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  1. Recently I've become aware of how everyone is loaded with PFAS, these resilient particles used in Teflon and other industrial systems. Their health effects have been very unknown except for people with high levels of exposure for long periods of time. This means that the majority of people will not know the consequences of these particles. So I did some research if there is anyway to detox or remove PFAS from the body and I found some interesting results. There was a study in Australia covering 285 firefighters (who are exposed to PFAS because of their practical uses) They were split into 3 groups. A blood donation, plasma donation, and observation group. In the end after 1 year the plasma group saw major decrease, blood group saw minor, and observation saw none. There are a lot of details left out so I'll link the study below. But it seems that PFAS latch on to fat and protein so that is why the plasma is more beneficial, also you can donate plasma twice a week where you can only donate blood every 12 weeks. But this has me considering donating plasma weekly just to keep my levels down and prevent any unknown dangers. What do you think? @Leo Gura Firefighter Study Paper on possible side effects
  3. I remember when it was here and honestly its so much better without. I'd just end up only reading the highest liked message and skim over the rest, and it changes your perception of people and their posts. Forums a lot more clean without it.
  4. Get better friends lol. A turd can shine next to devils. Surround yourself with successful people, masters, sages, then see how you feel. And just let a lot of the inner talk go, see it arise, become aware of the emotions and just let them go consciously. It's very normal to feel these things, just don't get sidetracked and keep doing the work. Good luck.
  5. Buy a house in Costa Rica, no mortgage, just chill by the beach and meditate lmao Seriously.
  6. If you haven't already heard, NFT's are the new gold rush. Beeple just sold a piece for $69 Million at Christies. He has been making a piece of art everyday for 13 years, truly shows that creativity pays off. And if you told him 13 years ago that his art would make him 8 figures he'd probably laugh in your face. So if you're a Digital artist, or thinking about getting into it, now is your time. Small artists are making bank everyday on websites like Good luck!
  7. It's definitely a bubble, but there's basically no risk from the artists perspective...
  8. @Preety_India Try just being really sad and suicidal. Don't resist your state at all. Allow yourself to feel deeply, accept the emotions, and try not to judge yourself. It will pass.
  9. Ya do it in the morning on an empty stomach. Make sure you are alone for the whole trip and have nothing to do that day. Don't go on your phone, don't touch any technology. Focus your attention inwards and contemplate. Just take 1 tab. Sit and be. Enjoy!
  10. @Lionhead Why do you want to go to school?
  11. This is because your whole life you've been living someone else's dreams. Have you ever asked yourself? What do I want from life? What makes me happy? What hobbies am I really passionate about? Could I turn that hobby into a career? How can I change/impact the world? At least you have a job now so I'm guessing you can be independent. But if you want to be happy you gotta start thinking for yourself. Radically. Buy Leo's Life Purpose Course. It is a must if you really want to solve this problem. I've done it and it is 10x the value of the cost. Good Luck!
  12. @lau Hey man, I understand. My first steak after a few months of meat-free was amazing. My body really craved it. If you're wanting to put some animal products back into your system I'd only put the highest quality. Unfortunately all fish is laced with mercury and heavy metals so I wouldn't bother. If you want fish Omega's maybe think about buying some High Quality Arctic Krill Oil, virtually no heavy metals. And for meat I think organic chicken is the best. Pork and cows are really intelligent animals and I kinda feel bad eating them, there also a lot of fat. But chickens are lean and dumb as cluck. And stay away from eggs, not healthy anymore. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
  13. Hey man, in the last 2 days I just completed Eben's "How to Be an Entrepreneur" and " Turning your talent into income" and I can say that they are absolutely phenomenal. For a business noob like me they are so eye opening and refreshing. He is literally reprogramming my poor person mindset and forcing me to think long term. And these course are about 5 hours of content and at the $197 price point. SMW is like 2k and probably a good 20 hours so it is def the full package. It's good to note that he does have a 30-day refund period so technically you can do the whole course in 30 days and get your money back, pretty sure To me it is pretty obvious that Leo has gone through a lot of his courses because all of Actualized reeks of Eben's wisdom. I think I will continue to do a more of Eben's courses, but this is for you to decide. This could dramatically effect the rest of your life for the better. You can PM me.
  14. Dude, life isn't so simple. There is no magic pill for managing sexual energy. It's a system thing. Get a girlfriend, exercise, find exciting work, get a new hobby, do psychedelics. If you were successful and rich and you masturbated would you care?
  15. Hey just want to share recent 5meo experience. Wasn't a breakthrough but I definitely got spooked. I basically did 3 microscoops of Freebase, a few drops of vinegar and a few drops of water, then I put it straight up my bum. (The vinegar is essential) Literally the second I pulled it out I could feel it coming on. I had tried plugging a year ago with HCL but had no luck, and barely any experience. So for this trip my expectations were extremely low. But this was not like last year. It came on strong and vicious and I really thought I was gonna breakthrough, I was so scared and terrified, my heart was beating fast. And I just remember being so high. But nothing really happened, I was trying to make sense of the experience, but after 20 min past my normal sense of self returned and I was just buzzed for another hour. I really didn't want to redose for a breakthrough, I was scared. LOL The only thing I could compare it to was my 4 Aco DMT trip, which was also completely disorienting and disgusting. But I enjoyed it. So at least now I know that I am not immune to 5meo and next time I am alone for a day, I might go for a breakthrough. Yay.
  16. Meditation, psychedelics, healthy diet (fruits and veggies), exercise, reading deep books, sex, and trying new things (travelling etc.) are the best.
  17. @Javfly33 Arnold would say otherwise
  18. Is this a joke? It's a fruit, it can't kill you. If you have a sugar addiction it's because your body naturally runs off sugar but you've been feeding it the wrong foods and experience bad crashes. What it wants is fruit sugar.
  19. What you're really craving is fruit sugar. Eat tonnes of fruit. No one will tell you this but it is %100 healthy. Your brain just craves fruit and vitamins. Eat bananas, dates, apples, melons, pairs, oranges, grapes, pineapple, any fruit lol. Try it for 1 week, stock your house with fruits and anytime you get a craving eat a fruit. You can't go wrong.
  20. Gambling just seems kind of pointless. Yes you can win some money, but then what. You spend it. Then you gamble again. Then you lose a lot. Then you feel bad. Then you gamble to cover losses. Then you lose again. Or maybe win. But the cycle continues. Either way it goes down, it's just pointless and dumb. Realize your potential as a human being can be much greater than pressing buttons. Think of all the good you can do for the Earth, how many people you can help, how many lives you can change. What you can learn, who you can become. Beauty, Honesty, Authenticity, Love. Focus on this. Get your mind outta the gutter.
  21. If you've been eating unhealthy for a long time I wouldn't recommend jumping into a 7 day fast. All the toxins in your body will start circulating and most of them won't get out, causing more harm than good. You'll feel terrible. Just do a 2-day water fast and start cleaning up your diet a lot. Eat whole foods, mostly just whole fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of juices and water. Check out Anthony Williams, great books and info.
  22. Manifestation simply means creating something in your reality. Believing it is possible, then doing so. You can manifest an apple by going to the store and buying one, or you can manifest a million dollars by starting a business. If you mean miracles, look around you.
  23. Focus on eating a diverse amount of fruits and vegetables rather than protein. Protein has zero vitamins. And most veggies have protein.