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  1. @Rilles Hahaha me too, I am such a weirdo cause I have no problems talking about deep stuff so I cut the small talk and go straight to the deep stuff and people never expect someone is gonna do that and I do that even with people I don't know. @Galyna Aries are the babiesss the fisrt zodiac sign, the one who opens the way, they like to start things and are great leaders, they are the "I want it and I want it now" haha determined and very very competitive, it's all about winning, they are very honesty and people usually think they are rude because of their "transparency". Since they are always in a competition not with people but within themselves, they are good visionaries, they set up goals and fight for what they want so they are usually very wealthy and stable, for being a fire sign they are a little impulsive and passionate, also all the fire makes them angry faster and then they lose their temper easily. Aries man are usually very controlling, confident and often attractive, Aries women are very peaceful and focused/goal oriented overall but when they lose their temper they explode..
  2. @moon777light this is so beautiful, very detailed ☀️@Serotoninluv right!? I always come back here to check it out the new art 👀
  3. @now is forever lmao something wild behavioral
  4. @traveler I'm reading this same book! It's sooooo good, he is very simple and practical, love his teachings
  5. So in the end of DMT spirit molecule Rick Strassman concludes that our pineal gland produces the exact amount of dmt for us to be in this reality we are right now, and when we have a DMT trip we go to other realities, he said it’s like a fuel for being in this reality and the brain go out of its way to use the substance when we ingest, smoke, inject etc, he says it’s produced while we are sleeping, it makes so much sense, a human being dies easily if it’s deprived of sleeping, it was very mind blowing to read that, I also think if DMT does that what would 5meo be considered? I saw on Facebook that Martin ball is having severe insomnia, I wonder if it could be related to the amount of 5meo he had taken in the past I wish Martin Ball, Rick Strassman and James Oroc (author of tryptamine palace) had a conversation about the tryptamines, a podcast would the three of them would be amazing not better than Leo with Joe Rogan.. but still would be great has someone read the books and was intrigued too?
  6. When you say you have awakened a few years ago my intuition feels a bit of superiority in those words, awakening is finding your true nature, and finding your true nature is the realization we are all one, so no need for superiority. Ive been taking psychedelics for a while now, and IMO Martin seems to be going through an awakening, his body is trying to catch up with the evolution of his spirit (or whatever you wanna call it) Matt kahn said once that all sickness is the body saying it needs time to integrate whatever is going on within. Unless we are fully awaken the devil is within each of us, let’s get comfortable with our dark side. Like Shakespeare said “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here”
  7. @Rilles what do you mean? haha my mercury is in Aquarius, I talk A LOT! @Emerald that's very interesting! You are very well grounded with those three earth signs, earth signs are very connected with this reality because of that, they find it easy to bring ideas or projects into this world, it makes sense that you are very intellectual and have the ability to communicate your world to people around you, like Leo does, if you weren't connect it would be hard to have access to so many ideas/things and not get lost, you can explore a lot and come back to yourself.. Snakes are the earth's guardian, often when people drink ayahuasca they see many snakes, the vine of the plant is tangled like two snakes, in Japan they use them to predict earthquakes (since they can sense it 5 days before it happens), they are very smart creatures I'm obsessed with them a lot of people see snakes as a bad sign but as you know they represent wisdom. If you are into them I recommend the book The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and the origins of knowledge written by anthropologist Jeremy Narby. You might like this too: “If the account given in Genesis is really true, ought we not, after all, to thank this serpent? He was the first schoolmaster, the first advocate of learning, the first enemy of ignorance, the first to whisper in human ears the sacred word liberty, the creator of ambition, the author of modesty, of inquiry, of doubt, of investigation, of progress and of civilization.” Robert Ingersoll
  8. @Shadowraix @Aakash Yes, your sun sign can be one but the rising sign another and sometimes people are more like their rising sign than the sun. You need to know the exact time you were born and check the position of moon and other planets in that time. I use this website to make the chart. and here is what every planet or star mean: Rising sign: External self Sun: Fundamental characteristics Moon: Feelings Jupiter: Personal growth Pluto: internal motivation Neptune: Idealism Mercury: Communication Saturn: Insecurities Venus: Love, ways of loving Mars: Motivation, warrior spirit Uranus: Freedom of spirit
  9. @Wyatt Yes for sure, there are many things to take into consideration since we are all unique but I do believe in 75% of what I've seen so far, whats your sign btw?
