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  1. As long as there is even the slightest intention to get rid of any emotion, feeling etc it won't work. The illusion works perfectly. You might wanna reconsider your intentions on feeling these emotions. Do i feel the emotions to feel them, or do i feel them with the intention to get rid of them? Ego is a sneaky bastard.
  2. These are fun to do. Also take notice on how you can't focus on more than one sensation at the same time. E.g. you can sit on a chair, and focus your attention on the pressure on your bum, maybe theres also some pressure on your back, and if youre feet are touching the ground, you can feel some pressure when they are touching the ground. If you focus on the pressure of your feet touching the ground, you most likely already forgot the pressure on your bum and your back. Everything we experience is just a focus on temporary fields of condensated energy ( physical sensations, sounds, thoughts,.). By doing this, It's very easy to see that we never experience a full body, nor are we in it. We are just a blank field of consciousness experiencing so called sensations.
  3. If their comes a situation in once life where one has to punch someone, wether the person is or is not enlightened, there will be a punch. It's as easy as that. Also, Fighting is not always because of anger or anything like that. Maybe it was just better to lay the other person down in a specific situation at that moment.
  4. You can't not live in the moment. Try to get out of it if you think you can.
  5. Ofcourse. How can it not be? Who is searching for that glimpse? What you are never searches for anything, the searching happens exactly in it.
  6. Well, you don't have to, but you are on the path now. At the same time, truth is much more powerfull and you can't hold it back. Most people are totally clueless on this. You woke up to that now, which can't be turned around. There is no going back from it, you can only stagnate. The only thing is, everytime you are being inauthentic now, it has a bad taste. Goodluck my friend.
  7. I'm discovering that I am more inauthentic than I have thought... We all are, so that doesn't matter. My family doesn't really know me because I have been showing them the face that they were prepared (in my mind) to accept. This goes the other way around. "your family" is not authentic either. They are also presenting themselves with a fake mask. I'm afraid of loosing them all and am afraid of all the battles I'd need to have to be myself in front of them. How do you manage? This is a well known "struggle". I've gone through this myself, and sometimes i'm still having this. There is a risk that you might lose some people, but that doesn't mean that no one will like you. In the long run it's even better to lose those who don't like you for who you are. Being someone that has to live up to the image that other people have inside their minds, is a real struggle. In that case, you are basically a prisoner, because you have to act and do whatever to keep their dream happy.
  8. @Michael569 Stuck in low conciousness job There is no such thing as a low consciousness job. How do you go around your days without getting disgusted all the time? Simple. You need to start looking inwards. You get disgusted because truth is hitting on your wall of illusion. It's never about what someone else is doing, it's about you. You hold values etc and you see that other people or circumstances are not living up to them, so your ego gets disgusted. The funny thing in all of this, is that the values you hold right now, aren't even yours either. You didn't choose them, reality chose them for you. So you are basically protecting an illusion from evaporating. Surrounded by people whose highest values are money, sex, attractiveness, achievement and power. Guess what, you also value these. We all are monkeys with a suit on. Thinking you don't value these is just bullshitting yourself. Everything you do in your life is simply sexual selection at work, wheter you like it or not.
  9. Ask yourself this question: "What ideas and beliefs do i hold about myself and reality right now, which led me to feeling imbalanced in my personal life".
  10. You don't have any questions. All questions stem from the mind ( they all arise in YOU ). The mind wants to know answers to it's questions, so it can fall back asleep. Consciousness. Try not being conscious right in this moment. Try to stop being conscious. It's not gonna work, it's impossible. Consciousnes is the very fundamental thing to experience anything ( thoughts, feelings, sounds,...). You literally can't get rid of it. The question "what is it seen by" arises IN IT. The searched sees the seeker seeking. Being is being conscious if something appears.
  11. The belief that something is wrong with him simply arises, but he wants to get rid of it ( resistance ). Resistance gives the belief more energy so it becomes even stronger. Most likely it will fade and go away over time if he sees it as simply a belief and not something that is true. You can't control your mind. Try it now. Try to guess the next thought that will come up. It's just another thought telling you that you can controll your mind. All is seen.
  12. Wanting to get rid of the belief that something is wrong with you IS the problem.
  13. It will become a lot easier over time.
  14. Maybe contemplate on why this is occurring. Try to dig into your past to see if there were any events that may have caused this scar in you. At the same time, don't get too lost in thoughts, just feel the sensations in your body ( most likely the belly, solar plexus area). Don't drive your attention too deep in them, but don't "run" away from them either ( the energy and you are one, so you can't run away from them in fact). Just watch them. This is something you can't instantly be good at. You have to create a sense for feeling the energy without manipulating it and at the same time allowing it to be there. You also need to be out of your head for this, as thoughts will keep you from feeling it. Maybe before doing this, meditate for a while to get grounded. All is well, Peace
  15. Do you see this as a problem? If so, why would it be a problem if you don't know what your passion is, or if you will never find it? What's the worst possible scenario you can imagine if you would never find your passion?
  16. How is that even depressing. I don't think you ever grasped a tiny bit of it, because if you did, you would see that it's fucking amazing just to be.
  17. As bad or as good as you think it is, which doesn't mean that i encourage you to go and drink alcohol. At the same time, try to avoid it .
  18. Have you ever asked the earth what he thinks about climate change?
  19. Have you seen this video of Leo?: