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  1. ♥️! I lost my dad in a car accident really young and I’m fine now but it literally took years to integrate some of what unfolded for me right afterwards— it’s an awakening experience but nobody treats it as such. Life changing experiences have the power to evolve us, I dare say that the most painful and shocking ones are the most potent. Psychedelic experiences are not excluded. Something as simple as seeing life in a new way is MASSIVE short-term and ESPECIALLY long-term. Change isn’t always fast but sometimes it is, like yours.
  2. I think psychedelics are illegal because they are so powerful (dangerous for some) and legalizing them would totally change the pharmaceutical industry. Too much work to really understand how to profit from them AND control access to them. I don’t feel like they’ll be illegal forever but it’s going to take decades for the states to see significant progress.
  3. People may feel as though they're healed, for they're coming in contact with the immaculate source of reality -- that which is whole and never needed healing to begin with. That's a temporary experience that can't permanently heal people. The fragmented psyche will come back. It always comes back. I don't think you need psychedelics for that. What you need is life itself. Interesting— I agree with that part about the contrast! ? However, this is what integration is all about. And the contrast IS the catalyst that helps people after a life changing event, for example: a car accident or loss of a loved one. Seeing the Truth in contrast to what you previously thought is SO painful and sobering. What makes you think psychedelics aren’t just another part of “life itself” in this way? I feel that my psychedelic experiences freed me a lot more to experience “life itself” in a way I never would have without them. Yea you still have to clean up your mind but with a much more truthful perspective. It seems like you are saying psychedelics can’t permanently heal you because how would you know about anyone else’s experience? More medicine and/or integration could be helpful ♥️
  4. @Giulio Bevilacqua 5meo is very healing overall. But also look into kambo. It was a VERY physical experience for me, the hardest physical experience but I could feel energy being released. My body was noticeably more relaxed after my first kambo experience.
  5. Yea. This also happens to me after a big mushroom trip and penis envy is an INTENSE strain. Definitely drink lots of water and rest. I kinda think sleep is an under-rated part of the integration process after a big trip. I mean like extra sleep, such as naps and longer sleeping periods beyond 7-8 hours. This always helps me but your body will tell you what it needs.
  6. “State of the world becoming more uncertain” and feeling an increased sense of urgency to make progress? What do you mean by that? Interesting. Ayahuasca wasn’t super powerful for me on the two occasions I sat for it. The last time I sat for it with 8 other people, nobody seemed to have a bad trip, it was delightful for me but we were fed all vegan (super yummy) diet and did kambo and rapé the three days prior. Kambo was horrible for me on day 1 and slightly less horrible on day 2 & 3. Perhaps something like this can help you release beforehand? I may sit again in July in a completely different setting but wondering if it’s just not my psychedelic.
  7. Love it —pretty cool imagery too.
  8. @Aaron p sounds like a thunder storm the way you describe it. Being with it all the way is the easiest was to heal it/ make it healthy. Insanity is something to get curious about because often what seems like insanity today is just genius the next day. it’s a spectrum— what we call insanity to sanity is a range. Nobody is exempt anyways.
  9. You were spot on way before this. Wow. I read about this on Psychedelics Today Insta page- kinda sucks it’s not for real though.
  10. I feel you on this. LSD was a weird trip for me— very confusing like doing back flips through 30 second clips from past lives. Hard to remember a lot & it was strange asF. I prefer it as a micro only for now. Try some other things like shrooms or DMT —these are much clearer and try to meditate or practice breathwork before, as well as writing a clear intent beforehand, and the hold it in your heart.♥️
  11. Lol this is so funny. I see value in both solo and ceremony. At least in ceremony or if you have a sitter and you need help getting up to use the bathroom or get water (like I have before) someone can help you. If you are nervous or trying a huge dose of a serious psychedelic having a sitter or being in ceremony could be very helpful.
  12. Reviews are bad. Why not just take LSD?
  13. I had two days aya, one day nothing then bufo last October and had no issues… except I definitely had the runs for a couple days following ? Aya, bufo and regular DMT all have that pure blissed out vibe for me— different experiences but seem to go together. I would think as long as your aya trip isn’t too traumatic it would be fine since there’s a day in between.
  14. I was chatting with one of my DMT friends & he shared this video on HUGE psilocybin trips: LARGE doses of 30-40g psilocybin ? this guy says induces a more intense trip into infinity & beyond. It’s more of a “psilocybin is where it’s at” kinda video. Shrooms are the easiest (and cheapest) for me to get, more so than any other psychedelic SO, I’m intrigued. He said that LARGE doses of mushies won’t kill you unlike other substances but “you”/ your identity will most certainly die. Eating 3g or more of shrooms always makes me pretty sick the next day so I can’t imagine what would happen with this amount. I thought it was pretty interesting overall so wanted to share. If anyone has done a huge dose, PLEASE share!
  15. Following. My sis was diagnosed with schizophrenia years ago and it got me super curious. Ironically watching her have some dark experiences, along with some things she told me made me get more serious about spirituality and my own life experience. I’d love to see her do some type of study but she’s not into it.
  16. @VictorB02 How was one tab?
  17. @koops a kundalini awakening on rapé, pre-aya is wild. Wow.
  18. @etale interesting. Can I ask why’d you fast for 2 days? I have never heard of fasting that long before a trip. Also, do you have a religious background? Just wondering if the trip brought about your interest in the Bible, or if that was just in your history.
  19. I wondered this also. He does mention the potential or puking because of the large amount. Maybe he has been doing it long enough so his body accepts it. I think I will just having a slightly larger amount next time and see what happens.
  20. @DefinitelyNotARobot Hmm. I’ve tried mushroom tea and something about the little tiny mushroom bits in there made it hard to get down, especially at the bottom. I usually get sick the next morning so not sure if this can help that part.
  21. LOL @ Leo’s response. I still think MOST trip reports seem positive in my experience. I have never had a bad experience so far but my friends said I was kicking and screaming at the top of my lungs during my Bufo experience. I have zero recollection of any of what they described though. I remember only amazing things & It was the most mind blowing psychedelic experience so far for me. I am starting to think that wherever you have the most to heal is where your experience goes. After my most recent aya experience I see psychedelics as a spiritual cleanser that removes “waste”— that might be painful in some cases. On bufo I had an overwhelming sense of extreme gratitude & it exploded my capacity to feel, which was what I needed at that time.
  22. Good question— I’m pretty sure he’ll say yes based on what I gather from his vids. It is hard to contemplate but I do try to stay in a curious, receiving mode which has been helpful.
  23. Love thisssss & it gives me some inspo for future experiences. I recently had my second aya experience and it was more intense and beautiful than the first but I was kinda expecting something more. It’s so different than just DMT for me. I will do another retreat this year. Now micro-dosing it and LOVE it.