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  1. @WelcometoReality You would have to answer me this question haha so far I have had many Gemini friends but I have no clue what's going on in their minds, they are usually very intellectual and extremely curious about everything but that's all I know, people say they have double personality, and I everyday try to understand them without success one of my best friends is gemini, my co-worker too..
  2. @now is forever @Emerald The way Leo is describing, it does seem like we are gonna be waiting for this perfect guy forever, while in reality things are pretty different, I was about to ask you @Leo Gura is there Pick Up community for women? I don't like the idea of being there just waiting for things to happen, I used to agree that the men's job was to show interest and conquer the woman, and the woman's role was just to be beautiful and wait for this guy to show up, but with years passing and nothing happened unless I "caused" it, I'm not sure about the roles of each one in society nowadays, I don't meet interesting guys very often and most of the time when I bump into someone they happen to not be my type in terms of physical attraction or vice versa, so far what I've learned about relationships was from expposing myself to different types of men and aquiring experience, if I did have this mindset of waiting for guys to do all the work I wouldnt know myself, wouldn't know what I want, what I like or dislike, it's been awesome and I do have a lot of experience but sometimes I feel like I'm way further in the game than the average man and many dates I feel like I'm the "alpha" of the situatuon if you know what I mean, I would like to know your opinion on that, I've watched all your videos about relationships but I know that they used to be very orange in the begginign and you probably have a different opinion/approach by now when it comes to relationship/connection
  3. Clean diet, avoid sugars, maca powder, Vitex supplement, cbd is helping me a lot too Sorry that you are going through that, it’s so unfair that we women go through this hormonal roller coaster every month It’s one week of heaven, when we are ovulating, we feel strong, high self esteem, very motivated etc, then one week of hell when we are PMSing and feel like killing ppl, then another losing blood and feeling weak, then another week of recovery because after our period our immunity system is lower and we need to eat a lot, the right foods otherwise we get sick.. then starts all over again, 12 times a year ? Another thing I noticed is that when I’m pmsing it’s easier to just surrender to that energy instead of fighting because we do feel bad, we do take everything personal, we really feel negative, and if we judge ourselves for feeling bad we get trapped in the negative thinking spiral, so it’s a time to be reclusive and go inwards, not a good time to socialize unfortunately. I also have problems with my insulin levels because of PCOS, and that’s another reason why I feel the mood swings even more, not sure if that’s your case Hope you feel better ?
  4. @Serotoninluv very interesting what you said, I see that with my friends too, what I also noticed is that depending on their level of consciousness it doesn’t matter much how much they take it, I’ve asked some people I know about quantity, trying to find out their insights etc, but specially the ones who are not interested in spirituality and take it most recreationally, they talk about all the colors, the objects moving, the music being out of this world, there arentmany internal interaction, I guess because since they haven’t known themselves, or haven’t done any pd work, I would say the experiences will be shallow, doesn’t matter how many tabs one takes, and of course I see this in myself, I have a high tolerance for many psychedelics and have been using it for a while now, if I’m not doing the work, meditating, taking care of my body and mind, the trip is just mellow, with exception of dmt, ayahuasca, Iboga, those will shake my reality 99% of the times you take. I was taking lsd and mushrooms very often, I’ve been on a break for 6 months because I saw that most importantly is the work I do out of the trips, the integration like you said is key, along with set and setting. Such a fascinating tool, but like everything we need to know how to use it otherwise we are giving pearls to pigs ?
  5. @cle103 cancer is a water sign like Scorpio and Pisces, very intense and sentimental, usually veeery emotional and highly intuitive, cancer women cry a lot, while cancer men are really good at hiding their emotions so they tend to be very reserved overall. They are known to be very manipulative cause their are good in persuasion. They have a mom instinct with those around them, cancer women are usually very nurturing and like to take care of their home and family/friends, while men express it it by being very protective.
  6. @Rilles Hahaha me too, I am such a weirdo cause I have no problems talking about deep stuff so I cut the small talk and go straight to the deep stuff and people never expect someone is gonna do that and I do that even with people I don't know. @Galyna Aries are the babiesss the fisrt zodiac sign, the one who opens the way, they like to start things and are great leaders, they are the "I want it and I want it now" haha determined and very very competitive, it's all about winning, they are very honesty and people usually think they are rude because of their "transparency". Since they are always in a competition not with people but within themselves, they are good visionaries, they set up goals and fight for what they want so they are usually very wealthy and stable, for being a fire sign they are a little impulsive and passionate, also all the fire makes them angry faster and then they lose their temper easily. Aries man are usually very controlling, confident and often attractive, Aries women are very peaceful and focused/goal oriented overall but when they lose their temper they explode..
  7. @moon777light this is so beautiful, very detailed ☀️@Serotoninluv right!? I always come back here to check it out the new art ?
  8. @now is forever lmao something wild behavioral
  9. @traveler I'm reading this same book! It's sooooo good, he is very simple and practical, love his teachings
  10. So in the end of DMT spirit molecule Rick Strassman concludes that our pineal gland produces the exact amount of dmt for us to be in this reality we are right now, and when we have a DMT trip we go to other realities, he said it’s like a fuel for being in this reality and the brain go out of its way to use the substance when we ingest, smoke, inject etc, he says it’s produced while we are sleeping, it makes so much sense, a human being dies easily if it’s deprived of sleeping, it was very mind blowing to read that, I also think if DMT does that what would 5meo be considered? I saw on Facebook that Martin ball is having severe insomnia, I wonder if it could be related to the amount of 5meo he had taken in the past I wish Martin Ball, Rick Strassman and James Oroc (author of tryptamine palace) had a conversation about the tryptamines, a podcast would the three of them would be amazing not better than Leo with Joe Rogan.. but still would be great has someone read the books and was intrigued too?
