- start reading, meditating (this may seem like a crisis but you having this aha is actually very good in the long run. Perhaps start to look at jobs that might help you gain mastery around your life purpose until you know its time to take bigger leaps. You're on the right track just don't get distracted like the masses.
  2. @Serotoninluv Perhaps... It can't be more expansive than any of the "what is God" content he he.
  3. @Yonkon hey it's like youtube but for business. Your first 25 vids or something like that are uploaded for free then a minimal fee. I use it when I can't upload to Youtube but usually for me it's music copyright or something like that. I use to embedd videos, may not be for everyone but it's an alternative I like to use.
  4. Weird... I am just seeing the details. Disheartening... Well if you decide to look for another option Wistia is a good platform for uploading vids he he. Hope it gets fixed...
  5. @SoothedByRain I'm feelin' this... So true.
  6. @Leo Gura Did you break the internet again?
  7. This meme again today he he he.
  8. Oh my gosh so, my take-- it is not so much that it's all the same (I get what you're saying of course) but it IS WHY it's IMPORTANT to YOU and your own experience-- You know the one that will NEVER happen exactly the same again in the way you are experiencing these principles/ truths. THIS is also part of why you are drawn to this sameness, or even have the desire to create a "product" and why it all makes sense to you in this way. YOU are what is different in this sameness. There will never be and never has been another "you" / perspective on reality identical to yours. Your decision to be THIS and stay true to your own nature takes courage and will ultimately be the thing that makes your creation unique/ authentic. I have found that sometimes you just have to start doing some things in order to distill down your sweet spot-- whatever it is for you. I think of it like a stroke on one big canvas painting or like a degree on a massive circle. Consider if Leo hadn't contributed his unique perspective or even if James Cameron (he seems to be inspired by him) hadn't gone for it... Because they had similar thoughts. Ultimately what truly inspires you IS unique and will inspire people who identify with you the way in which we identify with Leo or whoever your person is. I guess we are all inspired by the big bang lol.
  9. Alll the content PLUS the top 20 limiting beliefs!!? I want to comment but I will have to come back-- not sure I watched it all but definitely not the top 20 limiting beliefs. Meanwhile... Could you tell us what your thoughts are AND why this question? So curious?!
  10. Thanks for the update.
  11. Insight after listening to my fave Neville atm. Quoted & stuck in my brain (the lord give the & taketh away). The same fear that suppresses our natural and authentic expression is the same fear that takes life on a larger scale— slavery = scarcity mentality and greed/ gluttony is fear that someone else will have more than you. The same fear that not being enough needs to hide is the same fear that one has to boast and pretend to “be more” because one is afraid he is less than. Fear is prison, love is freedom— self love is love of truth and love of all that is truth which is everything then there are shadows because without shadow we couldn’t see light/truth. Two sides of a coin. Hatred is fear— fear that the opposite will overcome light, that dark will overcome light. God is both. The alpha & the omega (always wondered how that was possible but it’s a circle) Higher self is already who we are sans hiding/ego/fear.
  12. Day 1/365 Two weeks ago, I started the Nathaniel Branden sentence completion exercises that Leo recommended in a the Cult series part 1 video because it just felt like I had to do it ha ha. Since beginning, I am painfully aware of the drama my unconsciousness has created. I have been documenting it through journaling, audio and video but I thought I would do it here. I just feel called to I think because it has been so powerful for me AND I want to be part of a community of like minds. How cool is that we have this opportunity to share vulnerably in such a place? Today I blogged about being painfully aware of my FEAR OF BEING SEEN AS “NEGATIVE” or a Debbie Downer or even an angry black woman (I don’t have this as often) but overall it is definitely in there! As I was binging on that Anand Girhardasas videos, the past weekend, I realized I was in awe of his ability to address some “negative” topics right to the face of the accused elitist people at that Aspen speech. His integrity in giving a speech from his soul/higher calling superseded the normal fakeness of fitting in at all costs. I desire that level of zero fucks and impact. Plus I feel that it’s needed and in alighment with my truest nature. I can feel that this goes really deep, deeper than I am aware of at the moment. My shallow awareness of my hiding is one of the reasons I decided to begin the sentence completions and self esteem inner work anyways. I greatly desire to talk openly and honestly about some of my “darker” experiences: with my dad’s death, my sister’s mental illness, my thoughts on racism, and hiding as part of my awakening journey AND my realization of just how toxic our cultural conditioning is on dictating our life. This is mainly out of fear and I almost can’t stomach it sometimes because I see it hindering my evolution. We can use our cultural conditioning as an example of what not to do— working on this!! Obviously, I have already started but there is much more room for growth here. I feel called to speak openly for my own health and for others, as expression is just as healthy as exercise, proper nutrition, sleep, relationships, etc. I rarely speak up (as much as I want to, in all places) because of fear/ lack of self esteem in doing so... this also leads me to be quiet at times, while completely blowing up at other times. I will still document here for at least the 365 days from today. Today being day 1. Self-Esteem, based on what I have learned so far, is super deep—- It goes deeply into and right along with self actualization work in my eyes. As well as unraveling the self/ self perception through self inquiry and vulnerability. The plan is to do my sentence completion daily, sometimes sharing it here —as is, as a way to remain accountable & vulnerable. Plus one scary action each day. The one scary action per day is kind of scary now but a little exciting he he. Planning to also report here on my insights, self-esteem & consciousness progress daily.
