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  1. @DrugsBunny You got your liberal points that are true but you get so angry and disgusted at people who have conservative views who don't see these points, while you also don't see their conservative points that are also true. I think you are just slightly less ignorant then a racist, homophobic, right-wing ideologist. It's just different truths you are ignorant about. You think the majority of LGBTQ+ people who fight for the end of their oppression all have the purest intentions, when they have in fact been oppressed and most of them still carry the trauma from that? You think all the anger and disgust, which you also seem to have, is gonna make the world more just or beautiful? No, propably not. Even though the LGBTQ+ person has been treated unfairly, it doesn't automatically make his/her actions justified or good. Of course it would be just and good to give the LGBTQ+ person more rights and love, however, in this situation it's the job of the conservative person to keep that movement towards more rights and love for the LGBTQ+ controlled, so that the society, how it is, doesn't completely fall apart. And that job is just as important as the job of the Liberal person to push their movement foward. In our world the conservatives definitly deserve critique for their fullfilment of this duty, they don't do it perfectly, maybe even horrendously sometimes, but thats how the world is. Of course you can blame the Conservative person for all the trauma the LGBTQ+ person had to go through, however would that LGBTq+ person even be alive today, in this relatively great world, without the conservative person? Maybe the Conservative Mindset of today was the Liberal mindset of the past. Maybe a long time ago in the past a woman-controlled, tribal society where everyone fucked everyone hated the idea of a few men who decided it would be best if everyone started strictly following new roles which they assigned the genders, so that they would be more efficent and build a bigger society. Maybe all of this is just an ongoing process of moving the world towards higher love. Edit: I think the ideal Conservative and Liberal person respect each other.
  2. @MAHAVATAR_-_BABAJI You have met aliens?
  3. What the fuck is dried penis envy? I only ever took shrooms once, like 0,5 grams, and I didnt have suicidal thoughts as in negative thoughts of wanting to kill myself but I was thinking about what it would be to jump off a cliff and that it would just be nothing and everything would still be the same afterwards and I got kinda cursious about doing it. However I was still aware that that would be a bad idea for me. It's kinda scary to think that if I take a higher dose one might actually do it.
  4. I recently bought the Xbox game pass and was looking through the games if there is one I liked. This one kinda caught my attention and I tried it. It's really beautiful. Nothing super exciting, but just a little game that revolves around a certain concept of spacecraft. For some reason I thought of Leo Gura when I played it so that's why I'm posting this here. The name of the game is Exo One. @Leo Gura you might like it. I saw you post about some games that you liked before and this one I thought might fit that category.
  5. I think this is the discovery of fire 2.0 Edit: On steroids
  6. @ZGROPIUS thx I guess lol @integral actually there is quite a bit of fat but thx
  7. Im just gonna use this to flex my gym progress on random people on the internet
  8. The fact that the lives of children that are not actually transgender but just confused get destroyed by letting them have surgery very easily is the one thing that I know he talked about and think deserves attention.
  9. @Leo Gura He isn't a clinical therapist anymore though, is he? I haven't seen any of his tweets but from what I have seen of him regarding his views, on transgenders at least, he seems to have a valid opinion that deserves political attention.
  10. I feel like he is just triggering the shadow of a lot of people thats mostly why he got so much attention. And I think he does infact contribute to society by showing how to be strong, lead and survive as a man. Obviously he is playing kinda dirty but the world is a dirty place as of now. He knows the playground well and knows how to navigate it. I think this analogy is pretty fitting especially because he seems see at the world as a chessboard. I myself kinda respect that guy but at the same time find his character annoying.
  11. @Leo Gura Could you send a link or something?
