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  1. That's a relapse. Don't fool yourself.
  2. FIrst and second week are the hardest from my experience.
  3. Not sure. Why can't you shower everyday?
  4. If you are a real addict, it's life transforming. If you are not addicted, it's still very beneficial.
  5. Goodluck. I don't share any of my goals with my family anymore. They won't understand and they would only project their limiting beliefs and fears on me. Maybe you need to do the same.
  6. Ahahaha keep going man. Why 60 days btw? Shoot for at least 90.
  7. I saw your post and it reminded me of something i saw today at the grocery store. There was this guy who seemed about the same age as me ( 20ish ), and he had a funny looking mouth, so he grabbed my attention. Shortly after a girl came to him, he started talking, and it all made sense now because he literally had no teeth in his mouth anymore. Turned out that the girl he started talking to was his girlfriend. Now i don't want to say that this guy was poor or anything like that, but he certainly didn't look rich to me, and he also didn't look like he had a lot of status. But he had a girlfriend neitherless. Maybe he was a drug addict? Maybe he got in an accident, or he had some sort of special conditioning surrounding his teeth. God knows. But he had a girlfriend. You can safely let go of the assumption that girls only like status, money or fame. Some of em do, just like some of em smoke and some of them don't.
  8. Not all therapists are the same, using the same tradional ways of therapy. I don't see why you can't become a therapist and give people therapy in the traditional way, with your own touch attached to it. At least that's what i'm shooting for right now. If you think about it, that's what every therapist is already doing, because no therapist will ever be exactly the same as the other.
  10. That’s not hardmode at all lol. That’s just edging everyday...
  11. This video of Jordan Peterson resonates a lot with me. I'm having such a mother, and i feel like i'm stuck in a situation like that. What i'm missing in the video though, is how exactly you deal with it.
  12. What i mean by this is getting into the present moment. Focusing attention on what you feel in your body instead of being in your head. Thoughts basically prevent you from feeling the energy, and they also make it worse if you believe them and "run" after them. I've had pretty bad social anxiety and overall anxiety. Becoming aware of my thoughts was the first step, but experiencing the fear at it's core is essential for lasting relief. You simply stop resisting it and face it head on. It's not easy to do, because we are so conditioned to change a feeling or sensation to something happy instead of experiencing sadness, anxiety...
  13. Grounding and sinking into the body to feel the energy ( anxiety ). It's not really anxiety. Anxiety is just a label. It's just intense energy.
  14. What to do? My belly and genital area is like a fireplace at the moment. It's a high energetical burning sensation. Not sure what this is.
  15. Meh i dunno. I'm not even meditating lately so.