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  1. Who said they are suffering? Who said you need to save them? If your life purpose is helping people, so do it, study.. otherwise first help yourself, it's like the oxygen chambers in airplanes, first you save you, once you are fine, then you help others
  2. You see what you have inside yourself, its clichê but true
  3. @Key Elements Haha when I was drawing I was thinking the same thing because of the shaved head, but its totally fine, Leo does all this stuff that a normal human being wouldnt be able to.. haha he is not from here!
  4. I've been seeing a therapist in the last months and I know big part of who I am now is a sum of my PAST experiences, but I'm done talking about my past, my mom, dad, crazy ex bf, abusive relationships, society expectations etc, I got over it, I can talk about it freely, without pain and hate, I have compassion and all, then my question is: Should I keep digging my past to understand myself (therapy) or start building my future? (Life coach) I feel like I should use all my brain to start creating my future instead of looking into my past. The way I put psychologists vs life coach here seems really radical, so let me explain, in Brazil each psychologist follow a lineage (Freud, Jacques Lacan, Wilhelm Reich) here is US things are more integrated so I'm feeling lost (my therapist told me the names of the lineages that she bases her beliefs but god, she is thirsty about my past) every session I feel like she has a stick and she uses this stick to poke the wounds from my past, but I've realized some of them are already healed, I want to move on, am I wrong about that? am I just deluding myself? I'm open to suggestions, I was thinking about going to a specific therapist who follows Wilhelm Reich lineage (I had experience with it in Brazil and had good results) or look for a life coach, also one of my goals is to release some tensions and blockages in my body and of course, the main focus, self actualization. Thank you
  5. Happy birthday Leo! cant thank you enough for everything you've done for me! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  6. I dont have any special recipe, but the last months I took a sports nutrition course and man it changed my life, I know exatcly what my body needs (and its not what my mind wants), it ended up that I've been eating mostly the same things: 5 meals a day - I interchange lunch and dinner every other day (Meal 3 and 5) to get different micro nutrients, but breakfast (Meal 1 and 2) and the afternoon snack (Meal 4) are always the same stuff, I found out I was breaking because when I leave room for my mind to choose what it wants to eat I would always go to the bad side and eat junkie food. Happy end - I dropped some pounds and I'm losing a lot of fat, the muscles in my belly are starting to show (I'm also doing it for the six pack, must confess) I have a lot more time now do do other stuff, instead of thinking about what I'm gonna eat next, thats the good thing about this secret recipes. Like if you take this blueberry smoothie as Meal 1, define the other meals (for example those that people are suggesting here) you can put everything on my fitness pal and see the macro nutrients, you are done, simple like that, for me was trial and error, I wish I had done this before, I struggled a lot with food addiction, and this whole thing Leo talks about, find some secret recipes, its gold Master the mind and the body will follow, getting rid of petty things to jump straight to what is really important @JustinS I'm feeling all wrong here cause I only eat one banana per day, I will be adding 11 more
  7. @Bebop the skull comes with this poem from Bukowski: "My dear, Find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness. Let it kill you and let it devour your remains. For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover."
  8. @Annetta I loved the song, I listen to similar ones, mostly instrumental so I don't get distracted, you might like this one! and my friend didn't die, he is pretty alive, it's a long story.. I liked the new skull too, keep going and come back to show us!
  9. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj Here are some trip reports from the forum! im also preparing myself to a mushroom trip, good luck for us!
  10. @nightrider1435 Yes, your trip inspired me to make this list! If I come back from mine I will post here as well Just started the 5MeO ones, its gold..
  11. @Whywolf Its about my friend sharing his gift with the world, I see a lot of potential but he cant see what he has inside himself, he doesnt do the "hard work" we are all doing here, I cant judge but though my drawing I can express my unhapiness about the way he decided to take his life I havent drawn in the last month, but its interesting how it digs in my emotions when I do, its like I feel really sad when I start drawing, usually I'm in some peaks of anxiety, then in the end of the drawing I cry, have no idea why, but its like I open myself up, then throughout the day, the small things, like sunset, flower or kind actions of people make me cry and see the beauty in life, its beautiful but at the same time I'm open to sad things too, I feel like I lose myself and my balance, rollercoaster of feelings, its therapeutical maybe I should do it more often but my laziness and fear of being imbalanced and steer my feelings dont let me. How about you? What inspires you in your art?
  12. @Whywolf I think this one, it's big, it was for a friend who helped me in the journey of awakening I'm looking forward to see them! I love drawing skulls, you might like those too, the last one was inspired in this poem from Bukowski "My dear, Find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness. Let it kill you and let it devour your remains. For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover."
  13. @Whywolf I used to draw when I was 12 but then i stopped for 15 years and got back 6 months ago, I usually draw when I'm sad, its like a way to release the sadness and be in a trance mode, insteresting Your art is great, I'm amazed by the carcass ones, the colors and everything, flawless
  14. @ParanoidAndroid I loved that! A soul rising, really expressive @ajasatya are you brazilian? That's beautiful!
  15. @Dodoster maybe, but I'm also passionate about indigenous culture, I posted some more @jse @Evilwave Heddy it's my sketchesss Jose thank you! @ShadowWalker @Bebop I would like to see more of your art, it's brilliant! You guys have a website? There is the bald guy in the midst of the drawings too
  16. @pluto wow loved it! I'm working on reprogramming my subconscious mind, really helpful, thanks