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  1. Talking with co-workers and making jokes with them helped me a lot.
  2. Instead of trying to stop using your phone, try to engage in more activities so you won't have time to use your phone. Try to get out of your house more and myabe 1 day every week you can stop using it completely.
  3. It depends on what the business goal is.
  4. I have mixed opinion on entertainment. Some times i find it useful because it helps me to relax and i love to watch films/tv series, listen to music, go to concerts. But other thimes i feel like this entertainment can become an addiction and distract me from the real work i have to do. The problems is that I want to create entertainment (videos) but when i think of how addictions to certain types of entertainment make my life miserable i face some guilt on creating this entertainment.
  5. I agree with you there. I also think that JP is really overestimated by most of the people who follow him.
  6. Dude they just want to have fun.
  7. Why don't we have consciousness of the time before our birth?
  8. What is consciousness? If the ego is an illusion and it doesn't exist, how was it created and why is the illusion there? Does consciousness end when we die? Why don't kid have consciousness of themselves?
  9. I see myself in what you are trying to accomplish. If I were you, try to improve 1-2 things at a time (start by quitting 1-2 bad habits and replace them with some good ones) and don't start everything together. Be aware of homeostasis.
  10. @MM1988 From your post it looks like you are giving the blame on the girls. Of course 80% of the girls will go for the top 20% of the guys It was always like this.
  11. Women prefer "assholes" to "nice guys". But they will take a more mature guy over them but these are more rare than the other types.
  12. Edging is worse than masturbating and orgasming. Stop edging, if you still feel stressed and anxious masturbate and orgasm without watching porn.
  13. I think that you should stop seeing video games as totally a bad thing: they have both positive and negative sides and you need to acknowledge both of them if you want to stop playing. The point would be to stop playing games and do something other that has the positive sides of videogames without the negatives side. I had your same problem and what I did was to make 2 lists: one where you write why you play games (examples: you like to collaborate with other people online, you like to compete..) and one where you write why you shouldn't play games (examples: you spend too much time playing them, you stop socializing, it brings no value to you). Then you try to find a hobby that has the things that you like in videogames without the negatives one. Good luck