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  1. @moon777light In ancient China, A Military "General" would dress in Black, Yin. His Lieutenant in White, Yang. Yes surrendering is Yin(formless). Preserving life Yang(form). Think of a wedding, The Groom traditionally dresses in Black, The Bride in white. If you want the "Now" how can it be formless?
  2. @Yellow_Girl 3,000 books. Quite a few. You ever read Christopher Langan's works? I found his essays on "The Art of Knowing" helpful. Explained a lot of what I intuitively felt looking at philosophy for a bit. His Cognitive Theorectical Model of the Universe is a bit hard for me to process. But the essays were straightforward enough. Always looking for better, or different information.
  3. Service guarantees citizenship?
  4. The possibility of evil is implied by that of good. Where “good” is defined on the structure of global reality – and this is ultimately the only real way to define it – the absence of a good | evil distinction would mean that reality is structureless. But as we can easily observe that reality has structure, such a distinction must exist, which implies that both good and evil must exist. In short, good is that which is globally consistent with the structure of reality, and evil is the opposite. In the CTMU, God is defined as the Ultimate Reality. So good is that which accords with God, and evil is the opposite. Very simple. ------------------- Love, to be meaningfully defined, is NEVER unconditional. Meaningful definitions require conditions; that’s a rule of semantics that cannot be overcome by wishful thinking. ------------------------ In the CTMU, evil is ultimately defined as a virulent self-negation imperative. The application to self-hating progressives is really quite natural. -------------- A few quotes, by Christopher Langan.
  5. Isn't that more sub-contracting?
  6. Depends what you mean by Evil. "Pure Evil" as deprivation, in the Plotinus sense, doesn't exist. And that is the point. Evil as absence from God, doesn't exist either. If this is the "Best of All possible Worlds." and Evil is merely discomfort. How can it be, when all there is ,is God. What if Evil is a vector. If Evil doesn't exist. Then does Good exist? Evil as I've said, doesn't exist to or in, a Pantheist or Atheist. Even theism or stoicism has problems with evil being dualistic. God(s) God the Father. "In whom no there is no Darkness". In which case there can be no Evil. Gnostic God/Holy Spirit? In which all things are possible. Satan. Psychedelics. "This flame will burn away the darkness, burn you the way to paradise!" - Conan the Barbarian.
  7. Discordian. The religion of Chaos.
  8. @Leo Gura The Buddhist Nagarjuna you recommended thought so. Is there a better one? THE COMMENTARY OF MANNERS CALLED THE TREE OF WISDOM (I DO) OBEISANCE TO THE THREE DEITIES. 1. Evil persons should be brought under control. The wise should be reverenced. Fill your treasury with honest deeds (And) protect your own countrymen. 2. (As regards) your own secrets and those of others, If you guard these as your own dear child He for whom all earthly things are equal Will make love for man the principal affection. 3. If your wife is evil and your friend evil, If the King is evil and your relatives evil, If your neighbour is evil and the country evil, (Then) abandon them for a distant (land).
  9. What God exactly? The Primordial Gnostic? Abraxas, sounds like laundry detergent. Evil can not exist in anyway in Pantheism( or Atheism). And Godmode, would just spoil everything. Agnostic, no metaphysical judgement either way. Religions other than Christianity do a really poor job of putting everything together in a systematic way. Taoism isn't bad, but it's not a religion. Where's the audio Buddhist King James Bible? I'm going to hedge my bets, and say Evil exists. Maybe there is no soul, and the Buddhists and Atheists are correct. But then what about Astral Projection? How is that possible if there isn't some kind of transcendental soul. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!
  10. @noip What do you consider smart? What sort of topics were you interested in?
  11. Why not try it. Spend time in a sensory deprivation Chamber or a Tank. No light, sound, constant temperature, cardboard like food.
  12. Right-wing is Distributive, at it's best. Assholes at their worst. Conservative is defunct and lifeless politically, it hasn't only failed its failed badly. If they can't keep two types of bathroom, fail. The etymology of the word Left is literally "weak", strength in numbers. At it's worst it's Collectivist. At it's best creative. I like the idea of Agrarianism, it goes one further then Greens in Theory. Only the Nordic countries have them as a credible party. But from what I hear they sellout just like other parties. Although the Agrarians did put up quite a fight against the Soviets in the Winter War. An estimated 500 kills by a Finnish farmer, turned Sniper. With the Green Socialist Parties too much money gets wasted through corruption.
  13. There's occult stuff and symbolism everywhere. In books literature TV. Shows Movies etc. "Hollywood". Moving from Agnosticism or Atheism, to Spiritualism. Looks like a grenade has gone off.
