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  1. I never thought to see someone from my country here :P.
  2. Do you never refeed on carbs? I would at leatst do 1 meal a week with 50-150 grams of carbs postworkout. If you want to use fast carbs or slow carbs is your choice because both would have different benefits in your situation, fast carbs will be quick out of your system and since you are keto and 1 meal a day for the rest of the week it wouldn't do too much harm for your ketones production. You just have to find the sweet spot of the amount carbs you can eat without doing too much damage. Slow carbs to the other end will cause less of an insulin spike but will be longer in your system so it may be a better choice to go with fast carbs. Since fruit is primarely stored in the liver i would go for a fruit meal or something like that, if your body needs the carbs it can take it from the liver as well. I would start with carb refeeds after a couple of weeks fully keto because you will cause less of an damage to your ketones. And you can eat more carbs when you have been strict keto for a couple week. So for example: first 2 to 4 weeks fully keto and from there every week starting with 50 gram carbs postworkout and build up to the sweet spot. But it's still your choice if you even want to do carb refeerds :D.
  3. No i am not paid by a pharma company, i am trying to educuate people to buying the right supplements instead of wasting money on all those bullshit. My arguments come from science and studies. I absolutely do not despise nature, do i need to type it 10 times in big letters? DIET COMES FIRST, DIET COMES FIRST, DIET OVER SUPPLEMENTS, DIET COMES FIRST. Did you guys even read my topic or not? If you want to get all nutrients in perfect amounts from nature then you need to eat 10.000 of calories a day full of greens, organs and meat. We can't, we don't have to. But we CAN choose to take supplements to reach the perfect amount of nutrients, because we CAN. But we do not need to do this, do you think all animals get enough nutrients? A nutrient is a nutrient, a supplement is to get the nutrient not the enzymes. Again DIET COMES FIRST. I have tried A LOT of different herbs in different brands and different dossages with most of the times 0 effect. Certainely if we talk about the marketing bullshit like maca and all that stuff. Indeed they cut out some good stuff, but we take the supplement to get that kind of vitamin not the phyto nutrients. DIET COMES FIRST. You are just saying vitamin c is toxic to body, ascorbic acid exactly the same nutrient that is in natural foods. I wouldn't consume any vitamin c anymore then if i where you. We can create nutrients, good you know that. But we indeed can't make an apple, what's your point? And now after this whole writing of you you come with the same supplements i recommend, legit man. edit: But if you don't like supplements, then just don't open this topic. I just made this for the people that do want to use supplements, not to discuss about the topic.
  4. Since i notice you are probably a vegan i am gonna end this discussion. I have gave up disccussing with vegans, no offense though. The best you to, everyone his/her descisions.
  5. 1. K1 doesn't convert effectively to K2 by the human body and we do not get enough of this nutrient unless our diet is rich in foods like natto, grass-fed animal fat e.t.c. 2. If you are in the sun the whole days you unlikely don't need D3 but you never know untill you test for it. Most of us are deficient in it. Like i sad, supplements are things to SUPPLEMENT with and are no drugs to let you feel like superman. 3. Vitamin c whole foods isn't any different then regular ascorbic acid. It is the same nutrient and is absorbed well and this is backed up by studies. 4. The most natural and herbal supplements are sale tricks. Most of them don't work and are a big waste of money (not all though). 5. We are and have always been depended on this so called "supplements". Why do you think we need foods that are nutrient rich? You are dependent on these foods, your body has always been dependent on those nutrients. 6. And do you feel more vibrant because of the diet switch? Most likely, because supplements are supplements and diet is king. 7. Natural sources of omega 3's are mostly because of the alpha linolenic acid and your body is not efficient in converting this to omega 3's. Fruits do contain a lot of b-vitamins, nuts and seeds contain a lot of nutrients but most likely not enough for the body. 8. But then again. Supplements are there to supplement the things you are missing from your diet. Don't just go buy a supplement because a random health blog told it will make you fly like superman. Do you research through for example since this is only research based and won't try to sell you anything. 9. Did you do blood work before taking random supplements to back up if you where deficient in them thus you needed them? 10. You are saying MSM would be good because of the soil. But that is the same way people tell you we are deficient in all kinds of nutrients because the soil isn't good. So you just put an argument to your own story. You are completely right that we don't know everything about the body and it would be stupid to say we do. But we do know a couple of things that we can use. If a supplement doesn't work for you then ditch it, if in doubt go without.
