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  1. @Gili Trawangan of course, we are all playing the game. And if you don’t know you are playing it, it just means you are not playing well
  2. @Leo Gura shocked! Lol I don’t pay but also don’t take advantage of the man looking for expensive stuff on the menu.. Well you guys have a whole team of men who gather together to do “pick up” and we can’t even take advantage of our beauty?! It’s not our fault that most men are weak I’m not paying the bill ? we play the game as well
  3. @datamonster exactly. I’ve never paid bills on first dates, but I have friends who actually paid for both, them and the guy, but also Im pretty The first thing that comes up in our female mind is: how is this guy gonna be able to provide for the family? It’s an instinctive thing. Men who won’t pay the bill for me are the same ones who will not know how to treat me well in bed, by well I mean bad ? sure some women like submissive men, but that’s not me.. maybe I’m lost in the female manipulation game, would like to hear more opinions on the topic
  4. I think this is a cultural thing, where do you live? Im from Brazil and am used to the men paying for dinner, I’m pretty independent but I appreciate the guy paying, specially when it’s in the beginning of the relationship, after that I dont mind splitting. Little things like opening the door of the car, paying dinner, are things that are deal breakers for me here in US, I noticed that Californian men are very independent in a way, because of feminism they step away in their masculinity and lost sense where the middle ground is. I remember the first guy a dated in US, I would be barely leaving the car and he would already be inside his place. It’s such a turn off for me, it’s chivalry IMO, i feel like in California men are more feminine, so I usually date guys from other states or middle easterners that have been living here for a while. I’m super open minded and of course have big part of me at stage orange, but I’m a also hippie green, I would like the men to hold his ground and do his thing, be more masculine, if I split in a first date I’ll think the guy is not invested. Maybe it has to do with men making more money in my country, but it’s what I’m used to, so you could take into account where you are, how is the culture etc.
  5. @flowboy calm down man ? I’m not a feminist to begin with and yes I‘m already doing therapy, are you? Btw just a heads up I’m done with this conversation, the one being triggered here is you who took a good 10 minutes to write a huge rage text, I have more interesting things to do but I appreciate you sharing your opinion. God bless you
  6. @flowboy @Display_Name men at stage orange and below will show clear signs of toxic masculinity, the fact you don’t see anything wrong with Dan Bilzerian and Jordan Peterson just shows where you are at in the game. “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.” @Leo Gura Yes behind all the muscles there is also a little insecure boy trying to hide their feminine side ? there is nothing that turns me off more than a guy trying to prove his masculinity @Rilles ??? this is gold!
  7. @Leo Gura status or attention? I consider him a clown, those days he was showing off with a baby bear, unfortunately woman at stage orange are all over him but I find him to be disgusting. Yes he mastered the game, lots of cheese but still trapped in the maze
  8. @iceprincess you can heal yourself through tantric sex. Check out the book The Heart of Tantra, psychedelics can also help you tremendously. I had the same problem and nowadays I’m very experienced and satisfied with my sexual life. Like Leo said you build walls against men, unless you learn how to be vulnerable again and surrender in bed you won’t be able to have orgasms or connect deeper with your partner, the fact you were molested left a trauma in you and deep inside yourself you can’t see the sacredness of sex, it’s very healing if you can find a partner open to it, but even if your partner isn’t into it, just learning it yourself will do wonders. Many men I’ve slept with said they’ve never experienced this kind of sex. Osho also has a book called Sex Matters, it’s a whole new view on sex, where sex is used to transcend the body and reach superconsciousness, Osho is one of the few spiritual teachers that actually talks about sex, all the others are repressing or denying it. good luck
  9. Exercise and maca powder. Careful with maca because it also makes you more fertile. Also if you are on birth control that could be the cause, when you take birth control you don’t ovulate and the body thinks that since you are not ovulating there is no reason to keep libido high or renewing energies and you may be stuck, exercise is also something that awakens the sexual energy. You could also look up Tantra if you would like to understand more about the subject, this book is truly amazing
  10. @bejapuskas Omg Im in love with her, she is very captivating.. where is she on the scale? haha Im straight btw
  11. Reminded me of Leo in one of his retreats talking about the moth
  12. I’m reading becoming supernatural and breaking the habit of being yourself, also doing his meditations, morning and night, seems to be very brainwashing haha I’ve never heard about him before but decided to chose one self help book (or writer) and go all the way in.. would like to know opinions about him and his books! PS: I actually got the book recommendation from here if I’m not wrong.