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  1. @Lynnel yes, if she is enlighted why is she having fears? There isnt one to feel fear.. @Outer wow, Ive seen that, I think bad trips comes from ignorance and misuse of psychedelics I'm devoring books and meditating my ass off to try 5meo, let's see if I'll bite my tongue
  2. @see_on_see I think what you said about finding the life purpose is really true Once connected with the flow and the higher purpose (that might be something you do for the world not only for yourself) we stop feeding the ego, and that whole thinking about giving love for the universe through your life purpose, that connection with the universe flow will bring your self love back I was trapped in that same situation, I was being a poor me, a victim of my past, couldn't love myself, but once I started focusing on my life purpose, focusing on bettering myself for serving the world, I detached from the ego neediness
  3. Thinking about freewill - our higher self want to just BE - our ego want things, possessions, beliefs, money etc we actually don't know what we want, like Leo's video about 10 things we want and we don't know If our freewill is based on what our ego wants then we don't have free will, if our free will is serving our higher self, yes we do have freewill is that too mind fuck? My mind is gonna explode, or my brain, or my thoughts, I still don't know what I am..
  4. Hey Peter, I feel you, I have a similar story, I had a crazy childhood and I left my country because of a crazy ex bf, I started my life from zero in USA, I worked my ass off to move out and live by myself. I'm 27 now and until a couple months ago I was still having negatives thoughts about my past, it was still impacting me, my whole life changed after Leo's video "how to let go of the past and taking 100% responsibility of your life" this is really powerful, I took responsibility about all things that happened in my past, even things I didn't choose, it wasn't my fault, everything, everything! I only look at my past now to see how it made me the person I'm, how it gave me strength, that's all, what matters is how you REACT in the present moment, since we ONLY have the now and you are already working on yourself, building yourself up, from now on your life will only have positive outcomes! Its just a phase you are going through, try to meditate and connect with yourself, you won't feel loneliness anymore and will give you the strength to get out of this situation.
  5. I cut all social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter and I feel so good, in the beginning I was feeling an alien because everybody talks about it all the time, but now I feel fucking amazing. I know your question wasn't exactly about that but when I read Facebook I thought about planting the seed in your mind, it's something that changed my life A LOT, I'm spending more time practicing meditation and self inquiry, unbelievable, I wouldn't say I'm not going with the flow, it's more like I'm the flow itself
  6. I was really intrigated about the whole story too, I guess that's what happens with most of the people who have bad trips on psychedelics, they are so terrified about the truth, so much to handle that they can't understand, instead of heaven its hell, her story shows clearly why the whole process of enlightenment takes years. I didn't understand why she was enlightened so early, what was different in her brain or what did she do different to reach such state? Also funny how they called "ego death" despersonalization disorder.. I'm gonna read more about her
  7. @Shin Good to know I'm not the only one crying.. haha in the beggining it was from the things he says about people's life, now I juts cry from seeing how passionate he is about whats he does, it makes me really excited and motivated to find my thing and share the gift with the world.. Its reaaaally good quality for a low price, I feel so glad to had found, highly recommend it!
  8. Abandoned the followings: Junk food life Gym rat life TV and social media Toxic relationships Talking everyday to my family Buying clothes (seems fool but for women its a big thing) started investing the money in books instead Lots of beliefs that I got from society/church/friends/family... People are calling me crazy cause Im much calmer than I used to be, dont know where its leading me but since I feel good about myself and the things I do, I will just keep doing it, I feel like Im cleaning myself from all the labels, beliefs I had/ were given to me, It feels good af.. In the beggining can be really hard but its just bad habits, we are simple and perfect the way we are, no need to add unnecessary things..
  9. It will make a weak man mighty It will make a mighty man fall It will fill your heart and hands Or leave you with nothing at all It's the eyes for the blind And legs for the lame It is love for hate And pride for shame...
