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  1. All of that is projection. What exactly is your metaphysic? Anarchy is nowhere. Utopia, means nowhere.
  2. Why can't we be friends. Why can't we be friends.
  3. 1) Military Dictatorship. (Worst, Best case scenario) 2) Aristocratic Whiggism. OR a Succession of States. New Republics (Better Scenario) 3) Local Jeffersonian Democracy. (With Global Nuclear, Biochemical Disarmament) The next POTUS election is the last one where a Republican President can win. Demographically. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians. Vote overwhelmingly Democrat. White men the only demographic reliably votes Republican. Hilary Got more votes than Trump. If Bernie Sanders was given the nomination despite having more votes.... Could well have been President Bernie Sanders instead. Worst case, but highly possible scenario "1984" made real. Tiny Elite the 0.001% That makes all the Bureaucratic decisions, due to Technology and Computerisation.
  4. @Norbert Lennartz Well since the thread is about Politics. Why not throw some ideas out there, if only for entertainment. If you think Libertarianism is Good then say so. There should be no state period. If you're going to throw out Robinson Crusoe, knowing some background to the book is useful. Not what you think it should be about. I suppose if the islands were deficient in minerals and ultimately meat. Some may end up resorting to Cannibalism, Caribbean is where the word comes from, also the word taboo. I suppose without modern technology and a lack of capital. If they want to sustain a colony. They eat the residents before they reach 40.
  5. In the book Robinson Crusoe was a slave Trader. When he was stranded he wishes for a Slave and not female company. Ends up selling a Moorish prisoner to Portuguese Slave traders, on the condition of being freed if he converts to Christianity with a decade. I know that because I was reading through a review of 18th Century Literature. What political system do you suggest again?
  6. There are only 2 outcomes: 1) Tech Singluarity. Eusocial Selection. Hive Colony like Ants. Hierarchical. 2) Human Singularity.(Omega Point) Prosocial Selection. Heterarchy Left Libertarianism: Smoke pot, open borders, go live on a compound. Right Libertarianism: Non Aggression Principle and Property Rights are paramount! Until it's a lifeboat scenario, or someone bigger comes along. Objectivism: Bioshock. Ride rough shod, over the weak. The strong will prevail. Conservatism: Total Fail. Socialism: Hierarchy. A Royal(Select) class managing the system. Tory(Banditry). Whiggism: Heterarchy. Aiming to increase an Aristocratic Class in number. And raise the intelligence of all people.
  7. @ValiantSalvatore Well the article you referenced showed he was a proven liar and hypocrite, about sexual matters from multiple witnesses. It's not a private matter to Gandhi, but actively selling his lies. To say that he was an innocent lamb about the partition of India with estimates of 1 to 2 million dead, 10 to 12 million displaced. When there would have been many many people who could have been consulted about a peaceful transition and transportation provided. Doesn't work.
  8. @ValiantSalvatore What else does he need to do? How high do the bodies, have to stack? A person that is convinced, even if a liar, is going to convince. Emotionally, if charisma or zeal is there people follow regardless. Unless they have sound logic. Without connection to God, all is secondhand observation.
  9. @Norbert Lennartz If going with the cosmological position of reality, which I do, everything is thinking.(except Satan) The Mind of God. But in order for thinking to occur, something needs to be fixed. The question is how does your thinking fit in. To not think at all, is to be anti-teleological, i.e Satan. In the only, and most narrow sense.
  10. @ValiantSalvatore He was an outright sociopath no different than a Muhammad, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler or pretty much any (in)famous world leader or "celebrity". Hysteric personality. Odds are good, that you'll be very materially successful, being a sociopath, if not slain outright. But then there's the risk of becoming convinced of your own BS. And a greater one of losing your soul. Why does the Islamic world chop of limbs for stealing, or the Indian one maim people to be beggars. Stealing material objects is one thing, it's too obvious.
  11. @Gili Trawangan If economic reality, allows you to perform your music do that. But if you're going down the path of spirituality, then you ultimately need not to be enslaved to either an institution or other people. I'm not sure how you can get resources through spirituality, unless you develop a cult like persona. Or develop a more direct connection to God.
  12. Parable of the Talents. Whatever does not teleological cohere with maximising the utility of God, is discarded. Or removed. Is spirituality a talent?
  13. You get Slain, and cast into outer darkness.
  15. Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend.
  16. @now is forever Bureaucracy is overhead, and contributes to slavery and it's enforcement. Whether it's Ancient Rome, China, Washington DC or London. Basic life needs, Food, water & shelter. Are heavily taxed and regulated, for the poor and middle class. Somalis breed way more than, Indo-Europeans. 6.2 Somali Birthrate to 1.5 German birthrate. Ethnic Germans much lower. Ecosystems have an intelligence of their own, like the movie Avatar. Hives; if not checked, strip resources bare and move on, failing that, prey on one another. It's not like World leader's don't know this. Only conclusion is demonic influence.
  17. @Inliytened1 Well you say that. What if it's divergent, and not just relative. People like to throw relative around a lot. So there is not just one stream of time(cognition).
  18. I don't really understand it either.... Something to do with the self referential nature of the universe. That while perceptions are limited, cognition is not. Therefore you can not get to truth using perception alone. Seeing through a glass darkly. Time is still something(cognition), I believe it was an illusion to Einstein, but then he was a Pantheist. At the absolute or microscopic level time does not exist, or so I've read, makes sense. I did try understanding Christopher Langans CTMU. I think I should give it another shot being only 50 pages or so, but pretty heavy. I doubt many people have read and understood Einsteins "General Theory of Relativity." I haven't. Most I think is sheer human intuition and second hand YouTube and documentary information.
  19. Nationalism mean of a particular birth. Natal. If you want to hate your own birth, so be it.
  20. Cognition occurs, whether you have memory or not.
  21. Cognition.
  22. Chicks with dicks. A good economy means resources are available.