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  1. Often when people take 5-Meo, they are convinced they've seen or interacted with a "god". Even atheists or people who don't give a f*ck about the whole concept of religion suddenly believe in something godlike. What is this god? What does it do to be instantly defined as god?
  2. I don't think dreams ever really mean anything, it's just your brain processing your past. Maybe that certain thing Leo said stuck with you or you watched a lot of his videos. I get that quite often: when I do a lot of the same stuff all day, I dream about it at night.
  3. @Azote I only have basic physics, being able to work with formulas is all we need. I don't know anything about computer science. Also I'd say, that I am definitely a visual learner.
  4. Hey guys, I have a problem that I can't really find a solution to. I only have very few things I am genuinely interested in: (marine) biology, ecology and zoology. I study biology (which is the only option I see for myself regarding higher degrees) but one of the subjects I have to pass is math. Now that is simply not possible, I just can't grasp it, not even the first few lessons. No matter how much time I spend trying to understand it, I can't even solve the few exercises we've got to do at home let alone the exam. All the other stuff, chemistry and physics for example is not a problem, just math. There is no field of studies I'm interested in that doesn't have some kind of math so I can't really go that way in general. What would you do?
  5. This is another amazing idea that I' m going to try next summer in combination with one of my aquaponics systems. Of course, I will be using bike wheels and scrap to build it, but the concept stays the same. Also, thanks for making me smile, not a lot of people are genuinely grateful when I say something forgot the link
  6. @ajasatya Personally, I am leaning more towards growing plants in other ways. Aquaponics or hydroponics for example. The cool thing about Wageningen is that there are many companies with innovative ideas, not just some farmers exploiting their soil to the max.
  7. Sounds pretty damn useful. I'd like to do something with food as well, I hope to make my master degree in Wageningen, the silicon valley of food production.
  8. The symbols sadly don't work in this forum, the exercises make no sense when I copy-paste them.
  9. -worked through the script multiple times -had my friend and a few guys from uni explain it to me -tried to understand it using 3 different books and the internet The worst part is that that's the "easy" stuff. I am open to other ideas, to type "just sit down and do it" is honestly not worth the effort and doesn't answer my question.
  10. Logic and set theory, it's beyond me.
  11. I know it sounds like the easy way out but I simply hit a brick wall with math. No matter who tries to explain it, I just don't understand it. I already did this "I told myself I can't do it so now I can't"-psychology stuff but in reverse, it didn't help. I am now trying for the forth time to get the first few exercises done, I just feel like I am missing some part of the brain that's made to comprehend that shit.
  12. Yesterday, I had a nightmare exactly like the ones I used to have when I was a child. I did my normal meditation (counting my breath) and suddenly, my "brain space" felt and looked like it was physically limited. Kind of like when you watch the stars at night and suddenly the visible universe is finite and you can see where it stops existing. ...hard to describe... The next thing that happens is that random words, I couldn't read the exact words fly "towards" me, kind of like the text animation at the beginning of every star wars movie, but in reverse and incredibly fast and intimidating. Now I didn't panic like I did when I had these nightmares as a child because I was fully aware of what was happening here. I just watched the nightmare and tried to analyze what was going on and why. I didn't find any answers to those questions. Did you ever experience this? To me, it feels like meditation is a perfect trigger for "consciously" observeable nightmares...
  13. Quick question for Leo, I don't really want to change the subject of this thread. I like meditating outdoors, but especially when doing mindfulness meditation, I have a problem. Mostly, I let my mind focus on whatever it wants, I label it and so on. But some sounds, especially birds chirping, always draw my attention away from whatever I was focussing on before. Now birds don't chirp once and then they shut up, they mess my focus up every few seconds. Is there a way to make the mind "ignore" a certain sound while trying to practice mindfulness at the same time?
  14. What works really good for me, is focussing on the pressure between two of my fingers when they touch. I noticed that I feel more different and more accurate sensations the more I do that exercise. Raising concentration and focus is a big part of my meditation habit. It consists of 4 steps: First, I focus on my fingers touching for two minutes. Then, I do mindfulness meditation for 20 minutes. After that, I repeat step one and do vipassana meditation for 10 minutes. That way I have three different types of focus: my fingers, my nostrils when doing vipassana and the sensations "in my head" and around me when doing mindfulness meditation.
  15. Let me hear if it works! And don't forget: With as much adrenaline as you have in your body, you have to run quite a while to get it all out. So run until you can't do it anymore, then keep running until you get the so called "runnner's high". Your mind will suddenly be incredibly calm, relaxed and peaceful. Everything feels like it's kind of slowed down, the volume of everything around you turns down and you are full of serotonin. Running or doing stuff like weightlifting, bodyweight training etc. gets me out of that agressive/anxious state every time.
  16. Do you do any sports? Because being nervous, angry and always on the move even though you are tired are clear symptoms of too much adrenaline in your body. That even fits in with the timing: you are in a lot of psychological stress because of the exams and everything around it. Your body naturally puts out adrenaline to put you in the fight-or-flight mode. The solution might be quite simple: Really exhaust yourself physically for about an hour! Go for a run, do fitness, whatever, but really bring yourself to the limit. That's the only way to "use" the adrenaline, to get rid of it. You will feel much better afterwards, all the stress and anger will dissolve into nothing.
  17. Same here, I am not emotional at all and I have so little empathy that I have massive problems connecting to people, just because I don't understand them. But for some reason, music makes me very emotional. So listening to the right music while thinking about stuff really helps me process e.g. situations that have an emotional side to them. It even made me shed a tear once, even though there was basically no reason to cry.