  14. @mattstivender The book 1984. I should have put it in quotes. The USA has enough food and housing, for now. The UK though is dependent on food imports and housing is very expensive. Empowering people, removing regulations lower down. Look at food manufacturing for example, there are fewer companies now then there were several decades ago. Now all owned by mega corporations. I suppose empowering people, education is often very fragmented and without any foundation. Intentionally so. The optimal stage Orange Materialistic/Atheistic mindset I think there is, is Voluntarism (Not to be mistaken with volunteering, as such). Where a person subordinates; their intellect, emotions and reason. To their will: general direction in life.( although perhaps there's a better definition).
  15. Listen to audiobooks. If you need to build up concentration try reading essays instead, by authors you like.
  16. @JesperFromSweden What did you think of "The doors of perception" by Aldous Huxley? I listened to Brave New World a while a go on audible, I found his writing style to be a bit all over the place.
  17. @Edelweiss A) is Nihilism. B) A Utilitarian Solution. C) A Dominance Solution.
  18. @clouffy Atheism failed. So Jordan Peterson was brought in, as an alternative means of control. Member of the Trilateral commission. Noted for a newspaper article when he was 13 that he wouldn't be happy until he was Prime Minister of Canada. Absolutely raking it in. He says some interesting things, I was persuaded to look at the Unconscious mind as a possibility, which then helped lead me more towards non-duality. But none of what he says is original, better off reading the sources directly, and not looking at his interpretation. He's totally soldout, for one reason or another. There's a book Jordanetics that'll show you the deceptions, the author isn't necessarily much better, but I'll use what knowledge I can. Ken Wilber is probably better to listen to, I was initially put off, by appearance pink wrist band, girly necklace, seemed too nice. But he's into non-duality, and I saw a positive facebook post by Christopher Langan, where he mentioned Ken.
  19. @mattstivender The reason given in 1984 was to maintain a power hierarchy. As plenty of goods can already be manufactured, to meet everyone's needs. If there's already enough stuff, what need is there of stage Orange, but a greatly reduced one. Besides with Financial planners, maybe it's more of a mix between Red and Orange, like many celebrities that have lost their wealth to them. I thought the first guy was very condescending, I think I have watched a channel with virtually the same name, and services before, but it was a different guy that ran it. At one point he want's to make out his protestant work ethic, at another he's saying his grandparents(or some relative) were Jewish in Auschwitz, then emphasising paperwork. Looking on his website, he says he started the business. But basically copied it, from the last guy that died of cancer, and changed the layout. Using connections to skim off the top. I used to follow anarcho-capitialists(libertarians) quite a bit. But they basically pervert the philosophy of Aristotle, in the case of Ayn Rand. Or pervert Von Mises Praxeology to promote, Anarcho-capitalism. Or say stupid shit like," I want a Jetpack or a Mansion." Stefan Molyneux. "Human desires are infinite, And that's why we need the price system." I don't like socialism either, but it is a more coherent system than An-cap. In the final analysis it's either collectivism(Eusocial) or distributivism (Prosocial). That or be a Yogi. Distribute the machinery, and have regulations locally favourable. Distributing the produce, is leading to disaster. There's a Hadith and a prophecy to invade India, Ghazwa e hind. That guarantees entry into paradise. Strike the Prophets proclamation from the record, then I'm sure they can talk.
  20. @moon777light Collective Ego, survival mechanism. As for Yin and Yang; I think the general idea is to transcend the feminine(Yin), in favour of the masculine(Yang), more presence. Similar to a "Left-hand"(satanism) or "Right-hand path"(not satanism). The Tao Te Ching helps with the thinking aspect of non-duality. As for the other aspects..... The future in memory, is obviously something that hasn't happened. Only memes of the past. As for a middle way between two extremes. I'd imagine that would be fairly godlike.
  21. @Preety_India I tend to try, to give notice to the idealistic side. Velocity; as to whether you're going down, staying the same, or increasing. Theodicy (Problem of Evil) 1)Plotinus. A deprivation of Good. Your soul continues as unbound potential, providing you do good acts. 2)Augustine. An absence of Good. Divine Grace if you like. 3)St Irenaus. All is Good. "Best of all possible Worlds". Everyone wins in the end. I go with the number 1. Yeah if they are clinically obese, they and/or their parents have failed in someway. Reality is important as the fixed substrate, that let's you reach greater heights and act morally.
  22. I'm a Believer....
  23. Yes, lying is the worst thing you can do. If you support free speech, that includes lying.