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  1. @Whywolf everytime I see your posts I think about sending you my Wolf drawings, now I have to send cause you asked haha
  2. I'm reading Alan Watts biography and saw that he met Joseph Campbell and his wife (she is still alive 101yo and lives in Hawaii) he also met Carl Jung, like attracts like I guess? I also found out he lived in Sausalito, really close to my place, I was reading the book Mastery - George Leonard and saw that he also lived in my neighbourhood, I know California was the place where the hippie movement started and thats why everbody lived here, including the father of MDMA Sasha Shugin but I'm thinking here, such a tiny world! I don't know how I ended up here, but after I had that feeling that something was missing in my life, deep inside I knew this "something" was a big thing, the world brought me here, from a deep sleep back in Brazil, Im feeling wide awake with those coincidences, from a tiny town in the countryside in Brazil straigh to Berkeley We are all so lucky to be living in this age, so many things to experience, I'm so inspired by the infinity possibilities in life, sometimes we dont even need to change the place or the people, changing our minds everyday presents us a whole new world every f** day, how awesome is that? I got this quote "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" Marcel Proust from The book of not knowing I think it express well what I'm trying to say Sorry if the post doesnt fit here, I'm just excited and wanted to share but my friends and family dont know who those people are but I'm sure you guys heard about those inspirational people and books That's Mt Tamalpais, the place Alan Watts had a Cabin, everytime I go there I think, this is heaven, and yes, we live in heaven and sometimes dont realize or forget..
  3. @Vercingetorix That's interesting! I found this website but its pretty vague about the three types of body, is there a test on a website that you would recommend? sorry my post is out of topic.. I had this realization those days too, our mind is always looking for the external world, so we try to fix the external world instead of our own minds, its the ego deceiving us so we wont look inside ourselves, if we looked we would find out that the external world is a result of our thoughts.
  4. I recently downloaded the app Insight timer, it's amazing, someone recommended here in the forum You can do guided meditation, or just put a timer, there are also binaural beats, only music, morning affirmations, in the end of the meditations sessions the app shows how many people meditate with you, people who are nearby, like yesterday when I was done 8300 people were meditating too My meditation sessions were really sloppy before, Ive tried another apps but never had consistency with them, this one, I get milestones if I do it everyday, maybe it's not the right kind of motivation but it's helping me it might help you guys too..
  5. @I_Like_Thing we are the annoying oranges haha
  6. My past Being alone What people think about me American dream life ( study, work, good job, car, big house, husband, lot of kids, a dog, decorate the house and happily ever after, maybe get a fish, and a parrot cause I would still be looking for the happiness outside myself and everything that filled that empty hole made by all my illusions) I cant even think about the "old" me, I was a marionette of society and my ego Reminded me of the song "human" from the killers, I used to sing and didn't even know what I was saying "are we human? Or are we dancers?" Close your eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord..
  7. @Joel3102 @Saba same! I've NEVER had problems to sleep, now it's a ritual, like two hours to fall asleep, my meditation is around 7pm when I come back from the gym, I'm getting only 6 hours of sleep sometimes less, is that ok? I would like to know more about it
  8. Your mind is not your friend The mind deceive us all the time to look only to the external world, instead of looking to itself and do that inner work that we usually avoid, its a big distraction Like Shakespeare said "there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"
  9. @Nahm @Loreena Where is the list? I recommended his videos to a friend and my friend said: is this guy real? He talks nonstop, doesnt take breaks, doesnt stop to think what he is gonna say.. There is an episode that he drinks water, otherwise I would think he is an alien But no kidding, he built up everything perfectly, the black background, the black shirt, he approchead more the camera in the later videos (sometimes I'm so concentrated that looks like he is in front of me), I love his style, especially for us, visual creatures, he keeps our visual attention but the ears are the target. Some other channels the guys start makings braids, put colorful rainbow shirts, changing the background, I get all distracted
  10. @JustinS Yes, I've seen all of his videos, Im so intrigated about the body's energy and the mirror thing he talks about while on 5meo, I'm gonna start reading his book Being human The music I havent heard, its great, thanks Boom is only next year now, I wanna go too, we have Universo Paralelo in Brazil but I've never been, I dont know if you heard about it, there is even a movie called Artificial Paradises, people who organize Mundo Paralelo will be in Oregon Eclipse too, its gonna be big. I'm a newbie, started all of this 6 months ago maybe one day I will like dark psy haha but for now when I listen its kind of scary, it does something to my brain, dont know how to explain.. this is sober, imagine taking stuff, dark night of the soul
  11. @JustinS Wow nice, I follow them on youtube and didnt know they would be there! I actually am, I love dancing but I have friends who are really into it and they say I like "happy psy", I think the more you understand about you start liking the dark one too, maybe I need to do some shadow work before getting into dark psy! I read this those days, you might like it. The first time I heard psytrance I was under MDMA effects, man it was the best party ever, like the music was talking to me, a different language, and this language was older than me and any verbal language I've learned in my life, like dancing with my soul, really interesting the impact of the song on us, that was about 6 months ago, so I've been to some psy parties here in the bay since then, this weekend is one, pisces mad maxx, I hope we can meet at Oregon Eclipse. Do you know if Martin Ball will be there? since he lives in Oregon I thought there is a possibility of seeing him, I love his work.
