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  1. So I just saw this video and it made me very curious for the meaning and origin of this symbol. Then I scrolled through the comments and saw someone wrote that he had seen this symbol everywhere when he took LSD. So I wondered if this happened to more people on a psychedelic trip. And where to find that out better then this forum? -> has anyone of you every had any experience with this symbol, especially while tripping or any different state of mind or whatever? btw having that symbol and this forum in my mind at the same time, I remembered the term "cosmic joke" that I read here a few times. I don't really know what it is supposed to mean exactly but in my mind it describes this Universal S pretty good.
  2. Why are all the responses basically saying "you need to specify what kind of healer"? I mean she literally said relatively clearly what kind of healer. It still might need some more specification but its already pretty clear.
  3. In a dream world I could imagine it given to people who offered the world tremendous value, as the highest award.
  4. @Leo Gura I feel kinda scared writing this but it feels like you lost your balance or something. The intention behind your answer seems pretty "I am better then you". Like you didn't really read what I wrote or cared to think about it. Of course it is more complex then that but it still can have something to do with it. I mean you seem to have an enormous sex drive and you seem to have done enormous amounts of work. That raised the quetion in me whether it might be connected in some way. Your answer seems more like it's just to defend your ego and not answer my question (which I am aware you don't have to). Also here. I meant when you have easily accessible, unlimited amounts of porn, then your sex drive might develop to be weaker, since you don't really need it to be strong to get what you want. How do you know? As you said, you didn't experience a Zoomers porn experience as a teenager. Feels so "I have to make sure I am different" again. Who said that I waste my time with NoFap or pursuing real life woman. But I guess if you interact with so many people it's likely that I blend in with the majority for you and it's stupid of me to expect to get special treatment. Maybe my whole answer also has a defending my ego vibe, but I feel like it also might be some good feedback to you and I just spend a lot of time writing it so im going to post it anyways.
  5. @Leo Gura Hmm.. you seem special to me in that regard. I have never heard something like that but I also never really interviewed anybody about their masturbation habits. Do you think one persons sex drive is related to their general motivation in life? Also when you started masturbating did you have porn to do it? Because maybe if you are very young and your brain is still in development, having unlimited amounts of porn (like you have to make one click and you see 20 hot naked chicks) causes your brain or sex drive to develope differently, since you don't seem to have a big need to go out and do something to get what you want.
  6. I said I did it 9 seperate times a day once not you. But isnt 20 times in a row much harder? If you are telling the truth then I gotta say you got my respect. A man who is capable of such things deserves respect.
  7. Wtf, are you a mutant or something? I can't believe you My record is 9 times a day and that was already hard (not so hard in the end anymore if you know what I mean), but 20 times IN A ROW?? Your mom must have visited Chernobyl while she was pregnant with you and something mutated in your genes that made your dick superhuman. Either that or something changed with men.
  8. When I read that, one thing comes to my mind. In the book "The Sedona Method" (at least in the version I read) there was this model of human consiousness made of 4 deeper wishes that can be visualised as a tree. The 4 wishes are the wish for survival, approval/love, control and being seperate. All these wishes also have a flipside, like the wish for dying, being disliked, getting controlled and being one. As for the visualisation as a tree, the wish for serperateness would be the ground in which the tree stands and that feeds the tree, the wish for survival would be the roots and the wishes for love and control would be the trunk. Then the branches and leafs would be particular emotions like sadness, anger, courage, acceptance etc. (branches) and thoughts ("I hate this bitch", "I'm so lucky, that I got this job", "Why didn't I do ....") I'm sure you read the book (since I found it on your booklist) and if you read the same version you also propably now about the 4 deeper wishes but what I'm trying to tell you is that maybe if you concentrate enough on the wish of being seperate/being one and work with that/let enough of it go it becomes obvious how you can do such things. This wish to me seems like the very thing that your human existence is made of and as such blocks your higher consiousness.
