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  1. I am in a really cool state right now. Micro-dosing psylocibin. I suppose its a different paradigm. But it can't be explained in words. I wish i could go back in time and reverse the dosage from small to large. It really feels safe though. Afterwards, I don't fell any negative effects on my material form.
  2. My insight today was having nothing is the best. I am consistently thinking about all the stuff I want to achieve, but every time I achieve something lately, it doesn't change anything. I still feel the same. Like when I was a small child. Nothing has changed. I feel like I was actually aware the whole time. So I feel good about it lol
  3. Strong determination sitting. Kriya yoga. Meditation of any sort. Stop watching television and make sure you are absorbing personal development content in your free time. I calculated that I have 2800 hours of pure free time every year. When I take psylocibin I am consciously aware of how the things I focus on affect my subconscious mind. Be careful. What do they say, guard the gate of your mind? And watch your diet. It's amazing how processed foods make you feel like shit, but if you are always eating them, you don't realize it.
  4. Yes and no. I love The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield on audible, but a book like Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins, or many others, should be in paper format. Eckart Tolle is good in audio when he is the narrating. Love it.
  5. I enjoyed End of Your World. Reading Ken Wilber No Boundary right now. I feel like I'm leveling up as I go through it. It's one of my favorite reads ever. Some of my other favourites are audio books by Eckhart Tolle, War of Art by Steven Pressfield, Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young. So many....
  6. Reading about two books a month. Using an amazon fire tablet and it is great. Terrible tablet but great for reading and the ebooks are far cheaper.
  7. I am going to read no boundary after my current book. I would also like to know anyone's opinion on Ken Wilber' philosophy.
  8. A few weeks back I felt as if a force field was moving from the front of my body to the back. I felt as if my brain was being rewired, but it was my whole body. I got scared and panicked. Everything I knew was being destroyed. At the same time, it didn't feel unfamiliar. I have been thinking that time is irrelevant. I have come this far already. When it happens does not matter.
  9. " losing your awareness in the first place? " Good way to look at it. I am not feeling that I was losing it. I amfeeling that I am trying to find it. " bad habits/bad programming" I have bad habits and programming. I have been thinking about how to bring those feelings out so I can feel them and accept them. I think it is during "Meditation" and "Contemplation". I really need to feel those serious feeling stuck in my body. Have some thoughts on that. Gonna test tomorrow. Please explain more "on the "see" label"
  10. One thing I noticed is you can get rid of negative body sensations by feeling into them and accepting them. The more I do this the faster they go away. But I have been practicing intermittent fasting for almost 2 years now so I feel that has an impact. Mind body awareness has been critical to where I am now.
  11. I am looking to keep the awareness 24 7. I can go deep, but I want to get some insight on how others have done it for long periods of time during normal life. Day to day. I know it is always there, but I keep going off track. Edit: that is a good tip to feel your clothing. I agree.
  12. Any tips on keeping awareness in the body?
  13. How do I find the love? My wife is a crazy bitch. I am about to leave. This is going to tear my life apart. I know in the end this is the thing to do, but how do I justify my actions?
  14. I don't know where I am. I believe I am going through the awakening process. Dealing with people is such a struggle. Media, work, my home... Everyone I deal with, it just seems like they are disconnected with reality. I know they are, but it is so difficult to deal with it. What I understand is that I need to have compassion and understand that they are asleep, but it is a constant barrage of stupidity. Being awake is a lonely place. Even my boss. We have a very open relationship, but his ego is strong and is controlling him. Is it compassion I need to develop or is there something I am missing here? How do I get over everyone's stupidity to get over the frustration? Then there is my wife. I keep planning on how i am going to leave. I think she is going crazy. I see it in here eyes. Her ego is completely in control of her. She will not listen to any of my advice. I can not even talk to her. I can't figure out if she is faking it to get me to leave or if she really is going crazy. On another note, there are alot of things going well for me internally. I am finding myself or not lol. Things are good, I am just super frustrated on how to deal with all this shit around me. Any advice from someone who has experience with this would be appreciated.
  15. I was going to say new earth.