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  1. Blue ideology in a nutshell. Thoughts Leo?
  2. This is a very interesting video that's just popped up from Rebel Wisdom where he interviews a "Zen master" dude and they talk about Peterson, post modernity, spiral dynamics, shadow work etc. Leo I'd like to hear your thoughts on his take of stage Green. He seems to think that there's no guarantee that green IS the bridge into the second tier.
  3. Cheers guys and girls. Yeah I already have a semi consistent meditation habit and have also done a 10 day Vipassana, so might give it the flick for now...
  4. Is transcendental meditation (TM) any good? It's very pricey to learn and appears a bit cult-ish. Keen to hear from people who have had personal experience or know people who have. If this has been mentioned elsewhere in depth, please delete, thanks.