  10. @ivankiss I love Leo's confidence, it's pleasant to be around them because they are very comfortable in their skin, They are fire sign ruled by the the sun so they tend to be very very powerful, and since they are good with people they are great in leading (natural born leaders, very brave and courageous) The cons is that they are so sure of themselves, so confident that they can neglect the need of others around. In relationships they are very dominant, protective, passionate and warmhearted people.
  11. @Zigzag Idiot That's awesome, I'm Pisces sun, rising Virgo and Capricorn moon. I go crazy with perfection I guess because my ascendant is Virgo, but since Pisces are very dreamy and imaginative I think my groundness comes from my ascendant Virgo, thank god tt's an earth sign, if it was and air sign my mind would be far from here, more than it already is..
  12. @Harikrishnan it's and earth sign, so they tend to be very very grounded, disciplined and responsible, they are the masters of self control and independence. Well known to be had workers, they like to learn things through experience and expertise, since they are independent and grounded they are very practical and focus in the materialist world a lot, they are good managers. They can be very stubborn but I think they are not stubborn, they are just very focused and know what they want, they are intelligent and detail oriented, I found them to be perfectionists like Virgos. Capricorn also value family a lot and are very traditional
  13. @Rilles Yay another Pisces!! Can you relate to what astrology says about Pisces? it's true Leo is Taurus, and i'm here gossiping about him AND getting it all wrong thanks for pointing out
  14. @RichardY yes, in the woods coppicing trees and enjoy gardening sounds like a typical Taurus, Leo is a Taurus too, I don't know why I thought he was Aries.. yes I have many Taurus friends and it's not that they are conservative, they just like to dig deeper into the subjects and find out for themselves what is true, so they don't believe what people say easily that's why people consider them conservatives. I'm not familiar with Jung's opinion but Pisces is the last zodiac sign so they are connected with the after life and for having this one foot in the dream realm Pisces are very artistic and imaginative, but also tend to try to escape this reality.. it's hard to talk about it cause I'm a Pisces myself, but from what I see in my Pisces friends they are very romantic and openminded, I like to say they are the cute ones with duty mind, it's a water sign so very emotional and for being a mutable sign our minds change very fast.
  15. @Nahm Can't believe I guessed right! My best friend is Aquarius too, very wise and communicative people, also very altruistic
  16. @Shadowraix He is here because he is interested apparently, you know how homophobic people like to judge homosexuals? so here he is, picked up specifically this topic and is taking his time to comment on it.
  17. @DrewNows haha I know it’s my Portuguese manifesting itself throught English, I don’t know how to fix it you are a fish too!!
  18. @Nahm I would say Aquarius
  19. @Serotoninluv ahh I love Capricorn! My ascendant is Capricorn and most of the planets in my chart are in Capricorn. Do you like astrology?
  20. @RichardY yes, I would say I believe in it 75% haha but it’s very interesting seeing similar behavior in people from the same zodiac sign I’ll tell you what I know about Taurus and you let me know if it’s accurate Taurus like financial stability so they are naturally ambitious, love food, homemade in special, actually they like everything homemade and handmade, they like to use their hands to do stuff, like gardening, working with wood etc they also value family a lot, sometimes are conservative because it’s an earth and fixed sign, so they are very grounded and sometimes can be close minded because of this groundness, they love their space, being at home etc.. they say Taurus are good husbands
  21. The second one is the lady of justice, I drew it for my sister, she is a libra
  22. @Gabriel Antonio haha the “thou” one 😂
  23. @Etherial Cat I understand what you are saying, I also had a rough past and needed to go deep within myself to understand how sex works and what sex really is and isn't, and personally I've only had "real sex" 3 years ago, I'm 28 now so you ask me what was my sex life in those past years... my view was exactly how Emerald described and I had problems with controlling in bed, I still do specially if I don't know the other person very well or if my partner is on top, and so far I've had many partners, the ones I had crazy amazing sex are the ones more evolved spiritually, the open minded ones (and with openmindness I'm not saying naughtiness), if the men sees sex as a shallow thing, if he is only thinking with his dick, and it's just using sex for pure pleasure and not as a form of connection, we will for sure feel that, and it doesn't matter how deep you know yourself, if that person has a certain mindset the sex will be shallow for both, or not pleasurable,it's a dance, it takes two of them to open up and merge into each other and have "the little death", if one person is closed, it doesn't matter what the other does. I questioned myself a lot if sex was only to feed our primitive side/ just for reproduction, and my answer is no, the quality level of the sex is gonna depend of the level of consciousness of both parts, I've had partners who I dated for a couple months who only saw sex as a material thing, just to feed the body and had meh sex and I've had sex with people I met in meditation/spiritual places and barely knew but had amazing sex, you can say it's all the attraction