  6. To feel good, but it isn't healthy. You will never go into the good REM sleep which you need a lot. For health i do not recommend sleep hacking but improving sleep would be a good idea.
  7. As visitor says above, working on your posture could increase height as well because you will stand up straighter.
  8. Thank you man. If you eat plenty of grass-fed beef and/or fatty fish like sardines or salmon you will get enough omega 3's in your diet. But for the average person omega 3 would be a wise choice indeed.
  9. --> Official supplement guide for <-- DISCLAIMER: Consult with your doctor first before starting to use supplements! Test your blood levels to never overdose! !!For good research based explanation of the supplements please visit!! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Supplements stacks & summary: PAY ATTENTION: It isn't recommended to just take all this supplements! This is just a summary of supplements you might want to start using, always do your own research as well. - General health stack: Vitamin D3, vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7) and magnesium. - General health stack (upgraded): Vitamin D3, vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7), iodine (kelp), vitamin b12 (methylcobalamin form only) w/ folinic acid (5-MTHF form only), krill/fish oil and magnesium. - General health stack for athletes: Vitamin D3, vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7), magnesium, zinc, B-complex, Krill/fish oil and creatine. - General health EXTRA'S: Vitamin A (retinol form only), resveratrol, vitamin C, activated charcoal, cod liver oil and calcium d-glucarate. - Healthy joints, tendons and bones stack (budget): Glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin. - Healthy joints, tendons and bones stack (upgraded): Glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, collagen/gelatin, and cissus quadrangularis. - Healthy joints, tendons and bones EXTRA's: Copper, boron, manganese, ginger extract, vitamin c and curcumin. - Injury protocol : MSM, Collagen/gelatin, serrapeptase and proteolytic enzymes. - Healthy digestion recommened supplement: Betaïne HCI. - Healthy digestion EXTRA's: Curcumin, ginger, l-glutamine, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and activated charcoal. - Detox: Chlorella (anti-mercury), iodine/kelp (heavy metals), activated charcoal (binds to toxins) and N-acetyl l-cysteïne (glutathione production). - Liver support: N-acetyl l-cysteïne, vitamin c and betaïne HCI. - Liver support EXTRA's: Milk thistle, artichoke, phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine. - Hearth support: Co-q10, krill/fish oil, hawthorn Extract and niacin. - Brain function/nootropics: Racetams, l-theanine, CDP-choline or alpha gpc, noopept, creatine, alpha lipoic acid, creatine and acetyl l-carnitine. - Neurological/nervous system support: Magnesium, potassium, b-vitamins, EFAs (fish/krill oil), l-tyrosine and l-tryptophan. - Improve acne: Vitamine B5 (mega-dosing), brewers yeast and N-acetyl l-cysteïne. Notes: - If you are taking zinc i suggest you to take copper with it to negate a copper deficiency (don't take copper if you eat liver). - Never take doses higher then 10.000 IU of vitamin D3 and it's best to combine vitamin D3 with vitamin K2. - Magnesium and potassium work synergistically, so you might also consider taking potassium with your magnesium. - If you want to take magnesium for nootropic benefits only you should use the magnesium l-threonate version. - Vitamin D3 is more bio-available in the liquid form. - Never take vitamin B12 without folinic acid because this can work detrimental otherwise. - I always reccomend taking b-vitamins in the methylated form because this is easier for your body to process and more bio-available. - Always keep in mind that it are supplements, don't expect to become superman. - Not every supplement of the above will ensure to give you benefits, what works for someone doesn't have to work for you (every body reacts different). - Always be careful with overdosing on supplements and never buy bad quality supplements. "When in doubt - go without." ~ Dave asprey. