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  1. Damn, dis is a open wound. Remember every should will fire back in your face, its just a matter of time.
  2. You can probably get a job as programmer if you do programming fulltime for 3 months and either focus on frontend or backend. In the programming game a degree is not that important to get a job. If you want to grow within a company a degree might be a must. But if you can show you have some solid projects under your belt you can get a job.
  3. @Elisabeth Well I'm lucky I have such open minded parents. Made a distinction between mind numbing and mind activating substances, told them about it. They are okay with it. Also opened up about some emotional stuff beforehand so they kind of got in a accepting mood When you tell it in context of your life it helps. When I said it helped me understand myself and how I differ from usual go happy shallow people how it helps me to become happier and more loving of myself and seeing some barriers I created to hold people out when in the altered state. Also told them that I'm not fucking stupid and I do extensive research. I think the parent child relationship is bullshit. I talk to my parents like their my friends or at least equals. Still my mother sometimes gets defensive because she still likes to control me but then I just say "You're trying to push your world views on me I can handle that myself now" or I jokingly say "Yes mom, okay mom, thanks mom, I love you mom" lol. But I'm lucky parents wise. success If you decide to move back in, it can be hard sometimes.
  4. @Paan I Recomend Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton. Talks about how you create masks (like withholding things from your GF) to manipulate the people around you and how this fucks you up internally. Because now you're acting out your mask and not sharing yourself. I got the exact same problem, dumped my GF. Slowly starting to talk more about what the fuck I'm up to when I am locked in my room plotting on self development lol. Even told my parents when and where I did the drugs they didn't want me to take. That shit is really scary to do.
  5. @NathanR Sounds like you're trying to avoid emotional labour to be honest. Putting your self out there is scary but would you be fine with doing eCommerce your whole life? "earn some money through that" ..... try to build a real skill. Investing is best done in the long term this way you decrease risk. It is best done on the side while still having a skill you focus on. You can't make big bucks investing if you don't already have big bucks. Maybe these are just my limiting beliefs about full time investing but from what I studied about it it's not a stable path unless you dedicate your whole life to it. from reading you're text your just trying to avoid actual work.
  6. It's a book that is meant to be read. Sometimes I even read one page 2 or 3 times to really understand what he is saying. I think when you listen to it the wisdom just flies over your head because it is so complex.
  7. @Soulbass Nope but I will, looks great!
  8. I feel you. I say do it BUT there is one thing you should consider tough. I just bought and am reading the yoga book about kriya yoga and it told me a very interesting thing that changed the way I view going all in on consciousness work. It said that a lot of the time monks and people who completely distance themselves from society do not get as much spiritual progress as people who stay in there and have a wife, a job that type of stuff. This happens because they get complacent in there work, they lead a tranquil life in a monistary or in the mountains and don't push themselves. Why should they, they are just fine leading a life of routine. While people who practice within the system only have limited time, because of this they push themselves more in the little time they have. Which results in deeper concentration and deeper insights. Plus the householders lifestyle is more challenging which leads to strengthening of the mind. Isolation can bring weak mindedness. Please keep this in mind, good luck!
  9. Cool vid! thanks for the share.
  10. @Sukhpaal Have pity towards that human. He feels the need to deceive/lie because deep down it feels like the world is hostile. The way to react to a hostile world is lying, deceiving and manipulating.
  11. Yhea ego is a fucked up thing, it creates all this fakeness, all these masks. Farewell, good luck.
  12. Look into this, sounds like a limiting belief to me. I recommend getting a basic understanding of programming and other things internet you will definitely come into contact with that in the future and then you will know what you're talking about. Build a skill, start as early as possible with building a skill. This is so valuable for later.
  13. Change your life change your thoughts goes into the Toa Te Ching. Explains it very carefully it is nice. I really like neti neti meditation. It is small but packs a big punch.
  14. @Robert In 5 years your old content won't matter anymore. (Unless you make it really crazy)
  15. @Max_V I was gonna say how do you know that. but the picture hahahaha.
  16. Same problem for me here, just read a book it said. What I learned from this quote is that it is not really important what you choose because with enough time you will reach expertise. But in your mind you like the fantasy of being both at the same time. You like the vision of both but you can't really be both at the same time or one path will suffer because of the other. I solved my split by looking at the reasons for which I wanted to do the one or the other. Film or Entrepreneurship In IT. Came to the conclusion that the only reason I had the other option was because I knew it was possible. I'm already in IT and Film required me to give that up. But film is the thing I really believe in so that is why I chose that one. Journaling is a great way to uproot beliefs I did it a lot even after the course until I finally came to a decision. I don't know your position but maybe you're stuck because of fear of failure or some other reason. Remember that after 15 years in a field you will reach mastery. a lot of people switch from field at around age 40/45 because of that. 15 years of fulltime deliberate practice is world class. I hope this helps somehow, success.
  17. You could begin with doing some courses on Udemy.com they give you a quick but good view into social media skills. And this video:
  18. @Soulbass nothing really, I just do it so I don't waste all my money online
  19. I renamed my do nothing to do nothing and notice. Because you still have to stay conscious while doing it other wise you will do it mechanically and that is bad.
  20. @General 2 @Natura Sonoris @Hengame @Goliath Hey guy's I bought the LP course and book list both via Paypal and I do not have a creditcard either. So what I did was: Made a paypal account without linking any of my creditcards or bankcards. Confirmed my email Login and go to the main account screen. On the left side you will see your balance in a little box like this = It's in my language (Dutch) for you it probably will have different text. You click on add money via IDEAL or another method that your bank supports. Then you can just via mobile banking put the amount of cash you want on your account. Now go to actualized.org and try to buy the thing you want to buy (MAKE SURE THERE IS ENOUGH CASH ON YOUR CARD OR IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY SAY YOU HAVE TO LINK YOUR CREDIT CARD) And it should be done. Any problems hit me up via PM/DM or just ask the question here hope it works for you guys!
  21. I would recommend the book radical honesty by Brad Blanton. If you want your mom to stop, tell her the truth. Expose your true self to your mom not the facade your now trying to present. Get mad, express your thoughts towards her and get independent. Then work on this part of the dating part of your life.