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  1. I wrote an amazing explanation of a quick and easy trick to infinite enlightenment and the answer to the meaning of life but it got deleted in the void..... I guess that's fitting since it all came from the void anyway... welp... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. You trying to stretch the meaning of it to fit every time someone has a critique about something is nonsense.
  3. "Cancel culture" is a staple of conservative religious right wing tradition for a very long time. It is even enshrined and a dictate of their religious text even going to the extent of everlasting 'cancelling' of teaching that others who don't believe as they do have eternal punishment, torment and exile in their imagined afterlife The list of 'cancelling' behaviors is long and harsh even inscribed into ancient scripture of stoning people to death for breaking arbitrary rules to the modern version of it in denying housing, employment, health care or services and commerce because others don't believe as they do. Even families will disown children and siblings in the most ruthless expression of this 'cancelling'. So forgive me if I'm not exceptionally sympathetic to the fragile ego tears of these right wing types who cry foul about people on the internet being mean to them. Or they get some backlash from them discriminating against others or mistreating people because they believe differently. They teach and preach that the others are evil degenerates that deserve to be expunged from society then whine when people don't want to associate with them. Don't let them create the narrative that 'cancel culture' is a product of the left and it's a problem when the left does it but completely ignore their own long history of it and get a pass for their continuing to do it. They ironically are calling for the cancelling of 'cancel culture' itself, they want to stop others from doing it to them for doing it to others. Call it out for what it is, they want to not be prevented from discriminating and cancelling others. Ideally we prefer to live in a tolerant society that doesn't 'cancel' each other for whatever reason. Although, the tolerance paradox is something to consider because tolerating intolerance eventually destroys freedom of expression.
  4. Maybe? There is no maybe..... this IS it.
  5. It's over. The squeeze is done, the options have expired and anyone who participated in it to generate a gain has already liquidated the bulk of their position if not already completely flat on this. Anyone who is still looking at this as an opportunity are the people who heard about it after it was too late to get prime position and will likely suffer a loss. The smart money is on to identifying the next opportunity. The way that people realize the gain is to get back to USD or some crypto by liquidating their position, they aren't Bezos or Musk and can hold it because the value is based on fundamentals, this was a meme stock based on the bubble, should be out by now. It's ova!
  6. Actually the focus does need to be on the dishonest and despicable behavior of the networks because they dont report truth, they create storylines around events that supports the narrative they want to push. Anyone with an ability to understand body language can see how often she was uncomfortable and resistant to the message of Trump ànd his minions were putting out. Maybe she should have just continued to turn down the offer to lead the white house team because it was a no win situation. So not only wasn't she able to help as much as she wanted to and the citizens deserved she now is getting disparaged by corrupt greedy self promoters using her gain credibility when nobody should listen to anything they say.
  7. So the networks that lied America into multiple wars for profit and defends corporate malfeasance for profit then they turn around to rehabilitate the reputations those war criminals and corrupt politicians allowing them to continue to misinform the public are now upset about it? The doctor was placed in a very difficult situation and really had no way to succeed considering the chaotic circumstances anyone in that position would have little chance to overcome but this network trying to admonish and belittle her is deluded hypocrisy from a despicable deceptive corporation.
  8. Centrist establishment neolib Dems are so corrupt and inept themselves they really had no chance to expose Trump's inept corruption without exposing their own.
  9. In my experience I've found things like spiritualist designation systems and complicated methods of practice often become an ego feeding distraction so this doesn't surprise me.
  10. The three other groups that hide behind the proud boys in notoriety but are also linked to right wing violence and had a presence at the capital that day are the boogaloo boys, the 3%ers and patriot's prayer. It's quite troubling with how these groups are talking and organizing online and IRL with how armed they are.
  11. I guess it might have changed my view if it wasn't that I've lived this way at times in my life before. Not nearly as long of a stretch at once and maybe not as extreme monetarily but I'm familiar with this lifestyle. Living wild can be a challenge but rewarding, too. Although, I chose locations to live that had hot and cold running water, haha. River or stream, fresh water spring to drink and hot springs to soak. I hunted, fished and gathered because I was far from towns but supplemented with a bag of rice and had spots for different seasons. Still live a relatively minimalist existence not consuming much and as few possessions as I can get by with. It was a special time in my life and I grew alot with my inner life living wild
  12. The world grows enough food to feed everyone alive and in some western countries like the US as much as 30% of food gets wasted so why doesn't everybody in the world get fed? Quite a thinker....hmmm
  13. Or one for all the twits in the world... we can call it twitte... oh wait.
  14. fakts and lagik haha
  15. I'm still pretty baffled at what you are disgruntled about. First you were telling me the 'left' needs to be nicer to get policy through which now you say Bernie is actually doing this. So the nicer isn't about legislators but of the people, the electorate being nicer to get them in favor of the policy...the policies they already overwhelmingly support? This really seems like some deep algorithm bubble feed issue, people online crap all over each other every which way. People aren't going to react and behave the way you want them about things in the way you think they should. Humans are a highly social yet a particularly temperamental unhinged animal with access to a technological dopamine device in their pocket. So your gripe is that one particular group of the sleepwalkers is not nicer? Hm...ok. If I were to gripe it would be that all humans could be nicer, offline, in line, all lines...but hey, I'm radical like that since it is the topic anyway.
