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  1. Maybe you need to watch some Tony Parsons
  2. It's a funny thing isn't it. It's "you" who makes the problems, and it's also "you" that wants to fix them. It's also "you" who then wants to accept it. If "you" would totally "accept" the present moment ( "you" can't do that ) that would be the end of "you" as a seperate individual. Overthinking and trying to fix or solve problems is energy for the apparent individual, to keep itself going. When that comes to an end, it's the end of "you" also.
  3. I hope one day you will see you are good as you are. May peace find you soon. ?? <3
  4. Yesterday i was standing in my kitchen, and i realised that my mind was completely gone. There were no thoughts anymore, just pure presence. The only thing i could sense was some sorth of energy pulling/looking into nothingness trying to find my mind? Or something to cling or attach to. I don't know if this makes any sense, but i don't know how else to explain it. Right at this moment it's happening again. This video of Mooji is similar to my experience, except for i'm not laughing like that hehehe
  5. Why? What would they give/offer you? Are you not good as you are?
  6. Can you tell me why this is a problem? If you don't want to read then you don't want to read. I sense you are pressuring yourself into it, which obviously won't work. If you would genuinly be interested in reading, than that would simply happen without any problem.
  7. Interesting. Can you elaborate on that?
  8. Mooji explains it beautifully in this video:
  9. Why is it bad to be passive/indecisive? What could possibly happen?
  10. Doing everything and nothing is already happening right now. There is no such thing as choosing to do nothing or choosing to do something.
  11. What is your mind trying to convince you of, that will be better if you don't have social anxiety?
  12. Why do you want to get rid of it? What's the salespitch?
  13. Love is what you see when you wake up.
  14. Nah, nothing to worry about. Ego will throw the most ridiculous shit in your face to hold you back from realizing the truth. You kind of have to get used to it. Consciousnes will solve this over time, as it is so much more powerful. It's literally no match, altough it may seem like that for now.
  15. I love all of you. Everything is perfect ! <3 <3 May all of you find God
  16. Surrender. It’s already here. Everything is pointing you to it. It’s knocking on you’re door, every second of the day. This is it!
  17. "You" are struggling with "yourself". There is no such thing as "people" or the "other". It's all "you". Love is the answer. <3