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  1. Mindfulness and surrender are the same thing. If you feel regret trying to use "mindfulness" and escaping it means your not being mindful. Surrendering to pain and regret. Feeling the emotiom and letting it fade if it wants to is true mindfulness. Anything else is you trying to be mindful. Which is like me running so I can stay where I am.
  2. Overthinking on when to use mindfulness lol
  3. Most people on the path. Have very firm ideas about what truth is. About enlightenment. What it is. Where it ends. Mostly due to swaths of self realized people who think they have reached the end. These men and women when they teach, then pass on their unjustified sense of knowing to people who do know even know the self. Eg most of you guys. Do not feel attacked I am just speaking truth. For your benefit. I mean people think where can you go after the realization of the self? At the self realized stage. It would seem no where. All is illusion. All is a dream. The absolute alone should be held on to. One would think. Yet just as reality reveals to the egoic man how false and limited his paradigm is. It continues to do so once again to the realized man. The knowing of the realized state does not change. It's flavor absolutely does, and it's implications are no longer intellectual or known but felt with the entirety of the body. So much so that the old realized state is then deemed just as limited as the egoic one. Why am I saying all this? To let you know how cool I am that I know these things. That I am advanced. Some might project onto me, and maybe rightfully so for most on this forum are guilty of some sort of that. Some even think it is their humility that puts them above others. Such is the way of ego. It is natural. I say this so you know. You do not know. Stop pretending. Stop boxing reality. Your beliefs on truth are pointless. Your posts regardless of how intellectual they might be will bear no fruit. Believing me is also pointless. Practice. Then use maps and teachings to understand your whereabouts, to swing from one tree to the next so you do not get lost on the journey. So you do not stop mid way before the journey is done. Just a little rant haha
  4. You like mentally masturbating and philosophizing based on your last two posts. Both are fine. Yet meaningless on the path. You are not "progressing" nor do any of these thoughts your matter. Stop
  5. The I thought doesnt exist, consciously at least at cc. You misunderstand maharishis map.
  6. You are having energetic kriyas. If they stay and do not go away and if you feel an energy in your spine, and body changing you, it means you are having a kundalini awakening. I recommend reading my other post on kundalini, osychedelics and enlightenment, and doing a lot of research on the process you might be going through. It is a long and tough process and without a map. You will surely suffer. Not trying to scare you. Just being honest gl
  7. "The one that is many, and the many that are one" states vishishadvaita. I tend to agree. Everything is made out of one "substance" and a part of one whole. The self. Yet differences still exist. To deny this is delusional and stems from a lack of understanding of what enlightenment is, and listening to delusional self realized people who although are self realized refuse to accept their humanity. Here is an analogy: If Light goes through a prism. The light will then become and turn into all the colors of the rainbow. The color blue and the color pink are different colors. Yet at the same time the originate from the same source and are of the same substance, light. Vibrating at different frequencies.