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  1. Physically you cannot explain who you are. Mentally you can not explain who you are. Emotionally you cannot explain who you are. What are you?
  2. It feels like Leo only sparked the conversation. The problem he has is explaining it to a 6 year old. Where are you? In your toes? if I removed your toes, would you exist? Legs. If I removed your legs would you still exist. Is it possible to remove your head, keep you alive, and you remain conscious? And then it gets to your mind. Can you pinpoint exactly where you are in your mind? Top, front, back..... No you cannot exactly point to what or where you are. You can not find yourself. You do not know where you exist physically.
  3. Sorry Leo answered it. Therefore I thanked Leo. Learn how to read.
  4. I asked a legitimate question that no one can answer without direct experience and I answered it my self. Accept the fact that you know nothing. Simple. Don't wait. Accept it. Bitch! Lol
  5. EGO is what these responses are. YOUR responses are full of shit. I am trying to transcend the body. Not fill my head full of shit like you are doing. I don't need your mental masturbation to transcend. Good luck on your path.
  6. Garbage answer. Thanks anyways. I woke up and remembered Neti Neti. First thought upon waking. Thanks Leo!
  7. New term. Backsliding. Try a new topic such a discipline, motivation, desire. You have no desire. What is your desire, enlightenment?
  8. I saw some articles on it. Didn't read to much into it. They will change/evolve. It's nice to see.
  9. Holding a shit and feeling joy when it is released is not enlightenment. That is essentially what he is saying. Hold your poo and find out Kushu2000. Let us know what happens.
  10. Everyone has their own path. I have thought the same about facing east. Depends on your beliefs. I currently believe it is horse shit, but it is in my mind, so facing east is probably best.
  11. Leo addressed this in his advanced meditation video. Being aware of being aware. Watching the watcher. This is one of the difficult ones.
  12. It is simply this. Your thoughts and feelings are not you. Simple, but not easy. The real problem is you believe your thoughts and they are causing feelings in your nervous system. And yes, like Leo said, you need to experience the pain and suffering to prove this to yourself. Prove your thoughts and feelings wrong. The EGO, I am not.
  13. Intentionally suffer. Long fasts such as dry fasting. Get arrested and go to jail or maybe just spend some time feeding homeless people. Seriously though I didn't read the post. Kriya yoga. Make a fool of yourself intentionally in public. Strong determination sitting.
  14. Because we do not accept other peoples perception. You can stare a person blank in the eye, tell them the truth of the matter, and they will look at you like a deer in the headlights because it does not match their perception. They don't give a fuck if your right or wrong. Their ego enjoys it no matter how much pain, joy, confusion it causes. It's simple.