  13. 4/30 so much long drawn out discussion about the word soul yesterday with my friends. Not going to lie, I feel like this was de ja vu from when I first started Fit Outside The Box. I was so scurred to talk about anything "soul" because I thought the religous ppl would come for me but I'm so over it.
  14. day 3/30 I am realizing this isn't so scary... Mainly uncimfortable but perhaps some higher actions might more "scary" This week my main goal is to apply for speaking gigs and send my blogs to my ideal publications as some way higher goals he he. https://youtu.be/Wzk839xXbgU
  15. 2/30 Been reading/ listening and this book is the shiznit. So good he he and entertaing... And weird AF. Lol. It's like Conversations with God in a twisted way. Sooo my scary things weren't that scary again. Gonna have to aim higher duh lol. Had a really fun talk in my friend's group for black women and vot to use that quote: "I met God, she's black" my expression was a zillion times more organized than when I did a video on it. Because doing it ugly helps to do it well every single tiiiiime. Imperfect expression always work for me and helps me grow. I need to just practice practice practice as well though... Hmmm.
  16. Yesterday's reflection on outwitting the devil andddd the audio book with text ? by Napoleon Hill is also linked. Sooo HILARIOUS like ha ha but also in a laugh so I don't cry kinda way. So much of it is real AF. I feel like YouTube suggested this because of my other definition of the devil video he he.
  17. @Zigzag Idiot Hey thanks for your input. You are very wise but you always quote people. You know all the things. Funny thing though-- that Charles Tart article you sent me came to mind after I entered my journal for today. To sum up my journal, I feel like I could censor less. For me this is a big deal because I actually believe non-expression drives people crazy/hell/inner torture.
  18. 83/365 Today is really day 1/30 scary actions because I was slacking on that and sentnce completion felt stale. So I did a scary thing... It wasn't that scary though after I was doing it. Hate/ love that. I will shoot for 3 scary things tomorrow. I think I spend too much time trying to first decide who I should be for "this group" thennnn doing a video, a project a talk but I want to come from a sole/ soul (he he) single place of authenticity. For example, I am scurred to talk about certain topics (like the topic I did a video on tonight) with my fitness channel and my fitness clients. Ultimately this is an energy drain-- too many masks, too much trying and too much watering down.
  19. The day of the trip I get very excited he he!! Being on the voyage is exciting. Your adventure will be kind of lots of little adventures. My focus was to know me without everyone else's knowing of me tainting my perception. I felt like I was this person everyone knew but I didn't know me-- hard to explain. Basically to find myself and write he he. It was super fun. Central America (Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua) is draw dropping beautiful.
  20. Perhaps... If we were never broken-- we would never know to seek wholeness. If nobody ever died-- We'd never know there was such a thing as to be alive. Without decades of oppression maybe mom's soul food would not have oh sooo much flavor-- Perhaps. Perhaps a myth wouldn't be a decent myth without a plot twist. I do know this is my way to love the rich texture that life constantly shows me all of it's beauty-- when my heart is smashed AND when it is full. To wall off our deepest hurt is to wall out our sweetest joy-- is to hide ourselves from ourselves. As always this stuff makes me think of The Shape of Water... Lurve that movie?
