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  1. I am really curious to know, what do you guys think that would be the best way to present something. For example, you have a tremendous idea, which also sound great, however, how do you convince others to also believe in it? In other words, how do you get people to follow your vision, like the great leaders of this earth do?
  2. Utrecht, The Netherlands! Anyone who wants to have a chat, Pm me!
  3. I would always tell myself, that I would have least gave everything I had at the thing I loved the most, before I die. What would you consider "life" if you did not give it a 100% try? Sure things can be tough, life can suck. But at least you can fulfill your passion. The key I guess is development/progression. Ask yourself the difference between joy and unhappiness? I think progression. Where a happy person grows and learn new things, where a unhappy person has the feeling he/she is stuck at one place. A good time to think about this is indeed at your wonderful journey. However, like Leo said, if you make the commitment to do plan A or B, stick with it 100% and don't look back.
  4. Most of the times (and this may sound weird) but before I've got to do something, I would curse to myself , in combination with heavy breathing to get me pumped up, do 20 push-ups and just do the damn thing. I will tell myself what the consequences would be if I did not do it. Conclusion: Before a "must" I'd give myself an ego boost, so I think the task is up ahead is nothing. However in certain situations you can't do this obviously, then I simply do this in my head by the way of thinking.
  5. To ignore feelings is tough, so I would not recommend it. Accept you still have feelings for her, but that you are NOT dependent on her. For me realizing that, that was the ultimate key. What you could do is not talking to her, because if you do, you still will create that dependency. Working out helps a lot, and try socializing with friends, do fun/crazy stuff. The world is yours man..