of the beginning phase but from my experience it's not and I'm very experienced, I'm not bragging I'm actually proud of myself for being able to get out of the abusive relationship I was in and explore my sexual side and for being so open about the subject too. I had one partner that in one of our first dates he sat in front of me, without saying anything, we just sat on the ground in front of each other and looked each other in the eyes for a long period of time, without saying anything, it was one of the best sexual experiences I've had, of course we had sex afterwards but what I want to say is every person has a depth, how far they have been within themselves, when you look your partner in the eyes you can see their depth, like Shakespeare said the eyes are the windows to the soul, you can see the level of the men by where he is looking at when he is having sex, of course we all appreciate beauty, I also look at their bodies and understand men are very visual, but come on you have another human being in front of you, sometimes I have sex and they are not capable of looking me in the eyes, I ask myself where are their minds at? they are unconscious, they are not really there, and that's what I call mechanical sex haha I just think it's very sad you guys have this opinion towards sex, you see if we think sex is a mechanical thing, just to feed the body and just for reproduction, then we are the ones seeing it as a shallow thing, I'm a very sexual person but I'm also romantic so here is an Osho quote on sex "That's why orgasm is becoming more and more difficult. Ejaculation is not orgasm, to give birth to children is not orgasmic. Orgasm is the involvement of the total body: mind, body, soul, all together. You vibrate, your whole being vibrates, from the toes to the head. You are no longer in control; existence has taken possession of you and you don't know who you are. It is like a madness, it is like a sleep, it is like meditation, it is like death." "I have said that man is afraid of both sex and death. That's why they are taboos. No one talks about sex and no one talks about death. We remain silent about those two things. We have remained silent for centuries and centuries. They are taboo subjects, they should not even be mentioned. The moment they are mentioned, something starts trembling within us. "It seems that there is a deep repression. That's why we have created substitute words. In the western world they do not say 'We are having sex.' They say 'We are making love.' It's a substitute word – and false, because love is a totally different dimension. Having sex is having sex, it is not making love. Love may include sex, but love has an altogether different quality. "We never talk directly about death. If someone dies, we use substitute words. We say he has gone to the Father, or he has gone to heaven. Death is never faced directly. "We have created many false phenomena around death and sex. If two people are going to be married, sex is not even mentioned – and they are going to be married for sex! We have created a great illusion around marriage, but the bare, naked fact is sex. We have created a ritual, a great ritual of marriage, just to hide the fact. Why? "Why is there a taboo about only these two things? They are deeply related. The reason for their relationship is this: first, you are born out of sex, birth is sex. And birth and death are two poles of one thing. In birth, death is hidden. That's why man became aware of the deep relationship between sex and death. Death cannot happen without sex, just as birth cannot happen without sex."
  24. I think there are many things to take into consideration, some women take birth control pills and it’s the same as telling the body “I’m dead” cause the sexual energy/ creation force it’s present firstly for reproduction/creation and when you take pills you are not ovulating, my sex drive diminished 80% when I used to take. Women on birth control pills just don’t feel like having sex and are disconnected from their feminine side, so find out if your gf is taking it. Also can be the men, most men are too worried about showing their masculinity in bed, so they give no fucks if the woman is enjoying the act or no, they are too much in their minds and lack connection, I call it mechanical sex, Americans (specially) treat sex as a shore, some of them even have exact day and time to have sex, that’s one of the reasons I don’t date American men, of course there are the exemptions but I’ve been living here for 4 years and have been having difficulty connecting with them, I’m from Brazil and Latina’s are known to have a high sex drive, so far I haven’t found compatible men. There is sex and there is connection, at least for me, if I’m having sex with a man who is bad in bed, after cumming the first time, I lose interest and want to be done, while if I’m having sex with a man who knows what he is doing I’ll have many orgasms and still be interested after the first or second one, most men are only interested in the body and the act itself so they can’t keep our attention and we can’t wait for him to ejaculate and be done, that’s when women fake orgasm or suffer/have pain just to get away, it’s incredible the number of women who have never had good sex and think like Emerald, it’s very sad to hear that, I was abused in the past and it took me a long time (and effort) to change my views on sex, but specially for women, we are the darkness, the mysterious, the divine feminine, it’s so so important that we connect with ourselves first before giving of ourselves to someone else. so watch out if when you are having sex, are you really there? Are you trying to please her and enjoying the act? Or are you in your head? G