  16. Can you give any examples of them not being nice? I don't mean twitter trolls or content creator crankiness because those aren't the people who work on policy with other representatives. It kind of sounds like you are playing the centrist civility card they don't actually use themselves with the 'left'. It seems like you are content to admonish the 'left' for something you don't hold the rest to. I will also need to see some evidence that this being nice thing you say will work to actually change their priorities from their corporate donors to their constituents because I have yet to see it.
  17. There's no work to 'do'....the mind mess and judging is only in the imagination. So simple. Peace.
  18. Yes! Let's reverse racism! ....that's what you meant, right?
  19. If there is no path, there is no work, it's all in the imagination. You got the dogmatic spiritualist rhetoric but I can see right through it. Yup, simple. Peace
  20. I didn't draw a false equivalence but when mainstream liberals and centrists media and politicians attack the 'left' like what was said by some the previous election and just past election then it is accurately said they are doing the same thing as the right. I distinctly remember one saying how Bernie made her 'skin crawl' even though she couldn't explain why. Another was invoking the cold war of how if 'they won' he'd be dragged into central park and killed while talking about Bernie questioning how is Bernie not like that. The attacks coming against Bernie, the squad, Justice Dems and anyone who dares challenge the establishment dem party from the left are the norm and often are laced with moral implications even if not all are explicitly so. Don't want someone to say it happens then don't do it, that simple. Again, you are complaining that you want 'the far left' to 'play nice' with people who don't do it themselves to the 'left'. I'm apolitical when it comes to party, I'm an independent so not party affiliated if that matters. He has been an independent for decades and he only ran as a democrat because third party candidates aren't viable in the current political environment of the US. He became one of the most powerful US Senators as a independent. Polling from the recent cycle confirms progressive policies are popular with the majority of all Americans from all political parties and even establishment democrats passionate resist them. It's only been the recent pandemic events happening that they have embraced the most watered down versions of them and only under the constant pressure from progressives. So again... if centrists and liberals don't want to be viewed as hostile as the right towards the 'left' then they should just stop being hostile to them and they won't be viewed that way. Pretty simple solution if you ask me but I guess I'm not politically savvy enough to understand it. I'd prefer civility as well but complaining about the 'left' not being nice enough? Hm
  21. It's only your imagination that anyone is messing or playing with words. You say everything is imagination....self is a sense of form. Awareness is free of form.... transcend the notion of self to realize aware being is formless, even of witness or observer. There is nothing to get, it's realized in letting go. Hah! Peace
  22. If there is no path there are no stages and no 'ultimately', either.... so which is it? My path to self realization? I thought you said there is no path....oh and the self is imaginary, right? Even 'true self' too since "everything is imagination", so realize the imaginary? It seems my awareness is just fine.... I see right through this dogmatic rhetoric with absolute clarity. Peace.
  23. A quick search engine exercise results in no written attribution of the phrase 'profit is theft' so I'm not sure where you are getting this other than maybe from the rhetoric of individuals but it may not have any basis as a principal of anything other than a personal value system. There is 'property is theft' which was written by french anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in his 1840 book "What is Property? Or, an Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government". Which I recognize as something that could be espoused by communists. You may not see yourself as exploitative because people rarely see themselves in a negative light but the details of the circumstances will reveal the genuine nature of what is happening. I don't need to hear any details, I'm not asking but just thought I'd clarify. Capitalism is an ideology that prioritizes profit and cannot account for externalities such as the well being of individuals, society, communities and environment. If it doesn't show up in the ledger in a profit or loss it gets little attention or consideration unless it effects profit or loss. This is why it can become exploitative because it isn't equipped for or has the ability to account for or prioritize the well being of humanity. In my understanding socialism does account for those even including profit if it serves well being of those not at the expense of them. I'm not endorsing any particular 'ism' as I don't attach my identity as any 'ist' I'm just describing what I observe even though it may not be a complete understanding of it.
  24. Just by adding the word ultimately you don't change anything. Whether it's the first step or last step of the journey and initial stage or ultimate stage and any other way you want to frame it the ceasing of self identity attaching is the path of nondoership. Being is just being.... we don't 'do' being.... we be even if we believe we do. It's present at all steps and stages. You are conflating imaginary with 'does not exist', everything is imaginary but that isn't the same as everything 'does not exist'. It's something that once you have direct experience of it's obvious how the dogma doesn't reflect reality.
  25. There is a difference between adopting a victim mentality and actually being the victim of abuse and brutality. As much as I agree with the idea that it's not beneficial to emulate the abusers and it isn't a path to ending the cycle of abuse there is more than just behaviors that is at hand. Some, even many or most from those 'right' of them, have viewed leftists not as just someone having a different opinion we can discuss but as evil, degenerates that is ruining everything and are going to hell that need to be purged in every way possible including violence and death. This comes from their core beliefs and they say is from their 'god'. Explain to me how do we have a discussion with them that think this way and how can we have any productive resolution if they only see others as evil people doing devil's work they can't be 'yoked' to? I'm all ears....