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  1. - Avoid ALL negative people in your circle of friends (try to make them understand how negative they are first), it took a lot of negativity out of my life and opened loads of doors. It also brought new positive people ! (like a magic want pretty much). -Meditate (but still working out how to stay regular though!) -Eating more healthy (Less red meat and sugars for example that definitely works!) -Exercise as often as you can (gives you more energy and at the same time relaxes you!) -Having a great relationship (and that will solve the NoFap dilemma , having sex is one of the most healthy things in the world)
  2. Hey Ryan, Thank you so much for your answer. It's really inspiring to read your story and I have definitely realised that I could not live most of my values through my current job. Although I also know that there is potential in my field to turn things around the way I want it. Recently I have realised that one of the things that bothers me even more that the actual job is not being financially independent. I am actually interested in so many things that finding a purpose in life or a dream career has led me through depression because I did not know which path I should follow. I have recently realised that the only thing all my ideas had in common was: being my own boss and therefore financially independent. So I have been thinking about investing in property (and obviously will make sure I am fully aware of everything there is to know about it) as this gives me a clear goal that is linked to my need of independence. Another project I have on the long-term will be to launch my own food product or idea and starting my own business. This other project is in line with both my work experience and this need of independence so it just makes perfect sense to me. The ultimate goal is to have enough money to do what I want when I want it, and being there for my family when they will need me to support them. I am also really interested in charity and having that extra money will be definitely useful for this. I had to admit to myself that money was important to me and probably this is the reason why I am too scared to start from the bottom again in a career I am not sure to like long-term because of all my interests. I am really glad it worked out for you perfectly though Now I don't know if that is a life purpose as such but at least I have a foundation now and hopefully will be able to start building up on it. Thank you again! Di
  3. Hey Ryan, I have just answered below @RyanSubconscious
  4. I agree so much with Clay above and I have been in your situation for a year now. I have been with no money after quitting my job without a proper plan and had to go back to a similar job as it was the easiest option. Surely there are some things you've liked during all your work experience and I think thats how you should start thinking because as much as you want to think you like something sometimes the experience can be quite different from what you thought it would be. So I have personally realised that even though I might not be in my dream career there were a lof of things I used to like in my first job and I want to see if I can bring them back to my next job and making the most of it. I also think that you can learn how to love your job (provided you dont deeply hate it) and that the people you work with influence IMMENSELY the way you feel at work. So I personally know I need to learn how to behave with people who are not making me feel well at work because it gives me another vision of my job. Clay made a very good point because it might be (and I am pretty sure it is my situation now) that it is not even about the job itself but the whole concept of not being free. I relate so much to that in the sense that I need to schedule my life around my work so it is even worse when you hate your job obviously! So my next goal this year is to buy my first flat in order to reach this financial independence which I am sure will bring a lot of joy to my life, because then I will be able to do more of the things I like once I'll be getting my first passive income. Think about all of this before quitting or changing job again, sometimes the answer is not to quit. Good luck and I am also available if you want to talk Di
  5. Hey! Thanks for sharing! I should definitely not quit my job before I'm 100% ready for sure. Have a look at both answers below yours, it might also help you to decide what you want to do later on if you're in my shoes as well Thanks! Di
  6. Hey, It's great to have an answer like yours because I see my problem with a new perspective now and I really want to thank you for this! Btw didn't find any of your words harsh (you've never heard my mum talking to me ahah) I have to say I will be taking a lot from your advice because there might be something more within the food industry if I become really good at what I do (which unfortunately for me is not cooking but more sitting at a desk and making sure the food you buy from the supermarket is safe - but regardless there still might be something more to it because there are a lot of areas within this industry for sure). I will start prioritizing which skills I could improve in order to bring more value to my job, and who knows maybe I'll get something more in return and will end up loving it It's worth giving it a go, really enjoyed your comments! Thank you so much!!!!!! Di
  7. Hey ! Thank you so much for your story ! I think it's great you've finally found the right job for yourself and I do think it is never too late so you've just done the right thing! It's always inspiring to realise that other people have done it before me (btw I am 27 ) so those were really encouraging lines to read! I do agree I should definitely make sure I am ready to quit before doing anything stupid... Thank you so much for sharing again! All the best Di