  21. 81/365 Reflection.... What is going on within is going on without because they are one. There is no separation, all walls are illusion. The world can create me or I can create the world. When I reflect on what it means to take responsibility for my choices and actions I feel empowered I am always the leader in this life experience I can choose my response and not be a reactor I am always in meditation mode within... with that breath I can choose to take back the reigns in any moment and not be afraid to just be I expand my responbsibility and self expression daily even when it seems hard I need that go love yourself shirt ggahhhhh Act and take responsibility in alignment with my highest expression in crystal clarity Reflecting on what it means to take responsibility for how I deal with people Others Are myself pushed out Everything is my expression Knowing that I can love myself through other and get real too Maximizing every opportunity to be who I am and that’s it I can go deeper and that’s cool I can show love and not be scarred they can’t handle it I am not a reactor but I can act he he— i play my highest part When I bring a higher level of awareness to my social anxieties I stay open to when I am retracting Pay attention to when I want to say no and how it feels on the tip of my tongue then let it slide on out I can share like I do my ocd on that sticky floor eek I am not alonE or perfect but I am alone and perfect I accept them and accept myself as well I don’t have to hide or be judgey about them I can expand you know... infinitely like the Universe If I reflect on what I would do if I remained in ful mental focus at work today— I can stop over caring I can pull myself out of stupid conversations before brain cells start evaporating I can be nicety— nice and nasty for the most fun inside jokes I dont have to pretend to care about work politics I am nothing I am out of my mind If I were to do my job absolutely without fear I would have a fucking blast all day every day I am doing my work without fear fuck it— sans fear is authenticity If self is other, this is no big deal and the universe is me yay Wonder why I ever thought I could really live a life of fear Fear is the opposite of authentic— I just can’t do the fearful life anymore I would say what ever I wanted when ever I wanted
  22. 80/365 Sentence Completions: When I reflect on what it means to take responsibility for my choices and actions I can’t blindly do wasteful activities I choose what’s most rewarding for me me me he he I am honest and feel on purpose I don’t need to make excuses I don’t have to beat myself up later I feel productive and disciplined I don’t waste time and I eat better he he Reflecting on what it means to take responsibility for how I deal with people I see their best and not distracted by what annoys me I can respond honestly not from frustration I see myself in them I allow them to be who they are and I am also just me I share with them without thinking they don’t understand I seek to understand them When I bring a higher level of awareness to my social anxieties I do more things alone and not needing to be with others I can be a stronger speaker and communicator I sink into the moment with an exhale I am alway who I be I stop worrying about what others might not like I stop saying yes when I really wanna say hellll no My social anxieties diminish If I reflect on what I would do if I remained in ful mental focus at work today— I would get a shit ton of stuff done I would stay in the energy of my vision, freedom I would skip petty distractions I can get my closet organized I do the scary items... I need to make a list I Day dream less and can be in the moment I know sanity— beliefless-ness’ If I were to do my job absolutely without fear I could stop trying to be something acceptable I am able to say the craziest things without concern... hmm if everyone is me I can live my highest expression Unapologetic with it Have fun living my life mannnn Do the things that are the most fun all the time I get to just be in love love love Feeling a tad mechanical with these today but it’s done eeek. The Reflection for Day 80
  23. @Zigzag Idiot oops— Soo, I love ACIM ha ha. It’s been ages since I read it and I used to get the daily lessons in my inbox. Sooo good he he. I sometimes over look sappy stuff and just soak up the deep stuff. I might need to re-visit it!!
  24. @luqqzr So I used to work with this guy who was crazy fit and he would eat frozen pizza, crappy packaged food and snacks for all of his meals but he was ripped AND he was like 36-Ish (or close) years old. He was the fastest and strongest person I knew— as in he had both sides, which is kind of rare. However, he was a SUPER strict intermittent faster. He ate one time a day, at night and all of his 3k calories in a 2 hour or so window. That was normal to him. I say that to say— it depends on your goal. Is your goal to be healthy? Then you could eat pizza sometimes, I don’t think it’s necessarily healthy to completely elimate your favorite foods (unless they are causing you harm) in any nutrition program. Try eating a variety of nutrition rich foods (fresh veggies, plants, fruits) to enhance your taste buds. Craving certain foods many times happens because we are accustomed to eating the same few flavors over and over. It’s important to pay close attention to how certain foods make you feel after you eat them, even your emotions after you eat them. If you feel heavy or you feel very bad— perhaps you need to cut pizza out or find a viable replacement. I used to like pizza but I don’t really care about it anymore— I very rarely even crave it.