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  1. Those i've read and can recommend in this order: Chia, Mantak and Winn, Michael. "Taoist Secrets of Love – Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" Mantak Chia "The Multiorgasmic Man" Mabel Iram "Sex And The Perfect Lover Tao Tantra"
  2. Hey you just make me realized that it's my problem! Thanks! I wouldn't suspect that I'm so cranky. You've done good job describing it now I just need to find remedy
  3. It is good way to start sightseeing in Bangkok first … after spending time in a forest Kuti (2mx2m hut in the woods), I just hated Bangkok and its noisy space. Take care !
  4. Not reading would be good in case he was a genius… because why would he clutter his clear-thinking mind by some rubbish... BUT is he a genius ? usually books are written by people waaay smarter and experienced in the field, than even smartass. hah.. but truth is also... nowadays everyone can write a book and there is an inflation on content, but still you can find true experts.
  5. Meanwhile you can try pshisicall forms of meditation like walking meditation (very popular in forest tradition of Theravada as a break between formal meditations … long break :)) Yoga as a introduction to mindfullness is great. any activity that keeps you aware of your body … maybe slackline? with such a problem start to get in touch in touch with your body… not only sex but in a mindful way - it's a great practice!
  6. Topic is interesting, but question is too general, i think. i've read 3 books and put it in practice with my girlfreind (done like 3/10 of weird stuff what was written in books and is was outstanding) I would like to know if I can find people here who done Tantric Courses ? is it worth it's price, or only nice chance for almost-divorced couples trying to save marrige? Any experience in this field?
  7. Hah "D you rebembered me young guy who has quit his job, school and go with a tent on a bike to Elliot Hulse … the look on the face of Elliot priceless So, Watch out Leo ;p I'll recommend it everywhere and anyone… go to Forest Monastery … you can find them everywhere … in England best place for me is Amaravati Yeah it is not so shiny as being Youtubers padawan and it's almost free…. so disappointing ;p In my opinion money should do money… don't have any business ideas… any skills to aquire?
  8. Yo:) Where are you heading in SE Asia? Because there is great forest monastery in NE Thailand Wat Pah Nanachat 've been there for one month as layman. Great eyes/mind/spirit-openning experience Such journey can help you decide, as you will have plenty of time …. or even more … trust me I'm writting this coz You know the answer, you need time and yourself not distracted hear it clear.
  9. Mine favorite is third from the uppper-right for formal meditation (sometimes hafl lotus )and laying down for MBSR Bodyscan. But reealy guys it doesn't matter…. if you want to meditate you'll find a way:)
  10. Hi, I'm 25. I'm from Poland. This topic will help me to stay consistent in my goals and learn how to make videos. Please enjoy video and give feedback in the comments below. Every opinion is important. Next week I'll put next video with report and a little bit about me