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  1. Mindfulness and surrender are the same thing. If you feel regret trying to use "mindfulness" and escaping it means your not being mindful. Surrendering to pain and regret. Feeling the emotiom and letting it fade if it wants to is true mindfulness. Anything else is you trying to be mindful. Which is like me running so I can stay where I am.
  2. Overthinking on when to use mindfulness lol
  3. @pluto What you are talking about sounds like a regular awakening. The type modern non dualists talk about. Does not sound like your kundalini is awake. Continue practicing, and after you are established in that state think about kundalini awakening. If you are in a hurry, maybe cosider getting shaktipat from a fully enlightened teacher, but kniw that kundalini is not always gentle and its duty to comoletelt obliterate you. A total annihilation that even self realized people are far from.
  4. Most people on the path. Have very firm ideas about what truth is. About enlightenment. What it is. Where it ends. Mostly due to swaths of self realized people who think they have reached the end. These men and women when they teach, then pass on their unjustified sense of knowing to people who do know even know the self. Eg most of you guys. Do not feel attacked I am just speaking truth. For your benefit. I mean people think where can you go after the realization of the self? At the self realized stage. It would seem no where. All is illusion. All is a dream. The absolute alone should be held on to. One would think. Yet just as reality reveals to the egoic man how false and limited his paradigm is. It continues to do so once again to the realized man. The knowing of the realized state does not change. It's flavor absolutely does, and it's implications are no longer intellectual or known but felt with the entirety of the body. So much so that the old realized state is then deemed just as limited as the egoic one. Why am I saying all this? To let you know how cool I am that I know these things. That I am advanced. Some might project onto me, and maybe rightfully so for most on this forum are guilty of some sort of that. Some even think it is their humility that puts them above others. Such is the way of ego. It is natural. I say this so you know. You do not know. Stop pretending. Stop boxing reality. Your beliefs on truth are pointless. Your posts regardless of how intellectual they might be will bear no fruit. Believing me is also pointless. Practice. Then use maps and teachings to understand your whereabouts, to swing from one tree to the next so you do not get lost on the journey. So you do not stop mid way before the journey is done. Just a little rant haha
  5. @pluto I honestly do not understand what you are saying, but as I havr said a kundalini awakening is not an experience. It might be caused by one eg a dmt breakthrough but it is a process. That is felt on a daily basis. You cant have one and not feel the symptoms. Until the kundalini energybrises to the brain/sahasrar. Once/if it does your system is ready for gods bliss.
  6. @Joseph Maynor Everything only alters the content of being. Even practice, and chasing after truth. Therefor why do you juat go get drunk all day and sit on your ass? Because it doesnt work that way.
  7. @Maxx Tibetans buddhism is the one of the few branches of buddhism that has atvleast attempted to delve as deep into mysticism as the ancient yogi. Eg the tibetan book of the dead and the bardo states for example are based om the numerous lokhas that the anciemt yogis spoke about. Their exclusivity and that fact couple together means they are not stuck at mere self realization. Zen buddhists mostly experience kundalini arousal. Temporary rise of the snake. Therefor cal it makyao ans do not talk about it. For they kniw very little about a true kundalini rising. @Haumea Not at all what i am saying. The absolute is quite stable. The unity stage has different degrees of bliss. The bliss goes up and down a bit. In sahaja this reportedly doesnt happen. Again though I am not really qualified to speak on unity as I dont experientially understand it.
  8. Realizing the absolute leads to self realization. Has nothing to do with sahaja. Sahaja is a stabalization of unity. ken is at best self realized.
  9. @Be Yourself Sat shree is one of the few people who has probably traversed all the stages I mentioned. He is most probably at unity/sahaja. What he calls truth. His map is a bit more confusing than maharishis though imo.
  10. @Deep I said most buddhists. In most traditions, and I have done 5 meo. Have had a breakthrough. And although my k awakened because of 5 meo. I Have had a lite version of the same experience on k (kundalini). A very lite version lol. Same bliss though. Keep in mind my process has not ended though. I also base what I say a couple of the teachers that guide me that describe their closed eyed samadhi as being the same experience experience as a 5 meo dmt. Without me describing the 5 mro experience to them. There is also other historical evidence as well.
  11. Your problems are not others problems. They are yours. A self realized person with a kundalini awakening or just a person with a kundalini awakening without a map will run into a lot of trouble and can even go into psychosis. Silence is half the story. After reaching true silence. The void. One can realize the divine music playing on saod silence via an energetic awakening.
  12. Oddly enough thats what you are doing not me. Projection 101 right here. Im providing a map for those that do or might find it helpful in the future.
  13. @Maxx I follow not belief system. I realized void as the nature of all things. Which is a real thing. And my identification mechanism fell away long ago. However, even though there was no longer anyone to do anything in the words of some teachers. A process then began. Confused. I looked for answers here and there. The road maps I found, which I previously would have dismissed as fancy gibberish had railed against, however, were perfect maps of how this process would unfold. I probably would not have listened to the current me a year or two ago because as you said "all apearances come and go". Still I feel it is my duty to at least passively pass this map onto others so if the process I went through happends to them they can think back to this post and realize what is going on. Something that happens a lot on the path. When one goes "oh! So that is what they mean." (Half the time not even being close lol) Anyway, ill add a few more things. People who say the void is not a thing are at what the maharishi called transcendental consciousness. Most zen masters are at this stage. A not so perfect litmus test for true void realization after the first initial few years leads to one retaining awareness even in sleep. Having said all that I will now reply to your post. Mystical experiences/psychedelic experiemces : happens when kundalini temporary rises or is forced to rise. Called a kundalini arousal. One can arouse kundalini via psychedelics, yogic techniques or it can happen by itself. Most arousals of kundalini have very little benefit to one's spiritual life. Key word there being most. 5 meo breakthrough : Forces kundalini to rise to the crown chakra and therefore can be very effective in awakening kundalini or one's divine energy. One can have this same experience without 5 meo. With a fully awakened kundalini. It can also happen when ones kundalini rises naturally. Kundalini : I explained what kundalini is in this post. Chakra openings : whether or not chakras open, how they open and which ones open has to do with one's karma. Often chakras opening and the siddhis gained from the should be ignored. For they make the sadhaka lose him/herself in them. Forgettinf the goal. God/jivanmukhti. Clear light of bliss : the bliss of god is experienced in many ways in mystical experiences. However, asides from that ehen one fully becomes god realized a golden light is said to permeate from existence itself. I myself have not experienced this. Rainbow body: This phenomenon exists outside of buddhism as well, but there I feel like speaking on it would be pointless. PS Buddhism in most forms asides from tibetan buddhism and some of the more exclusive branches of it sre aimed to and can only tale one to void realization.
  14. Knowing shiva and shakti are one and truly experiencing it are not one. One can only realize form and emptiness are one when the snake rises and the self is realized as bliss. Mere self realization is boring. Denying your humanity idiotic. Gl doe