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  1. Mix you're coffee with decaffeinated! Just a bit at first then slowly increase the ratio of decaffeinated.?
  2. Lazyness: chronic lack of freedom that comes with lack of discipline.
  3. I've been learning Norwegian for about a year now. Justin doing it to scramble my brain (and because who doesn't think been bilingual wouldn't be cool haha).
  4. I live close to Manchester, went to uni there ?
  5. I have a book which talks about stuff very similar to this called: The Tao of Sexology by Dr Stephen Chang. It has an exercise in it called "the deer exercise" which involves tensing the pc muscle for prolonged periods. Just mentioning this incase it's helpful to anyone interested in this stuff.
  6. I see the EU as green (green/orange). Not quite sure where you see the political or economic success, it was faced major issues in these specific areas, in my veiw caused by a lack of integral (yellow) thinking.
  7. If you came UK I'd travel anyplace you visit.
  8. It could still be stage green even if you do it just to feel better about yourself. Loads of stage green people do that haha.
  9. @-Rowan your daily routine is pretty much identical to mine ?.
  10. Suffering is like a feedback signal calling the individual to explore why they are suffering. Suffering is not required though and many people get into PD motivated just by the idea they can improve there "stats" like a character in a video game.
  11. I found being a student and doing personal development work a very easy and natural combination! I found drawing up a time table very helpful and would study in two hour slots followed by a "break" of personal development. Meditate, Study, exercise, study, lunch, study, reading, yoga, dinner. It was very difficult but I had no social life so had nothing better to do hahah I also noticed that each activity would build up momentum of motivation: been so productive motivated me to be more productive.