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  1. Hi, in the video on fear and resistance, Leo talks about doing shadow work. Besides therapists and life coaches, what books or resources/techniques can I use to uncover hidden things from my past? At the moment I have the book a guide to rational living and loving what is, so I know how to dissipate emotions, but I need a more effective way to uncover them. Anyone with experience that can suggest some resources to buy
  2. Who says video games can't have an impact on someone's life, examples are games like this. Just bear in mind you must have the intention of creating something great, working for a corporation that churns out an average game like Fifa each year isn't gonna be too fullfilling
  3. Hi! On the issue of wanting relationships, what's happening is you really want this girl, so you think thiughts to yourself like "shit I better not get obsessed, come of as needy", ironically this is what makes it appear. You need to let go of neediness, which is entirely possible to do. So that you no longer care whether or not you will get the girl, which puts you in the best possible position to get her. It doesn't matter what the reason for this is, this may become clear later if you do what I suggest, you don't need a reason to solve it. But likely it's based on low self esteem, or on wanting to be seperate, to distinguish yourself to be special and doing this through wanting approval to validate how you see yourself, (which is perfectly fine everyone does this ) First of all, I can guarantee you at some point in their lives nearly everyone feels like you do, so don't worry about it too much. But most people don't ever fix it, which I'm gonna tell you how to do the best way to do this is to let go of your inner blocks and emotions using the Sedona method. You can't force this to change by being angry at yourself. the Sedona method has many programs, but the best way is to read the book, which Leo has on his book,list as a five star book. The chapter I would use is releasing on wanting approval and releasing on attisning your goal of a fulfilling relationship. Seriously this is perfect for your problem, I know because I was in the exact same position. At just the beginning of this year, I became too attached to girls, and would sabotage myself thinking 'they won't like me' etc or 'I'm too needy I, not good enough', the Sedona method enabled me to COMPLETELY solve this. Not improve not fix I mean COMPLETELY fix it, now it's 100% gone. Ironically the less I care whether I get a girl, the more girls like me. Just a side note you need to be patient, for me it took three weeks of releasing for at least twenty minutes a day to get rid of that problem. There you go, this is a way to completely fix this, it's just up to you whether you actually do something about it or just read this on not try fix it.
  4. My life purpose is acting I'm 17 years old, next year I'm heading off to university and will likely have around 50K debt by the end of a three year course. The problem is with acting I won't be able to find a steady income, unless I get a minimum wage job which will be full time which kinda defeats the point of this entire thing. What do I do? I'm trying to stay away from a victim mindset, I know there are ways to solve this but how? Can someone point me to resources or at least point me in the right direction of how to set it up so that I can have a strategy to survive?
  5. Hi! You say you focus your efforts on one thing to master, does that mean sacrificing doing personal development? e.g if I want to master an area say finance for example (random example). And I'm doing personal development work on having great relationships, do I have to give up all the positive growth of focusing heavily on improving my dating life etc? Loving the course by the way if you end up reading this, I've already got 11 pages of notes and I'm only on the eighth video
  6. "The best job is a job that doesn't feel like work at all" - Gay Hendricks
  7. Hi! theres a video on tripp advice where Leo talks about how life purpose helps with dating, if your a man being on purpose creates things like passion and confidence women are attracted to.
  8. @rush study all videos Leo has on emotional mastery, and read some books on it, you can't control what thoughts appear you can control the emotions that come from thoughts.
  9. @Akeberg @Akeberg I found the affirmations useful, but a way more effective way not caring for me is using the Sedona method, and letting go of wanting approval. Here's a free PDF skip to the chapter on releasing underlying wants and do the questions on approval. By the way it's true that's a a general rule the less you care about people's opinions the more positive their opinions of you are. Not caring enables me to act the way I do around close friends with wnyone, occasionally I say seething weird but it's so much fun to express my authentic self. I've experienced more fulfilling friendships. Not caring will make people like you more yet at the same time it won't matter to you.
  10. @Matt23 matt! Recently been doing the course, I'm not Leo but have a perfect book to recommend to you, the Sedona method. It will take prsctice but Sedona method can be used to completely remove any emotion. This is huge for the life purpose course! Imagine being able to remove any fears about pursuing your life purpose, also imagine being able to even remove things like resitance where you feel like "I should but don't want to do the work", or being able to let go of a belove like "it's too hard, I'm not good enough" all this is possible with the Sedona method. And it goes way deeper you can use it for anything relationships, general happiness breaking bad habits addiction etc. Definitely read this book it's phenomenal (also a five star book on Leo's book list ), just recognise that to get the real amazing results you'll need it practice, may take around four weeks to be able to see amazing results from it, the technique is simple but insanely life changing. Literally all you do is ask yourself questions.
  11. That would just be one article, the book goes way more in depth, it is about addressing dating problems at the root no superficial stuff like you mentioned
  12. You should send your video to Brian, I'm sure he'll appreciate someone saying how much he's changed their life Seeing themselves make this kind of impact can make someone's entire week!
  13. Ross I may be able to solve this for you i had the same problem pretty much after implementing this video I was able to fix it, remember visualisation/affirmation needs to be fun, that's when you know it's gonna be effective. Watch this video he explains why it's probably not working for you
  14. After hearing about having to spend thousands of hours doing gruelling work to achieve mastery, like Leo states in the mastery video the whole concept of life purpose sounds depressing, putting myself through so much suffering seems horrible, how do you overcome the belief that it's just too much work?
  15. Hi! I had the same problem, and was able to completely eradicate it. I think I read somewhere that a possible reason for having a fear of intimacy is if your parents were not intimste around each other during childhood. In my experience my parents never kissed or hugged each other around me, so keep in mind this could be contributing to it. But for me and bear in mind this may be different from you, the fear of intimacy came from a need for approval and a fear of rejection. I was scared of intimacy in both friendships and relationships, saying I love you to a partner would make me extremely uncomfortable, even doing things like texting my friends could be uncomfortable, so that I would not be my authentic self around anyone. Basically what I found was the fear of intimacy came from a need for approval, I was scared of being intimwte because the concept of being rejected in a close relationship was terrifying, because if they rejected me than they would be rejecting the REAL me, not some persona which scared the shit out of me. Because of they rejected who I truly was than who could like me? At least that's how I felt. Basically what I found is that if you let go of your fear of dissaproval you will completely let go of this fear of intimacy. Leo has a video on not caring what other people think although I didn't find the affirmations to be that helpful. To solve this I recommend checking out some books from his book list on emotional mastery, particularly taming your gremlin and the Sedona method. To let go of wanting approval I personally used the Sedona method. Basically theres a chapter in the in the book with questions on wanting approval, for about three weeks I kept asking these questions, at first I found t difficult, but gradually I started to release. It's ridiculous how much affect not caring what others think can have on your life, now I can approach anyone to talk, I have no social anxiety LITERALLY none, even with things Le public speaking and obviously the fear of intamcy is gone. Even better is as a general rule the less you care what others think the more they like you, which is great but at the same time doesn't really matter because to me it's not IMPORTSNT that they like me anymore. . So basically. Let go of wanting approval. 1: Read Sedona method 2: apply chapter on approval for 1-3 months or as long as it takes. Its really pretty easy to fix this. But Sedona method requires persistence as normally at first it takes a while of trying with no results before it starts working.
  16. An asshole respects himself but not woman. A confident man respects himself AND woman.
  17. Thanks for responding everyone I actually discovered a video after posting this that may have completely solved this problem for me. If anyone's interested here it is, holy shit this stuff is powerful.