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  1. No, i think if i'm really honest with myself, i just don't feel like i want to study for the degree. It's just not me. I have to force myself to do it. I don't know.
  2. Yes, you are 100% spot on. I just feel like it's already too late to experiment. I'm 26 and feel like it's time to get serious about my choices in life. My resume holds 3 different past jobs, and recruiters are already questioning on why i made certain choices, giving me weird faces because the jobs differ so much. Everything is build on security and safety all around. I want to experiment, but i feel like there is no room to do so. Everything feels like a long term commitment with no space for failure or change of direction to me.
  3. I just ended my temporary job, which was utterly horrifying. I was very happy to get the chance to work here, because i've been trying for 7+ months to find a new job, but it just didn't work out yet again. This place was full of angry employers, constantly arguing with eachother. I had a fuckton of work to do by myself without knowing 100% what to do. I had to work overtime which wasn't payed. The person that was supposed to teach me the ropes was on drugs during work, and she was going to be fired, so i was supposed to take her place, so she wasn't motivated at all and basically teached me everything wrong or half assed ( i think she wanted to sabotage me or take revenge on me). This resulted in me making a lot of mistakes but also being very slow in my job, which made the manager question me. Right now i'm 26 and i'm still living with my overbearing mom. This job gave me a lot of hope and was supposed to lift me out of this shitty position, so i could finally move out and live on my own to have my freedom i desperately need. I can't live at this place anymore, i want my own place. I'm 26 and my mom doesn't seem to understand that i'm not a little child anymore. She keeps pampering me with stuff, and still treats me like her little son. She texts/calls too often, and everytime i tell her about this, she takes it way too serious and get's very mad or uses the excuse that this is how "moms" are. After that she subtile starts pampering me again or starts doing the old stuff again. This repeats itself over and over, and i know this will only stop when i leave this place but i just can't without money. Right now I probably have to go on unemployment benefits again ( which i feel very ashamed about), which barely get's me through the month since i pay my own food etc. Besides this i have a crippling porn/masturbation addiction, which i've been fighting for years now. Right now is trying to lure me in again after such a horrible day. I'm trying not to give in, since this would totally ruin the last 5% of motivation that's left to change my situation for the better. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm out of luck.
  4. I did Leo's Life Purpose Course over a year ago and ended up wanting to become a psychologist/psychotherapist. I never really took any action on fulfilling that. Right now i don't really know if that's what i really want to do with my life anymore. It depends. If i relapse i can literally feel like a mindless zombie for over a week and don't feel any motivation to do anything but feel lazy and sluggish.
  5. I'm meditating here and there, but i don't have a consitent practice going anymore because lack of time. Well.. not anymore.
  6. Sure, me too. Doesn't mean they are right. All monks would have prostate cancer. Can't really choose whether or not you will get a wet dream. Sure you can sleep on your back etc to lower the chance but it can still happen. That's what we assume, because it's one of their precepts. Who knows? No one can tell for sure.
  7. 0. Side effects are that you become superhuman. Sperm that is not ejaculated breaks down and is being recycled in your body.
  8. How long have you been meditating for?
  9. I don't see the problem then. No. As a human you experience good and bad emotions, that's how it is and that will never change. The thing that can change however, is the attachment and wanting to feel a certain way at all times.
  10. Wouldn't worry too much about it tbh. Let her leave you if that's what she wants. If you are on this level and want to practice Karezza, than so be it. Just look for someone who is on the same level and don't let someone who is not into it, hold you back from that. Maybe you could introduce her to the book: "Cupids poisoned arrow". But it seems like she's very ignorant, so maybe don't bother at all and move on.
  11. What else did you expect? This is a self-development forum. There are tons of other forums regarding to what you are describing elsewhere on the internet.
  12. Sure thing. It's the same for me at the moment. The thing is though, if you sit through some of those episodes, you become more confident and less fearful about facing another one.
  13. Because that's when all the shit can rise up that you have repressed.
  14. Watched this video yet?
  15. According to Jordan Peterson who had eye floaters, eye floaters are an auto immune disease. His diet would be a carnivore diet with a lot of meat and greens, which made his eye floaters go away. I also have eye floaters, but i haven't tried it yet. I don't really bother too much about my floaters anyways. But maybe you can try it. He talks about it in this video;
  16. @noselfnofun@ajasatya How exactly does one go about doing this? Do you need to apply for a position in a monestary online? I've thought about doing the same thing a lot, but i never really understood how.
  17. Very easy. You decide in the moment. If you feel like eating it, you say yes. If you don't feel like eating it, you say no. Regardless of how you make them feel by accepting/denying their offer. At least if you want to be real and mature. If you want to be fake than do everything against your will as you wish.
  18. Start with 90 days of complete abstinence from porn and masturbation and everything resolving around it. If you succeed that, you can progress from there. If you are really addicted to porn, you don't even know what a normal feeling of horniness feels like, because it's totally messed up by urges from the addiction.
  19. This picture triggered me .
  20. I don't see why it can ever be bad. Our conditioning only tells us so.
  21. Yes. Cafeïne is obviously a stimulant. If you drink coffee, tea or eat some chocolate, it elevates your mood for a reason .