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  1. When my mind expands, I can feel it physically in my head/brain. Whenever I get an insight/become more awake/more aware, my brain feels kinda like how muscles feel when we flex them. As if my brain is flexing and vibrating sternly. The more my mind expands the more I can feel that flexing feeling in there. Like when I had an awakening, my brain was flexing like motherfucker! Is this something you guys are experiencing too?
  2. Hello:) Ausar is holding a satsang this Saturday. It will be about Enlightenment, Light Body, Gold Light Sutra and more. Should be interesting! Theres also a transmission at the end.
  3. when you let go fully, and dissolve into nothing and infinity, you of course also let go of all control over yourself. when in this state, has any of you had the unfortunate experience of doing something really stupid? since you're not in control of yourself i mean. like screaming wildly for the neighbours to hear, or jumping out the window?
  4. In a sense, they are sounds. Just like you can hear sounds with your ears you can "hear" thoughts with your awareness.
  5. San Diego, CA, USA and Oslo, Norway. Originally from Norway but I study in the US. Spend time both places though
  6. i do some pranayama! 10 min before every meditation session. my meditation becomes easier that way. i don't know about other effects but i feel like it is healthy in some way. i know people who play wind instruments tend to experience a bunch of health benefits, science has told me
  7. Try them out for yourself over a period of time. If they change your state of mind, dont they work? I listen to alpha and or gamma waves 1 hour daily. Sometimes during meditation, sometimes not. I have no evidence of any physical changes in my brain but I sure have experiental evidence - my state of mind changes when I listen to it.
  8. experiment with it, see what works for you i would think tripping at night vs day is a very minor factor in affecting your experience
  9. when that frightening feeling comes at that point, do two things: allow it to be and allow yourself to feel it (don't try to change it), and give yourself love. right, give yourself the forgiveness that reality gives you unconditionally at any time regardless of anything. See if you can feel that love and trust yourself to it. I do this and it helps me surrender
  10. @Max_V that's what it does my man. it is the same way when people get anxiety or depression after a breakthrough psychedelic trip. your ego gets afraid of how much you let it go and goes wild in neuroticism trying to grasp back on everything it held before you broke through ++. This happens when getting deep meditation sessions sometimes too, just on a smaller scale. Don't worry bout it, its good, its the path
  11. @Azrael Hey! What are you studying, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. So my mom has cancer and more specifically a brain tumour. She is strong and has survived 3 years longer than the doctors predicted (2 years). We have looked into and used many "alternative" treatments such as ketogenic diet, meditation, acupuncture and trying to be more relaxed and joyful about life. These things have helped. Classical treatments such as sedative prescription drugs have also helped to an extent. However much these things have helped, she is currently getting worse. I was thinking psychedelics perhaps could help "clean" her and trash some of the closed up and negative energetic movements inside of her that fuel the growth of the cancer. However, I am afraid she might die consuming them. Do you guys think 5 meo can help her or cancer patients in general ? Or is it too risky, especially considering her tumour is in the brain? Thank you, people
  13. I totally agree with you, Leo. But for the sake of communication I think using the word physical is mostly confusing. Unless you deliberately say it that way because of all the things you said in your last insight post...
  14. Bernie boy... you are very lost.... What you are saying here is very true and accurate ... but not true or applicable to serious non dual seekers. What you are saying in this quote is, however, HIGHLY applicable to MOST "spiritual" people out there. But yea, not for serious non dual seekers. See that distinction. It is subtle to see but man is it fucking huge. (you will probably not see it though haha) love. How do you see it? A good place to start is to raise your awareness of yourself.
  15. William tyler with the album modern country. Great music to trip to or just listen to. Kind yet adventerous vibe with a slight psychedelic input. Gets me in the "zone" every time.
  16. Try to be pretty hungry when you start the trip. This will help not getting nauseous. Eat during the trip if you want to (although it is unlikely that you will want food before the comedown at least) but only after the shrooms have been properly absorbed into your body so to be sure, 2 hours in (depending a little on your dose).
  17. but holy sh you got a friend like that tho? that's pretty lucky i think, (s)he live right by you? how did you meet?
  18. both when on shrooms and after; just talk if you want to! it can be a great way to compliment the contemplation.
  19. yea it can go back and forth. but as you get higher, you will on average spend more time up there than down there. doesn't mean it can't go way down tho at times lol.
  20. Heyyyy, this is Erlend This has probably been discussed before but, what is the difference in nnDMT and 5MEO when it comes to non-dual, spiritual work? Can nn give you an awakening? I realize 5 takes you to the very top of everything, but then what can nn do? What is nnDMTs role in this work, what can it do for you?
  21. And so what? Does that matter? Do you need to attach anything negative to that?