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  1. @Tyler Robinson It surely does seem like she was projecting onto you her own issues, whatever those dynamics happen to be. Again, just throw all that away, even if there was the smallest bit of it useful it may not be worth the effort to figure out what exactly it is. Just erase it all from consideration, you're better off not entertaining any of it. Know that you are cared about, people care about you and love you.
  2. @Tyler Robinson Not only was that a terrible therapist, she's a horrible human, please disregard and discard everything she said. None of it is worthwhile or an accurate assessment of you, sounds like she was projecting her own issues onto you and using you to make herself feel better. You are valued and loved.
  3. I'm not sure how this is any different from in everyday life, except here it's simply words being read on a screen though sure in great detail, but while in day to day life there may be less detail, yet it's much more messy with emotions, attitudes and personalities in bodies bumping into us everywhere we turn.
  4. The deal is done, the negotiation is in your imagination.
  5. More than 30 years ago I made a new year's resolution to never make another new year's resolution....haven't done it since. Haha
  6. Further than just buying the bullshit is believing the bullshit, that is when you get owned by the bullshit so everywhere you look it's nothing but bullshit. Transcend the bullshit to see beyond the bullshit.
  7. I don't own any bullshit, it doesn't belong to me and this thread is another example of someone trying to pass bullshit to others but I suggest to you disown the bullshit before it owns you.
  8. Ego always finding ways to identify and justify through naming and gaming.
  9. There is something kind of profound in this. I'm reminded of the Yoda saying 'do or do not, there is no try'. Practice is just doing something. Attaching is activity, the doing of identifying with, so attaching to something. To let go or detach implies an activity of attaching identity to 'the one who lets go', an attachment of the doing of something and possession of something to let go of. So the notion of 'letting go' and 'detaching' are someone doing something. Genuine detachment is an inactivity, it's not doing something, it's not attaching to the content of the mind, not identifying with it, not taking possession of it. There is no action or reaction to it, letting it float on by in the mind, just observing in awareness. So there is no 'practice' because it's not a doing. Although, the ego-mind will try to attach identity to the concept of 'the one not doing' instead of just simply being present. It's pesky like that.
  10. Spiritual teachings are only needed if one believes they are needed. Spiritual teachings are the hoops and shenanigans that the ego believes it needs to do to 'attain' or 'achieve' something that already exists as it is. Someone may very well require of themselves those things to be done and appease the ego but all these things that one believes are needed to be done are just distractions from being present. Why it's not 'easy' is because the ego wants it's to be a challenge, it wants it to be work, it wants it to be hard to justify its identity as the one who does these things. Well being is simple, there is nothing to be taught or learned for well being, it is simply being at peace with just being. This is why psychedelics are so powerful, they cut through the mind's 'doing' and allow consciousness to just 'be'. As soon as you know that spiritual teachings aren't needed, they cease to be needed.
  11. Intelligence is overrated, overvalued, overemphasized and over coveted....but I'm over it. Well being is a simple presence that intelligence may never understand.
  12. The best post on this whole dang forum....
  13. Just reading through this thread I find that the very behaviors that being warned against as 'culty' ones are exhibited by people on this forum. Which isn't surprising because humans naturally are cultish animals. Just look at the major religions, if they weren't so widely accepted and thought to be 'safe' they'd be considered cults with how people are behaving because of them. Christianity is literally an end times cult...that's been going on for 2000 years. It's understandable that Leo wouldn't want this forum used to recruit to other forums but if he's going to ban people just because they are members of spirituality/actualizing forums other than this one is pretty culty behavior in itself. Every forum has it's pros and cons, every platform as well and with things as abstract as the topics involved it's easy to be detached from reality...and call the abstractions 'reality'. Staying grounded becomes quite the task with all this philosophizing. I'm not sure whether it's possible considering the nature of the human psyche but look at the criticisms being made of the potential problems in other forums and compare them to what is happening here. An honest assessment is a challenge to do.
  14. This leads me to ask the question...who instructed you to make this thread? Once you have that answer you then have your solution.
  15. From what I see happening with people is not just the attachment to the person or maybe it's more accurate to say the 'persona', it's the attachment to the ideas and concepts of the persona/mentor that people adopt from them. People will build their own paradigm to emulate what they believe is what their mentors have and the attachment to the paradigm and mentor become so entwined together that if anything happens to the mentor in their perception the paradigm gets shaken. If someone challenges the mentor they are also challenging the paradigm, if the mentor has a scandal the paradigm is tarnished, if the mentor appears flawed the paradigm also appears flawed. It's almost impossible to separate the mentor from the paradigm. Even those who will attempt to outwardly portray that they don't 'follow' a person but that they just have some 'good ideas' you also see that person spending much time and effort defending the person and the ideas they have adopted from them. There's also a whole other aspect that if someone likes some ideas from a person they will unconsciously give added credibility to much of the rest of their ideas and even adopting the rest as well often unconsciously as well. Another unconscious psychological habit is a significant amount of conceptual priming happens so even if people 'do their own research' or is 'from their own direct experience' it inevitably mirrors what they heard from that person. So the attachment to the persona/mentor is compounded by the ideological paradigm they believe which creates a powerful entanglement in people that they identify with. It becomes a house of cards that is easily disturbed and they will tirelessly defend.
  16. It's beneficial to video record the session to be able to watch it later so one can see for themselves what unfolds and not left to the interpretation of a therapist.
  17. The ego loves these types of scales and systems for measuring because it's just another thing to attach identity to and serves as a distraction from the simplicity of just being.
  18. Using conditions to define suffering or 'unsuffering' is the ego seeking justification of identity in them. Genuine cessation of self suffering springs from no attachment to conditions as having any influence over our well being. Well being is simply 'being well' conditions apply other than being it.
  19. The thing with this guy is getting creepy with testimonials and the way his followers go throughout the interwebs spreading the tale of tate....what's that word, yea that one.
  20. There are infinite paths of a non-binary nature in unique divine expressions as well....
  21. Funny you tried to answer that but I guess this is an era that people just like to take digital victory laps for everything so it is with this as well. Enjoy it for what it is, story telling. Peace