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  1. If you live in Los Angeles area, me and a friend created a Book club to discuss Psychedelics, all are welcome
  2. Yes I've noticed that. I'm from Brazil and also a coach, my best friend who is a therapist is super judgmental towards life coaching, to the point of sharing funny memes making fun of coaches on social media. I asked her why she holds that position and she said "coaches don't even know what hey are doing, they have not studied like psychologists, they should not be able to help anyone" I feel like if she is attacking someone who is trying to help the world, it might be because her identity is being threatened, and seeing through her eyes: she studied 5 years to be a therapist and seeing a coach helping people makes her feel like her time was wasted, PLUS people don't want to change, if you think about the way brazilians see therapists is the same or worse POV, my whole family is fucked up and they always judged me for going to therapists, they are in a deep state of delusion, whatever is here to help them they will negate at first, Brazil is a traditional and conservative country, they like to maintain things the same, value family, religion etc, also the ego likes to stay the same, stability conformity, everything that is new and unknown is scary. Brazil is predominantly Blue, with some orange in Sao Paulo and some more developed cities, and greenish in south of Brazil, so they are very close minded overall. Like Aldous Huxley said “If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion.” whatever threatens their ignorance will be attacked, with coach won't be different, be sure of yourself and know you are in this mostly alone, find your tribe just so you are not put down by the ignorance of the majority. Good luck
  3. AMAAAAZING MOVIE/DOCUMENTARY Just came back from the screening and there was a panel in the end of the movie with the director Louie Schwartzberg who spent 13 years doing time lapses of mushrooms growing. The movie has the participation of Paul Stamets, Michael Polan, Dennis McKenna, Andrew Weil, etc Soooo good!! I'm fascinated with the content and presentation, I brought a friend with me and he is mindfucked, willing to let go of his antidepressants meds to jump into the psychedelic world. MUST WATCH
  4. You guys who watch Joe Rogan are gonna love this
  5. I also die reading Leo’s answers, so here are my fav ??
  6. I’ve been thinking about my transition to orange to green, and also the yellow part in me. I’ve noticed that orange has a more masculine approach of production, action, capitalism itself. While green is a more feminine approach of nurturing and loving. And as for yellow I noticed the left brain way of thinking, again more rational and logical, masculine approach. I see myself embodying green Stage now, but I’m a little confused. I was an extrovert people pleaser in the past and now I like to spend time by myself which makes me an introvert, but since stage green is all about community I wonder if I’m deluding myself and am going backwards to stage orange. I’m a pretty loving person but I’m in a point where I’m focusing in my own growth, and I don’t get much energy from being around people, I do have my friends and I love them, I really appreciate one on one conversations but I’m not part of a community and don’t feel like joining one, cause I feel like even the green ones have some shade of blue in it, do I really need to go through that to embody green? I’m also much more logical and focused now, so my concern here is either I’m going back to orange or going towards yellow, the ego is a little bitch sometimes so I like to be aware of my bs ? I would appreciate any comments And also would love to discuss about the feminine and masculine polarity applied on spiral dynamics Oh and I noticed most of the people on the yellow stage thread are predominantly men, very interesting, I’m not trying to bring any feminist discussion here, just trying to see different perspectives. Thank you!
  7. @Fede83 there is a really good documentary called The female Brain on Hulu. Also books The way of the superior man, Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, The 5 love languages.. Leo’s book list has some good ones But essentially to be able to connect with women is very important that you embrace your feminine side too. For me one of the best traits of a man is his feminine side, is he able to allow himself to be emotional, to be vulnerable, to have feelings? Men who are trying to prove their masculinity just shows me that they are insecure, so would say it’s a balance of both masculine and feminine, but a real man allows himself to be whole.
  8. @Eoin wow very futuristic!! Amazing @Focus Shift so cool!! Got goosebumps
  9. @electroBeam IMO your evidence is wrong, or you might be looking in the wrong place, it’s like looking for a better job but complaining that the better ones are already taken, if you are qualified you can get any job you want, if you are not you will struggle for sure. I’m attractive and I’m single, and I have hot friends who are also single. Have in mind that what you are looking is looking for you, IF you are ready to receive. You can also read some books about how a woman’s mind works, we are not interested in looks, we are attracted to men who are stable, hitting women who are dating or married can be seen as an incapacity for commitment (why would you date someone taken and not a single one? Maybe because the taken it’s just fun and games and no responsibilities, that’s how I see it), plus it’s gonna bring bad karma and problems to your life. That being said, what are your intentions? Do you want a girlfriend or you just want to play around? Do you want a stage orange relationship or a green one? Loving all the conscious answers ??
  10. Seems like he is a medium, we all are but some people are more connected with the spirit world. Look into Allan Kardec’s work, it’s called spiritism and he has many books on the subject
  11. @remember I agree with some of what you said, and I’d put it in another way: I watched a documentary those days that talks about that, sometimes we think we are in love or feeling the “passion” but it’s just our body telling us to get out of that situation, when we see the person we received a rush of adrenaline which is mistaken by love and “butterflies in the stomach”. my deepest relationships and the more abusive ones were coincidentally the ones where there was more sexual attraction. This video from Matt Kahn talks about the differences of soul mate and twin flame, soul mates are calm and bring us thr feeling of safety, they do not cause the chemicals of our body to go crazy.
  12. Since 5000BCE so cool ?
  13. Did your parents have a good relationship? Our opinion towards marriage and kids tend to be very biased in what we saw growing up, the family dynamic, not only your parents but grandparents uncle aunt etc
  14. @bmcnicho you will have to confront your own selfishness or you would have to let go of your self respect? My story is very similar to hers but I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself, I also had boyfriends in need of help. The problem with those people is that they lack self love, so it doesn’t matter how much love you give her, she will always need more cause she doesn’t have her own source of love within her (self love). You will end up getting hurt and in a way “feeding” her dependence, which is far from helping her and actually making things even more difficult. She is not your responsibility, don’t forget god created us all with perfection, everything she is going through is preparing her to be her best self. So the only thing you can do is work on yourself. If you accept staying in this relationship you will end up creating more traumas for yourself, and like you said you also have your stuff to deal with. Good luck ?
  15. Sorry to pollute the thread, just wanted to share those ?
  16. Peter Jordanson
  17. @abrakamowse ??✨ So true!! My mind does that all the time ?
  18. Haha jokes aside, Leo was a very important person in my transformation, and the friends I met here are so important for me, too good not to share. Thanks Leo for building bridges so I could meet those incredible beings That’s me and Justin watching the sunset today in Malibu, we meet from time to time to talk about the god bufo alvarius and self actualization stuff. It’s so amazing to have other people to share this crazy and beautiful path with has someone else met in person? Would love to see more pics ?