  8. Hi everyone, At the moment I am looking into different career paths I could go into but still in the selection process. I work in the food industry and I am not sure this will be a long-term career for me Therefore if you have managed to move from a career to another while working a 9-5 job please could you share your experience? I find myself completely drained and exhausted when I get back from work and this might partly explain while I am still in the selection process (I am very aware of my own responsibility in delaying things although I did start writing a blog while working but stopped after 5 or 6 articles) I would like to have some real-life experiences if possible and how you manage to do the transition? Some of my friends have quitted their jobs because they hated it and wanted to start something new. Most of them are now broke and going back to that very career they were running from because of their financial situation. Thanks for your help! Di
  9. Hi Mia, Thanks for sharing your experience! I am really curious about which type of 8-5 job you do as you mentioned earlier you are a life coach (if I am not wrong ) Do you schedule your 121 with clients from 8 to 5 pm or is that another completely different job? I am still hesitating to start my training as a life coach as personal development has also truly changed my vision of life ! Although I do have a (boring) 9-5 job and I have not found yet how to motivate my self on a daily basis to study after work. So just wondering how you manage to fit it all with your 8-5 job? Thank you so much!
  10. You surely seem to love different things as you're going for a 3 month trip to Asia, then talk about personal development and acting...That is probably why when Leo is asking you what you would do if you have $100 million your answer is you don't know. I relate to you in the sense that my answer to this question would probably be really long as I have so many ideas in my head. My suggestion to you is to choose one of your interests and try it for a bit. Then if you realise on your journey that it is not what you want at this point in your life just cross it and try the next one on your list. It will help you to act upon your ideas because you will be able to experience rather than theorizing in your head (which leads you nowhere). I don't know any famous actor, artist, scientist or writer who has not gone through failure at some point! Even Leo tells you about some of his mistakes in his videos! So writing all your ideas on a piece of paper would be a good start then choose one and live the experience! Good luck on your journey!
  11. I do relate to part of what you said as I was reading and watching way too many videos at some point, and the amount of information I was going through on a weekly basis just lead to a proper burn out. So as you did, I took a step back and stopped watching and reading for a couple of months for my brain to digest all the information once I felt more at peace with myself I decided to go back to it but one step at a time, focusing on one author at a time...and giving me a break between each of them because like you I over think a lot and find it counter productive in the end...this strategy seems to work for me
  12. Something I wish I would have done before choosing my degree has also been said previously, you should definitely do a lot of research about each of your interests, this should be your starting point. I think that is equally important to know WHAT type of jobs you will have access to with your degree because if I knew where my degree was going to take me I would have probably chosen something different. Sometimes the academic content of the course itself does not look as exciting as the career prospects and vice versa. Also you might realise that you do not need a degree for your dream job (and save a number of years). Make sure you know where your degree is taking you Good luck!
  13. Hi Leo, thanks for the opportunity! From your experience and maybe other coaches you might know as well, is life coaching an area where there is a lot of opportunities for new coaches at the moment (as long as they have the right marketing strategy as you said earlier)? The reason I am asking is because I have been discouraged by some coaches telling me that it was now very difficult for them to get clients because of the number of coaches out there.. Thank you!
  14. This is a great question that I have been asking myself to the point where I felt quite frustrated for a while. I have always been interested in very different things and could not identify where I would be great and serve people the best. I personally think that if you are not sure about your life purpose this might be because you are probably interested in a number of areas as well. I have decided as my new year resolution to choose only one project and see where it takes me. Without trials and mistakes there is no way you will be able to find what you actually love to do but this is only my personal opinion so make a decision and give it a go, it might not be the right thing for you but at least you will be sure you can take it off your list....and regardless you will have learnt new skills and probably met new people who could lead you to your true purpose in the end! Good luck
  15. Hi Leo and everyone, Thank you so much for the opportunity of being among the first 100 people to write a post on this forum! Really looking forward for more Didi