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  1. @Gabriel Antonio How about fuck your ego? This is a massive part of me living life (I’m an INTP after all). Me, like Leo, can’t help but share. And share we shall ?
  2. @Joseph Maynor I agree 100%. I actually think you’re one of the most evolved on the forum (from what I’ve read of your stuff). So keep at it man - gotta climb the spiral higher and higher (you’re probs at coral now, right?). The spiral is actually infinite (as God Himself is infinite), so keep climbing my friend. How old do you think I am everyone btw? ?☺️? Have a guess.
  3. @Truth Addict Sorry father, I’ll drop it right this very second ? Side note tho, to know you’re not liberated, is actually quite impressive for someone that questions things relentlessly (as I assume you do). So keep at it man, you’ll get there eventually ?
  4. @ajasatya Sorry dad, I won’t do it again ?
  5. @Truth Addict Sorry, but you’re not liberated either ?
  6. @ajasatya Therefore you’re not liberated, sorry
  7. @Bill W As it should. Once you’re enlightened, you realize there’s nothing to actually contemplate. Reality just IS ❤️ So God out and enjoy God’s infinitely beautiful creation. Another aside, all enlightened beings are hedonists
  8. @ajasatya Do you suffer? Be honest. It’s extremely easy for the mind to delude you into thinking you’re enlightened when you simply aren’t. Sure, it’s easy to claim enlightenment when you’re living a cruisy, blissful life, but it’s another matter when you’re being tortured, ya feel?
  9. @ajasatya Sorry, I know you think, you’re liberated (not trying to be belittling), but I get the sense that you may not be fully liberated. Take that with a grain of salt tho of course (because what do I know after all )
  10. @pluto What you have to realize is that people are unique with unique personalities. I’m the same personality type as Leo (INTP), and we can’t help but conceptualise almost on a moment by moment basis, so it would be inauthentic to not spread our theories or “truths” to others. You may be content to just bliss out on love 24/7 (and more power to ya), but I’m certainly not. You also have to understand that there’s a difference between enlightenment and self-actualisation, and in my (not so) humble opinion, they are equally important. Just some food for thought (but I guess you don’t like thinking, right )
  11. @Inliytened1 Coral moves from liberalism to capitalism. When I was in Turquoise, I thought the labor (I live in Australia) party was the better party (the labor party is the liberals for you Americans). The reason I think capitalism is the best system, is because it is survival of the fittest, and in order to progress as rapidly as possible as a species, survival of the fittest needs to reign supreme (but not too supreme - there needs to be dynamic balance of course). We do still have to cater for the (let’s just say) not so competent among us, but we can’t cater too much for them or else we will stagnate. I think Jordan Peterson is much more evolved than Leo gives him credit for (he definitely has some coral in him, as well as a lot of yellow and a little turquoise I’d say). Although, as an aside, I don’t think it’s actually true (based on my direct experience) that you have to move up the stages in a linear sequence). Anyway, I’m rambling now And I agree with your comment about free will (it is the greatest illusion). In my mind (which might be the problem ) it seems as if us having no free will is the only duality that doesn’t have an opposite (if you know what I mean).
  12. You do realize, right, that life gets infinitely better and better after enlightenment, although every day is the best day simultaneously (the whole mind-matrix consists of dualities ) But once you are in heaven (enlightened), in a relative sense, every day is better than the last. Pleasure on pleasure on pleasure on pleasure for eternity. ETERNITY!!! An enlightened being, at least in my case as my primal sign (look into it), is Taurus, just wants pleasure. Taureans aside, who doesn’t fucking love pleasure. If you could have a never-ending stream of pleasure, would you turn it down? Fuck no. It’s actual BLISS. Like you actually don’t understand. IT’S INFINITELY BLISSFUL. The mind can’t comprehend such states because the mind operates in concepts and not direct experience, but I prophesy that we will all be living the dream (so to speak ), soon enough. The apocalypse is coming, if you can’t see the signs, delusion is clouding your judgment I’m sorry. Not trying to talk down to anyone, just speaking what I know. So buckle up, the apocalypse is gonna be hella fun
  13. The one (and maybe only) good thing about addiction, is that the longer you go without your drug of choice, the better it feels once you get it.
  14. I'm keen to buy the booklist, but I can't find the price anywhere. I'm broke atm as well so I might not be able to buy it anytime soon but was just wondering. Apologies for the newby question lol
  15. @Markus Enlightenment (the cessation of suffering) does exist (as verified through direct experience.) Yes, hitting non-dual states is not enlightenment because they are not abiding. I believe (or know, rather; once again through direct experience), that one can hit non-dual states and actually abide in them for extended periods of time. Since I am diagnosed bipolar, I’ve had manic episodes whereby I entered non-dual states for months at a time. I’ve had four psychiatric ward stays because mere mortals (aka unenlightened ones), fear when their loved ones become God right before their eyes. My first episode was especially intense. Trigger warning; strong language. I was screaming cu** over and over again in front of my mum and told her to punch me in the face. I have a fire within me that is unquenchable (as I’m a Taurus according to primal astrology - which I’d highly recommend you look into). After such non-dual intense states (well it’s not really a state), I had a severe ego backlash where my iq dropped to below 100 whereas in my manic states it probably pushes 160+) Just thought that was an interesting anecdote to share.
  16. @Drake140 Sorry but @abrakamowse is right (subjectively speaking of course - or is it objective). Everything is one after all. Every opposite exists because of its opposite. And karma exists for sure. Isaac Newton (amongst others) coined it when he said every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Enlightenment (as the Buddha put it), is the eradication of karma, so, once you’re enlightened, you can actually do whatever the fuck you want with zero consequences for yourself. Not gonna lie, I’m a massive zen devil. I simply don’t give a fuck how my actions cause suffering for those around me. But, of course, since reality is perfect, I am perfect <3
  17. Enlightenment is FUCKIN AMAZING!!! You simply do not understand what no suffering entails. And it just gets better and better over time (and time is infinite). It is my firm belief that the end result of human evolution is enlightenment for all. Everyone is saved and goes to heaven (or hell if that’s your kink) I, like Leo (as oppossed to some enlightened masters), don’t like to downplay the magnitude and absolute beauty that enlightenment brings. As an enlightened being, it is effortless to know if someone else is enlightened. The words they use and the way they carry themselves is more than enough of a sign <3
  18. @Inliytened1 Sounds like a plan dude. Get that root chakra activated. It’s the primal and most important chakra after all. Without awakening the root chakra in its entirety I doubt you will ever be able to awaken the crown (enlightenment) chakra
  19. @outlandish Yeah man that’s what I mean (I guess )
  20. @Jack River You’re clearly a highly evolved being. Congratulations
  21. @Drake140 I feel shit bro, I feel shit. I’ve (definitely not full - but to a great extent) opened up my heart chakra. It is going to be the last chakra of mine to open fully (my crown and third eye) are already 100% functional and unblocked. But, because I’m an INTP (bringing Myers Briggs into the equation), Fe (which is the social harmony function) is my inferior function, meaning it will take the longest to fully maturate. I simply don’t judge people (as there is no free will and therefore no one to judge), but I don’t have the infinite love aspect of the god head unlocked just yet. All in due time my friends, and time is infinite
  22. @Jack River I am the highest (as Osho would say).