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General information: I don't recommend taking multivitamins because: - Not all vitamins and minerals are in the right doses and forms. - Generally the cheaper vitamins and minerals will be super high doses and the more expensive ones will be in low doses. This will result in you taking too much vitamins/minerals of the ones you don't want and underdosing the vitamins/minerals you do want. - If the vitamins and minerals aren't in the right forms they won't be absorbed properly so you might be even wasting your money. - A lot of the multi vitamins lack in the right kind of nutrients. Test your blood levels and do your own research: - By doing this you won't overdose on any vitamins and/or minerals. - You will know if you really need to take that vitamin and/or mineral you want to take. - You will be able to correct the dosages more to your own needs. I really recommend you to take care of your digestion for health: - - - If your digestion isn't healthy you can develop all kind of issues because your digestive system simply invovles in almost every mechanism in the body. - Digestion also plays a very important role in the absorption of nutrients. Absorption of supplements & nutrients: - Minerals with the words citrate, glycinate, picolinate, aspartate, glutamate or amino acid chelate following the name of a nutrient (chromium picolinate, for example) indicate that a product is easier to absorb than one with the words oxide or carbonate following the nutrient name. - If taking a multi-vitamin i recommend you taking/splitting the dosage throughout the day because your body can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients at one time (so no one pill a day multi's allowed!). - The higher dose of a vitamin or mineral taken at once reduces the absorption rate. For example, if you take 100 mcg of vitamin B12 about 80% of the dosage is absorbed. That rate drops to 3 percent when the single dose increases to 2,000 mcg. - Some vitamins are fat-soluble. If so, make sure you are taking them with a fat-source otherwise they won't absorb properly. - Sometimes supplements will interfere with each other because they use the same pathway of absorption. - Zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron uptake interferes with each other since they all use the same transporter. If the transporter’s uptake limit (800mg) is exceeding between these four minerals, absorption rates will fall. Taking less than 800mg of these four minerals at the same time is fine. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Links and shopping tips: I recommend you get your supplements at because of the wide variety and low prices! Even if you don't live in the US, iherb will almost always come out way cheaper then everywhere else. And a lot of the right supplements are not available everywhere. Yes this are affiliate links, since i have created this article i thought to share this as well. You do not need to use my links but i would appreciate it a lot! THIS LINKS WILL GET YOU 5% OFF YOUR PRODUCTS, COUPON CODE WILL BE COMING SOON! - Vitamin D3 Liquid Softgels - Liquid form - - Magnesium Glycinate - L-threonate - - Vitamin K2 - - Zinc glycinate - - Vitamin b12 w/ folinic acid - - Beef collagen - - Creatine - - Serrapeptase - - proteolytic enzymes - - Vitamin c Time release - Powder - - Activated charcoal - *I will be updating this topic with new and/or better products whenever needed. Currently this article isn't completely done yet.
  10. I thought they always did that with horses?
  11. That story man, really deep and amazing (maybe a bit the wrong word to use). Lately i have been getting a way better perspective of the world through alan watts his philosopys about meditation and death. In my head there is pretty much evidence to crystal therapy, or at leatst "vibrations". Binuaral beats are somewhat similar but it are the vibrations of sound and crystals have the vibration of things. Binuaral beats have soom real evidence so wouldn't that make crystals the same way? Evidence or not, i "believe" in it.
  12. That sounds pretty amazing! Is there any special name for these so i can find them anywhere? And are there any specific benefits to using something like that?
  13. The only thing what i will say is that i don't agree with you and have evidence for it. But with that i am going to end the discussion since it is a never-ending one :).
  14. Maybe intolerant to bread, nuts or dairy? Try to skip it for 2 weeks, eat it again and see how you feel after it. I think you probably are running short on some nutrients since you rely mostly on eggs, vegetables and fruits? Eat fish on the low end of the food chain like sardines and salmon Eat grass-fed beef (if it isn't grass-fed only eat the leanest meats possible, but generely try to avoid eating conventional meats) If going for dairy only drink raw milk & dairy products Don't cook in oils but use coconut oil, tallow fat (animal fat) or grass fed butter to cook in since this is way more stable on higher temperatures For carbs try to eat mainly from fruits and potatoes (paleo mostly eats 50-150 grams of carbs a day) Pasture raised eggs <3 Cheat meals aren't a crime but try to cheat as less possible Nuts are alright but try to avoid peanuts Get food from locally farmers as much as possible