  12. This is the second Part of the post I did on the Life Purpose Subforum where I post the notes of my own insights that I have made until now contemplating my new field of interest so that anyone who has any feedback can give me that feedback Science = The whole of humankinds logical understanding of reality. -(male perspective on reality?) -base principle -> division Is there an opposite to science? -the whole of humankinds emotional understanding of reality? -Empathy? Logic = The continuity of reality/the ability to see continuity -> Science is the investigation of the continuities of reality Subsciences Chemistry: -The investigation of matter Matter = the substance of the 3D World Math -the language used in science made of numbers and shit like that
  13. @A Fellow Lighter Im not really sure what kind of feedback I was looking for either. Maybe just someone like you saying "ye that seems about right" cause I am always unsure if what I think is complete bullshit and kind of expect people to react like that when I express my thoughts. So thanks for that feedback I guess haha
  14. damn this actually means a lot to me coming from you
  15. Hello, I just recently rediscovered my life purpose. Rediscovered cause as kid I literally used to tell my mother 10x a day that I am going to be an inventor. When I did the life purpose course from Leo I remembered that as well and considered it but threw the idea away because I couldnt imagine what that would mean or how I would do it. I just had the memory but there was too much fear between me and the source of that memory for me to connect to it. Now I think thats how it was supposed to be, I just had to work through more of my fears at that point in time, which I did and now I am ready for the rediscovery of my life purpose. This first part of this post is mainly to show people how important it is to just do something new/get out of your comfort zone, in order to find your life purpose. Because if you do that, it is very likely that your life purpose will knock at your door in one form or another and it is about you being able to recognize it through your inner clouds of judgement, which are all coming from fear. So if you know you won't be ready to recognize it yet, even if your life purpose decides to dance naked in front of you, then maybe the best thing for you to do instead is to just focus on recognizing and working through your fears regarding your purpose. So what happened to me? 3 weeks ago I started an internship at the workshop of a university my mother works at. I didn't really expect to learn much from that, it was more to get me out of the house, get a normal daily rythm and getting used to working, starting at 4 hours a day, since I still have problems with that from major depression and social phobia. First of all I noticed that just being there was a lot easier then it would have been in the past. The boss there just talked to me a lot the first day, which normally was the worst thing for me, but it was fine, even though I had like 2 hours of sleep, since my sleep schedule was still fucked up. Then he showed me around the workshop which has 3D-Printers and stuff like that and started talking about those. He also showed me some stuff they printed with them and thats where my rediscovery of my life purpose started. When I had these things in my hands and he talked about the 3D printers and the materials they use, I started wondering about the different materials and their characteristics. I wondered were those characterisics come from and started talking about that to the boss there who showed me around. In the past I would not have started talking about this stuff. Since I lead the conversation into that direction my mind stayed there and I kept thinking about it and it stayed really interesting to me even after the conversation. I started to get interested in chemistry cause thats where I saw the root of the different characterisitcs of those materials. The next day or 2 days later I dont really remember, I was placed before a PC to read some stuff about one of the machines they use there and I started just googling chemestry and went on the wikipedia page of chemistry and just started learing about chemistry a bit. That's when I thought like "cool, it never felt good learning something but this really does", I actually hated chemistry in school. I decided that I wanted to keep going in that direction since I genuinely felt curiosity. Specifically I decided to spent at least 1 minute a day to reading through wikipedia articals related to chemistry. This turned into me getting interested in science in general and then like a week ago I connected the dots with my past memorys of wanting to be an inventor and it reignited that wish in me. So now I see science as the basis for me becoming an inventor. I don't even know if I can do it since I still struggle with the basics of survival and if I wanna be a great inventor there will 100% be more difficulties on the road but it makes me happy just knowing that I can spend my time on learning right now and later maybe actually go more into the direction of becoming an inventor. Even if in the end nothing will come out from it I am happy to keep learning and I think thats a great sign that this is infact my life purpose or at least the right direction. Im gonna post a second part of this this in the Intellectual stuff subforum later where I post my notes that I have made till now so I can maybe get in touch with other people that share that interest or just getting some unexpected value in any other form. I hope this post helped motivating someone that is looking for his/her life purpose right now.
  16. playing with fire lol
  17. I feel like the officer did such a bad job there though, holy shit. Makes me angry. Acting like this towards the driver wasn't justified.
  18. @Danioover9000 i didnt even read all your posts and cant remember anything. My post had nothing to do with any of yours and wasnt aimed at you specifically
  19. @Danioover9000 Bruh, I guess either my point didnt come across or you are kinda stuck. Whatever, I don't really like you guys anyways.
  20. Maybe imagine this: A man born in a womans body that has a conservative mind (he wants to keep order intact to keep society alive) feels like having a influence on society is his life purpose and decides to become a politican. His situation is really tricky since one side of him is pulling him to the conservatives who hate transgender people cause of his purpose and another side of him pulls him to the progressive transgender community who hates conservatives, cause he wants to survive and thats where he feels save. Now a person who wasnt consious of both those side inside him/herself would propably be ripped apart internally by this inner conflict, but lets say this man is a very consious human and is aware of these two contradicting aspects in himself. He consiously contemplates what he values more and how he should act. He comes to the conclusion that it is more imporant to him to keep the society alive and become a conservative politician even though that means he will have to sacrifice love for the part of him that is transgender that will have to suffer from this decision, since the core of this society isnt developed enough to fully integrate transgenders. He doesnt resent society for denying him the love he feels like he deserves as a transgender person but accepts the fact that society just isnt developed enough yet and is grateful for the fact that society even gives him the chance to have had a rather save life with enough food, shelter, order, education, entertainment and a lot of other things that he wouldnt have otherwise. Life is mercilessly brutal and humankind had to go through a lot of shit to make things better for future generations. Edit: How would you think/feel about such a person? @DrugsBunny @Heart of Space @Danioover9000 @BeHereNow
  21. Feels good for me to see this thread. I think the left in general has definitively gone too far and now its time for a step backwards, preparing for the next two steps foward. Also I think people who call Jordan Peterson toxic are delusional. He is a conservative and he is doing his job very well.