  9. In a positive or negative sense? Why don't you do it then? Health?
  10. Im gonna use this opportunity to get out my thoughts regarding you @Leo Gura, this forum and myself. I would say I'm not really that invested in this forum and don't really care about being a part of this community. Sometimes I start a thread or comment under a thread when I feel like it or I see that I could maybe actually help someone. But I love just reading through some interesting sounding topics and looking if there is some goldnugget I can keep, cause I found quite a lot of gold nuggets on this forum. I just randomly read through the comments and then *puff* I read one sentence that sticks with me and gives me some value, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I think I'm quite good at distinguishing what is actually valuable and what is not. Most of the times these comments are from Leo, so I started to just go on his profile everytime I'm on this website and read through his latest comments on any topic. Sometimes I wonder if people on this forum remember me from my past comments but idk. Would be interesting for me to hear from someone who reads this or from you Leo. I think you are a pretty great human being Leo and you really have a lot of value to offer the world and I am lucky to have found you. I also think I am lucky that I resonate with you and pick up what you have to say super fast. It's fascinating to me to witness such a great understanding for all kinds of topics. You really are a wise motherfucker. I had a phase where I idolised you and thought you must be "perfect", but now I see that you are also just a human and have some flaws. Of course these flaws are just flaws because I judge them as such but I mean thats what this post is about. I wrote the last sentence because I imagined some people criticizing me for saying you have flaws. I now think I am just writing this all because I do infact kind of care about being a part of this community, contrary to what I wrote at the beginning, at least a little bit. Also because I like interacting with you Leo, not mainly because I hope to gain more wisdom from that really, I just read without commenting for that, but just cause it makes me feel good. That's my thoughts for now, maybe I write another comment if I feel like it later.
  11. The alpha of the stupid-clan
  12. I think NoFap can help you get laid since it's like a kick in the ass. When you are hungry, you are more likely to eat right? And if you normally eat one kind of food (porn) but then you can't eat that anymore, it's more likely that you will eat food option 2 (sex). And since one of the main purposes of the design of a mans body is to ejaculate, once that homeostasis effect of regular ejaculation is broken, all the connected parts in your system also break out of homeostasis which could result in effects like more energy for a while (comparable to an adrenaline rush), to get you back into a homeostasis. @Leo Gura Have you consciously gone without porn for a while in the past?
  13. @Leo Gura Do you also have such genetics?
  14. @Zion Shame is a kind of self punishment when you learn from "outside" that something about you or some behavior is "bad". Then you feel shame and try punish yourself cause you believe that will make the punishment you will receive from the outside, that judges you as bad, less. It's always connected to a deeper wish to fit in, feel secure, loved or in control. That's what I learned.
  15. That's interesting. Some time ago I watched some YouTube video about his future plans after winning the war and apparently he wanted to build a giant new city with some really exaggerated architecture. Even though corrupted by his ideologies, I feel like he could have been a great architect or at least the passion for it was slumbering inside of him.
  16. Shiiiiit I want to post troll comments in here SO bad
  17. @Leo Gura I feel like you were talking a bit too fast even though it seemed like you noticed that yourself and adjusted your talking speed after some time. And also it was hard to follow what you were trying to bring across, which I think is because it was a conversation and a conversation works differently then you just talking alone. In a conversation the partner also plays a role with the direction of the converation and if there is a big gap between the understanding of the topic that destroys the coherence and clarity of the communication, but since you said something similar in a reply above I guess you are aware of that.
  18. @Max_V Hey bro, it is what it is, I have/had similar problems (I dont think im autistic but also have/had feelings like I'm a complete piece of shit not even worthy of a smile from a woman or something like that, caused by something else), but to maybe encourage you: I already dealt with big parts of it and I can see now that it is actually possible to change that and it is also possible for me to have a dating/sex life and be liked/loved by women. What I found is that the situation you are in is what you want, like you literally chose to be like that. And paradoxically to change that I think you have to accept it and say "fuck it, thats what I want" and I guess really get yourself to love the situation that you are in and if you manage to do that you are free to really change. Also reading the book "The Sedona Method" helped me a lot with letting go of a lot of my inner emotional blockages. And the book "The Big Leap" helped me learn a lot about inner beliefs and where they come from/hold you back. Found them both on Leo's booklist. @Preety_India Simliar to what I wrote above I think you accepting your situation and saying fuck it, it is what it is, can be very good and propably necessary for you and maybe you are actually aware of this. But the thing is you, it is definitly possible for you to change and have what you want as well, so maybe you have to be in that phase now where you think that it is all hopeless, but why not try to keep in mind that your whole situation might completly change instantly, or after a few weeks/months/years. Can also recommend both books from above to you. But if you don't want to change you will propably not buy them (or some other tool to help you) or even if you buy them you will propably just toss them away when you get to the point where you subconsiously realize "wow this could actually help me". I think the key is to be really really honest with yourself and if you realize you really want to be miserable or something like that accepting it and only after that the possiblity for change arises.
  19. @Preety_India Thank you for letting others read this lol Reading this is actually helpful to me since I have some problems with believing women don't want sex and don't have these feeling and if I want sex with women I'm bad cause they will always hate me for it no matter what.
  20. @StudentOfLeove echt gut, vorallem wenn das dein allererster Song ist, aber man merkt auch, dass noch viel Raum für Verbesserung da ist.