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  1. Porn kills my vibe and my day. It's fine to use but just notice how you feel and why you use it. And I find I can't just do it once. I did NoFap for like 3 months in high-school and I actually felt crazy good. I had an insane amount of energy in my body and I did't really know what to do with it. It was really creative and energizing. But now I just kinda follow a cycle. There's not a lot to debate here, it's not that NoFap is a myth or broscience. It's that porn and masturbation brings your energy down. So if you want more energy, do Nofap, or at least do it a lot less.
  2. download Coldturkey software and permanently block it on your computer. or just stop using it and figure out what you are running away from. If you were passionate about your life would you be spending hours on YouTube?
  3. @r0ckyreed Your parents love you right? if you tell them you wanted to start eating healthier they might do it because they care about you. They don't have to change everything, you just want some extra veggies. If someone worked hard making me a piece of shit, I might eat it and be grateful for it. But eventually I'd tell them I prefer real food.
  4. My dad is a stock trader. After failing for the past 10 years he finally got into a rhythm. Do you want to stare at a screen for 8 hours 5 days a week pushing buttons? Do you want to be stressed out? Do you want to take losses? Do you want to be stuck on the hamster wheel?
  5. Wow, just watched the whole thing. Super inspiring.
  6. Hey man. I understand I've been there. First things first, buy this book. Cleanse to Heal This is your food bible. You don't have to do the cleanses but if you follow the regimen you will feel 1000x better. It's not a gimmick or a fad. It's just the lesson on food you never got. For the family part you have to state that you aren't going to be eating shit food anymore. It might take a few weeks for them to start buying healthier food but you really have to care and make a point of it. Stop eating the shit they cook. Tell them it's shit. Lol do it. My family cooks so healthy now that I have been railing them for the past few years. And the problem isn't that they buy the junk food, it's that you eat it. And for exercise what I find works is planning out the schedule the week before, so I know exactly when I should workout and what I am doing. Good luck. BUY THE BOOK!!
  7. Hey man, I'm a dude. I read your story and I related to it a lot. I'm also 20 and I got into Leo when you did too. Did some travelling and stayed in some monasteries lol. It seems that you are going in the right direction, the tiny house seems cool and fun and you watch a lot of Leo, but the one thing that I didn't understand was the adopting orphans. If you really want to positively affect the world, adopting 3 orphans isn't gonna make any difference. What you really want to do is focus on creating a powerful life purpose and a vision for the world. Like Leo or Gandhi you can inspire millions of people. Creating a life purpose around raising orphans seems a bit short sighted but don't let me tell you otherwise. I just think you have a lot more potential and the orphans could weigh you down. Cheers. P.S. Check out Leo's Life Purpose Course its phenomenal
  8. Diet: Eat every 3 hours. Eat a lot of carbs, fats, and proteins. Eat healthy whole foods. Can supplement with Vegan protein powder, L-Glutamine, and Creatine. Just eat a fuck ton of food everyday. Exercise: Lift heavy 3-5/week. 8-12 rep range is best. Go till failure, this is how you gain muscle lol. Just lift like a beast. sleep well. it's not hard you literally just do all the common sense things and in 2 months you'll be 10 pounds heavier.
  9. I'm trying to move out of my parents house because I'm sick of it and want to live alone or with a friend to focus more on my life. My dad is a day trader and he does pretty well for himself, although he gets pretty angry at times what he makes in a day could pay a months rent for me. So I was thinking, I should start day trading and move out. Has anyone tried this before? I think I can do it. I have the capital. Just starting a conversation. I know it's like the least conscious way to make money but honestly I'm just trying to move out to focus on consciousness work and personal dev, and my LP.
  10. 1. Don't meditate in the morning 2. Exercise before 3. Cold shower before 4. Drink 1/2 litre of water before 5. All of above
  11. @Jayson G Ya man just chill out. If you keep thinking about a bad trip and all this fear you'll end up manifesting it for yourself. Don't worry!!! Everything will be fine!! In fact, you should go in thinking that this will be one of your greatest experiences ever and all your questions will be answered. Think less, Be more.