  10. I started this path of self actualization 8 months ago and with that I started feeling this shifts in my vision and body, I feel bigger, taller, like expanding, more aware of my body, things are clearer, lighter and more palpable, calmness, sometimes happiness, in the beggining it was like once a week, it used to happen when I was with someone I really like or doing something I love, like drawing. But now Ive been feeling it a lot, most of the time, if I'm concentrated in what i'm doing, Leo's videos for example, reading a book, talking to a friend, I feel different in my body, its close to the sensation after meditation for a long time, that akward feeling "what am I doing in this body?" but at the same time I feel confortable and natural, this week I was at Starbucks watching Leo's video and a baby arrived with his mom, he started staring at me, I was in that state, his mom had to rearrange the stroller so he could face me, I felt a strong connection with him, it's all beautiful thinking like that but the thing is I do feel high, I'm just writing that cause I'm paranoid that something is going on with my brain I've done Ayahuasca years ago, LSD and MDMA last trip was like a month ago, Im not intending to do anything so soon because of this feeling, I like the sensation and I do feel more connected to myself but its something totally new for me I also have been reading a lot, I'm doing the life purpose course and watching Leo's videos, maybe my mindset is changing too fast, I'm changing soooo much with everything I'm reading and seeing, it's crazy Sounds confusing and I know every person is different but I would like to hear from you guys! Thank you
  11. @YoungSeeker I used the WILD method, you keep asking yourself during the day "am i dreaming or am i awake?" it worked for me, I've never induced it, and usually happens on weekends when I wake up at 7am (thats the time I usually wake up on weekdays) and go back to sleep, I've had 4 so far, I realized that having the intention before sleep works, my first one I slept and decided, I'm gonna lucid dream this morning, and boom, its so fucking incredible, when I realized I was dreaming (I looked at the watch and the hours were all weird, thats how I checked in two dreams, some people try to breath through the nostrils to confirm if they are dreaming) I was like "OMG I want to fly!!!" but I started hearing a buzzing and I realized I needed to create the scene, then I thought about a window and jumped out of it, first I was flying over a forest but then I landed in between buildings, the rest of the dream was created by my unconscious, I had sex with a guy, he was my boyfriend, I worried about using condom but then I knew I was dreaming so I would be fine haha The other ones I was so exciting that I was dreaming that I woke up, so couldnt get a lot of it, but its so nice the feeling I havent practiced for a long time, but the first one gave me a boost cause I now know that iucid dreams are possible, we can go anywhere and do anything, its so vivid, I'm not focusing on it right now but for sure is a way os accessing that higher intelligence that shamans are in contact when taking psychedelics IMO I subscribled for this webinar on lucid dreaming, here is the link if you guys are interested I want to hear your stories and methods too!
  12. @Phrae Feels like my laptop is 5 meters away from me while I'm typing when actually is only 40 centimeters @FirstglimpseOMG wow that was amazing, I love your description and everything you have within you, thanks for sharing a bit of your world. I guess I'm becoming more aware, I watched this video about naive realism and yes, it was a slap on my face, ive watched some things about it before but only with this video that I experienced it, so crazy, it was one of those aha moments that destroyed all the sand castles ive built in my life, you talked about the 5 senses and it reminded me of something, I started taking shower in the dark a couple weeks ago, I dont know where this idea came from but its like a meditation, I shut down one sense and the others become stronger, feels amazing, melts my perception of reality. Im just amazed with life, the more I understand about it the more I see how simple and perfect it actually is, we just like to complicate sometimes @Tronds World @jse @Rocky Thank you all guys, I'm so glad for being able to share and read such beautiful and usefull things in this forum!
  13. @Leo Gura I’m seeing 5 meo DMT, mushrooms, LSD topics distributed randomly in self- actualization/ Meditation, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Spirituality/ Alternative healing etc and I thought why we don't have an especifc topic about psychedelics? I bet this had already crossed your mind and I apologize if that's not the main focus of but I'm seriously interested about them and I love the interaction in this forum.
  14. Sometimes I think if I'm obsessed too, I used to use this word a lot, obsessed, I've been obsessed about fitness, nutrition, drawing, psychedelics, some books, some authors, I chose to change the word "obsessed" to passionate, some of my passions are gone, since I dug so much into it, I feel like I know enough or experienced a lot about the subject and it's time to go to the next one, but has been in my life quite a while, it's an occurring passion, and you know why? Because it's about life, Life is endless, infinite, it's not a subject that you study about and that's it, there is no end, there is no truth, we just keep learning and experiencing and living, what can inspire me more than Life? Nothing, I keep doing what I'm doing, I don't have only as a source of information, so that way I don't take Leo's ideas and opinions for me. One of his videos he talks about a quote, I don't remember who wrote it but it's something like, the ship in the ocean, we are the ship and our thoughts/beliefs the ocean, we are in an ocean of ideas and opinions, reading stuff everywhere, a ship is supposed to be in the ocean not somewhere else, always moving and what is the ocean? It's water, it's always changing, that's how we should keep our thoughts/beliefs, don't hold on to anything permanently, absorb the ideas you think will serve for you, use it, experience it yourself, than after you learn you get better and jump to another idea. sorry about my English, but im glad you talked about it because it's something I needed to clarify to myself and express it.
  15. I think the topic "dreams" on general, its a really interesting subject to explore, since we sleep for hours every night, what are we doing in that time? Could we be doing some enlightenment work? Why do we dream? Is just our ego playing or we are having contact with some higher intelligence? What are the possibilities in a lucid dream? Best techniques to induce it? Does it bring us to expanded state of consciousness? I've personally started using the method WILD for lucid dreaming and with my fisrt LD I was just SHOCKED with all the possibilities, I'm reading about it but I would like to know Leo's opinion before going deep in, maybe its just all bs, maybe its not..