  11. When you say you have awakened a few years ago my intuition feels a bit of superiority in those words, awakening is finding your true nature, and finding your true nature is the realization we are all one, so no need for superiority. Ive been taking psychedelics for a while now, and IMO Martin seems to be going through an awakening, his body is trying to catch up with the evolution of his spirit (or whatever you wanna call it) Matt kahn said once that all sickness is the body saying it needs time to integrate whatever is going on within. Unless we are fully awaken the devil is within each of us, let’s get comfortable with our dark side. Like Shakespeare said “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here”
  12. @Rilles what do you mean? haha my mercury is in Aquarius, I talk A LOT! @Emerald that's very interesting! You are very well grounded with those three earth signs, earth signs are very connected with this reality because of that, they find it easy to bring ideas or projects into this world, it makes sense that you are very intellectual and have the ability to communicate your world to people around you, like Leo does, if you weren't connect it would be hard to have access to so many ideas/things and not get lost, you can explore a lot and come back to yourself.. Snakes are the earth's guardian, often when people drink ayahuasca they see many snakes, the vine of the plant is tangled like two snakes, in Japan they use them to predict earthquakes (since they can sense it 5 days before it happens), they are very smart creatures I'm obsessed with them a lot of people see snakes as a bad sign but as you know they represent wisdom. If you are into them I recommend the book The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and the origins of knowledge written by anthropologist Jeremy Narby. You might like this too: “If the account given in Genesis is really true, ought we not, after all, to thank this serpent? He was the first schoolmaster, the first advocate of learning, the first enemy of ignorance, the first to whisper in human ears the sacred word liberty, the creator of ambition, the author of modesty, of inquiry, of doubt, of investigation, of progress and of civilization.” Robert Ingersoll
  13. @Shadowraix @Aakash Yes, your sun sign can be one but the rising sign another and sometimes people are more like their rising sign than the sun. You need to know the exact time you were born and check the position of moon and other planets in that time. I use this website to make the chart. and here is what every planet or star mean: Rising sign: External self Sun: Fundamental characteristics Moon: Feelings Jupiter: Personal growth Pluto: internal motivation Neptune: Idealism Mercury: Communication Saturn: Insecurities Venus: Love, ways of loving Mars: Motivation, warrior spirit Uranus: Freedom of spirit
  14. @Wyatt Yes for sure, there are many things to take into consideration since we are all unique but I do believe in 75% of what I've seen so far, whats your sign btw?
  15. @ivankiss I love Leo's confidence, it's pleasant to be around them because they are very comfortable in their skin, They are fire sign ruled by the the sun so they tend to be very very powerful, and since they are good with people they are great in leading (natural born leaders, very brave and courageous) The cons is that they are so sure of themselves, so confident that they can neglect the need of others around. In relationships they are very dominant, protective, passionate and warmhearted people.
  16. @Zigzag Idiot That's awesome, I'm Pisces sun, rising Virgo and Capricorn moon. I go crazy with perfection I guess because my ascendant is Virgo, but since Pisces are very dreamy and imaginative I think my groundness comes from my ascendant Virgo, thank god tt's an earth sign, if it was and air sign my mind would be far from here, more than it already is..
  17. @Harikrishnan it's and earth sign, so they tend to be very very grounded, disciplined and responsible, they are the masters of self control and independence. Well known to be had workers, they like to learn things through experience and expertise, since they are independent and grounded they are very practical and focus in the materialist world a lot, they are good managers. They can be very stubborn but I think they are not stubborn, they are just very focused and know what they want, they are intelligent and detail oriented, I found them to be perfectionists like Virgos. Capricorn also value family a lot and are very traditional
  18. @Rilles Yay another Pisces!! Can you relate to what astrology says about Pisces? it's true Leo is Taurus, and i'm here gossiping about him AND getting it all wrong thanks for pointing out
  19. @RichardY yes, in the woods coppicing trees and enjoy gardening sounds like a typical Taurus, Leo is a Taurus too, I don't know why I thought he was Aries.. yes I have many Taurus friends and it's not that they are conservative, they just like to dig deeper into the subjects and find out for themselves what is true, so they don't believe what people say easily that's why people consider them conservatives. I'm not familiar with Jung's opinion but Pisces is the last zodiac sign so they are connected with the after life and for having this one foot in the dream realm Pisces are very artistic and imaginative, but also tend to try to escape this reality.. it's hard to talk about it cause I'm a Pisces myself, but from what I see in my Pisces friends they are very romantic and openminded, I like to say they are the cute ones with duty mind, it's a water sign so very emotional and for being a mutable sign our minds change very fast.
  20. @Nahm Can't believe I guessed right! My best friend is Aquarius too, very wise and communicative people, also very altruistic
  21. @Shadowraix He is here because he is interested apparently, you know how homophobic people like to judge homosexuals? so here he is, picked up specifically this topic and is taking his time to comment on it.
  22. @DrewNows haha I know it’s my Portuguese manifesting itself throught English, I don’t know how to fix it you are a fish too!!
  23. @Nahm I would say Aquarius