  12. @Jayson G Fear may come up, you just have to learn how to relax and feel into your emotions. You can lie down and take some deep breathes and if you really get scared you can always play one of your favourite songs and dance. Just do a dose that you're comfortable with. A common fear is that you'll lose control and die, but honestly this isn't true. I've done many trips at some high doses and I've never hurt myself, yes I was tripping balls but I was still conscious enough not to be an idiot. So don't be an idiot. Just trust yourself, be a conscious individual, and surrender to the trip.
  13. Lmao, I've done the same thing, this is what I'll tell you. Don't microdose lol. It's just not worth it, it's like getting blue balls. You don't want a little bit of acid you want a lottabit of acid lol. But seriously next time you trip take a breakthrough dose of the substance (120ug acid, 1.5g mushrooms) and TREAT IT SERIOUSLY, with respect. Don't go on your phone, don't go outside, don't talk to your friends or family, don't eat cheeseburgers. Just find a quiet place where you can chill for like 6 hours and Be. Melt into the floor. Settle your mind. Contemplate reality. That's basically it bro just trip responsibly and it will reward you, or else you will suffer greatly. Have fun!
  14. It means you saw your hand floating for a second.
  15. Could you find a way to study abroad? I know school isn't your passion but it may be a good way to get some freedom. But ultimately, that won't get you where you want. You really have to start seeing yourself as a Hero going on a journey. Yes life is hard. Yes it seems like your stuck and you can't do anything. But you CAN. Just dig deep and start seeing yourself as the main character in your movie. You can't change your environment but you can change yourself. Fight for your life, for your highest potential. You deserve it. Start visioning. Start dreaming. Master something so you can earn an income. These are long-term goals but they pay off.
  16. @Psychventure pennies
  17. @toocrazytobecrazy because you're still not conscious of what Truth is.
  18. Hey man. Personally I think you need to develop a strong sense of vision and purpose in your life. You have to start doing some inner work and discover what you want to do with your life. The reason you have been dropping out of school and playing video games is because you feel lost and depressed. You need to ask yourself deep questions about who are are and what you want out of your life. If you can't find anything to be passionate about you will automatically be attracted to pleasure and try to numb your pain. Take this seriously. Why the fuck are you alive? What to do want to do, create, discover, experience? What can you master? Start thinking long term. What makes you excited? What can you work on for hours without getting tired? Start seeing yourself as someone who gets shit done. Someone who overcomes hardships and does the right thing. No more negative talk. Read the Way of The Superior Man by David Dieda and maybe check out Leo's Life Puropse Course. Good Luck!
  19. It's not as black or white as choosing either awakening or girls lol. Awakening is not something that happens overnight, it takes years of focus, study, and practice. If you still desire women you will probably still desire them when you have awakened, and it might arise as a shadow side. So I say just do both. Go get all the girls you want while at the same time you meditate and study. They won't interfere with each other and if they do it's not a big deal. You created the interference with your mind. Just don't create and tell yourself it will work.
  20. Where do you see yourself in 10, 20, or 30 years? What do you think you're legacy will be? What do you think the future of mankind will look like?
  21. This is a great link
  22. A Play of Consciousness - Swami Muktananda I've only flipped through it but I can tell it's good. He found a guru and practiced Kriya. The first chapter is called the importance of god-realization...
  23. @Leo Gura What's your take on natural spring water? I buy them in 4L containers every week. It's sourced from some spring in the north. Does it compare to RO?
  24. This 1 book will radically transform your diet and make you feel like a new person. I recommend you buy and read the whole thing, maybe even do one of the cleanses it teaches to kickstart your new diet. I've read a lot of health books and tried many diets but this one is the least fad and makes the most sense. The book is called: Cleanse to Heal by Anthony Williams AKA the Medical Medium. He will teach you what are the best foods to eat and what foods never to eat again. This is the best diet for longterm health. Leo likes his books too.