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  1. Just discovered this guy on YouTube. Brendan works very close with Peter Ralston and has an excellent ability at getting across a no bullshit approach. I just love what he invites you to consider.
  2. I couldn’t help but share this. I do genuinely believe that psychedelics can be an incredibly useful tool, But extreme caution should be exercised so that one does not get lost along the way.
  3. Leo is the Oracle! Neo: And she's (Oracle/Leo) never wrong? Morpheus: [sighs] Try not to think in terms of right or wrong. She is a guide, Neo. She can help you to find the path. Neo: She helped you? Morpheus: Yes. Neo: What did she tell you? Morpheus: That I would find the One.
  4. Been attending a few retreats last year that make use of singing bowl (mainly as a gong/caller) and I would like to try using one at home with my meditation. I don't have any shops close by I can go to and play around with some so I will be making an online purchase. I would like to know how others have used these as a tool during meditation with success or failure and any decent online stores to purchase from and what to look for. Thanks.
  5. Share what has inspired you on your journey. This piece by M. C. Escher
  6. You have a daily practice ingrained, great! Just build on it until you get what you want.
  7. +1 for Dyads with your partner Check out this short book, it's all about Dyads and how to do them. Knowing Your Self: 100 Dyad Exercises for Awakening
  8. DMT crystal, if smoking/vaporising is hard to do, and takes a while to learn. You basically are tripping balls so hard before you finish smoking you cant tell up from down. Effects should last around 3-15 min, you will need to lie down. I have worked with this for a few months now and haven’t had any mystical experiences as of yet but it has potential I believe. Go check out its the best for DMT info. LSD will send you off for around 12hrs, much easier to use and not so fucking crazy as DMT. I had mushrooms a few weeks ago and had an amazing experience. I would recommend shrooms they are cheep, safe, easy to get and grow. See Willy Myco on YouTube. I, like you have got rid old relationships and are now friendless. Tripping on your own is great but if you think you might freak out go and check out I say get both, use test kits, start slow and low amounts. Take care.
  9. @username Yes. Depending on the pledge amount, you will be eligible for a pledge reward. His new book is one of the rewards available.
  10. @Real Eyes I am definitely going to chip some cash for the Kickstarter documentary. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  11. There was a major shift for me when I finally was able to let go of the constant urge to be on the move. I was always hell bent on achieving all the time. Earning more money, working on the business, renovating my house, going out to every family and social event etc.... Everyone would be saying things me like "geez, you're doing alright mate" or "you doing really well for yourself", patting me on the back the whole time while I was driving myself into the ground. Things that helped me were meditating daily, doing retreats, serious contemplation and allocating time to be alone and do nothing Looking back now I see how fucking insane it all is.
  12. If you're going to do it anyway.