  12. @eskwire You say he woudnt give if it was him. My phylosophy is, dont ask or expect from others what they dont have (not even for themselves, much less for giving), if you give, its because you have more inside you, I'm not talking about a kidney, I'm talking about love. Whenever I get hurt or people do mean things for be what helps me the most to have compassion is this, they can't give me what they dont have, I feel lucky for having what I have inside me and being able to share with people that cross my life. It doesnt matter what we all say, you do what feels right inside you. i have this hanging on my wall, whenever I give my light it multiples, sounds airy-fairy but man, love is powerful
  13. @I_Like_Thing "Yeah, I used to do drugs... I mean, I still do but I used to too" Plato sorry, couldnt contain myself I've been clean from all the unnecessary things that dont serve me, from social media, toxic relationships, beliefs.. If for drugs you mean the ones my mom used to give me in my childhood for ADHD, yes I've been clean from those too BUT if you are talking about phychedelics, ah I love them! We call it medicine in Brazil, it wasnt Leo who introduced me to them, my aunt is a shaman so I was part of Ayahuasca ceremonies, I guess I should thank my aunt too, much gratitude for those souls
  14. My name is Laisa and I have been clean for 45 days, I would like to trank Leo... Haha jk! I think my curiosity increased 700% after starting watching his videos As Einstein said "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." the holy curiosity Thank you Leo
  15. @JustinS I'm going! You live in the bay area? we have some good psy parties here sometimes!
  16. @Joel3102 I wouldnt add anything else, but I would eliminate "focus" when we are focusing on something our brain is in activity, busy.. Meditation is all about relaxing, if you start adding more things and taking it too serious is not gonna be pleasurable and relaxing, plus you will give the monkey mind more food I was watching one of Leo's videos today "How to meditate deeper", he talks about not having any goal while practicing meditation, so if you think your practice has been too mechanical maybe is time to let go of this idea of being more focused and instead of putting more effort just relax and be.
  17. @I_Like_Thing So unnecessary I'm just watching you planting your seeds all over this "self actualization" forum, none of my business, after all thats just my perception.. (wow feels good putting smile faces when I say something bad, its like its erasing the last sentence) oh.... it feels so nice.. @Salomon Tolosa good luck! I personally haven't tried YET but only heard positive experiences
  18. @Garuda Mindfulness 1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. "their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition" 2. a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. Summing up: Just be in the moment, here, now Besides meditation; things that help me connecting to myself: Observing my thoughts and emotions Taking shower in the dark, feel the water falling in my head, being aware in the moment, for me its heaven, like meditation Drawing Concentration (whenever I'm reading or watching something I try to stay still, do not move, the awareness comes naturally) Gratitude for everything and everyone Conscious eating (being aware of what I put in my body and mindfull) Being around passionate people (connect deeply with people on general) Posture (always watching my chest, that might be open, ready to receive and give things, not fearing anything) For every person might be different, but I hope you could grasp the deep meaning of what I'm trying to say. Good luck
  19. @Evilwave Heddy Haha people's face when asked what he does funny and interesting, thanks for sharing
  20. @Franz Such an insightful trip, thanks for sharing!
  21. @FirstglimpseOMG 'Come for the recreation and escapism, stay for the profundity!' Haha loved this!