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  1. Hi Leo, I've sent a message about this to you but I'm posting here also just in case you miss my message. I am currently in the process of moving home and so my IP address is going to vary as I am using a mobile account and various wifi. I am subscribed to the life purpose course and do not want to get locked out of my account. I noticed on the forums recently that this happened to someone else who had used a different IP because apparently you use security software to combat the issue of people sharing their password? So I'm just letting you know ahead of time as I really need to keep studying the course. Thanks.
  2. Why do you think that you are supposed to switch off thoughts? It's a misconception that meditation is about switching off thought. Meditation is about learning to accept what is. If your mind is busy then accept it and notice how much you don't want it. Just notice and accept everything. Stop trying add somethin but instead let go of everything.
  3. Over here in Australia many of the most successful actors went to university to study acting. The national institute of dramatic arts or NIDA is arguably the best pathway to a career in acting here. Do you not have something similar where you live? Is there a reason why you are not choosing to take this path if it's what you really want to do? Don't take the safest option whatever you do.
  4. Drug users/addicts may have some experiences which open the mind to alternative perspectives however the cycle of drug abuse will do nothing but keep you stuck in a miserable state of craving which will most likely take you nowhere but towards your own premature demise. Its very self absorbed childish behaviour. If you want to grow and evolve in life the first thing you need to do is ditch your addictions. Until you do that you're going nowhere fast no matter how amazingly enlightened you might feel when you're wasted.
  5. Social media cultivates narcissism. They have done research on it and found the more people use it the more narcissistic they are. It's all about fabricating a certain image of your self and most of the time that image is bullshit. Look at me, look how happy, gorgeous, popular and successful I am. Meanwhile back in the real world they are probably miserable and lonely.
  6. Hi Pramit Meditation isn't about trying to escape unpleasant feelings. When we sit we can practice recognising and accepting whatever is happening but not identifying with any of it. So when you feel the legs go numb, you note gently "numbness, numbness" and bring the attention back to the breath or whatever your object of meditation is. If there is pain in your back you can observe the pain and see that it is nothing more than changing sensation passing every moment. Note if it is dull , sharp, pulsing, throbbing. Watch the mind how it wants to get rid of it (aversion) and craves to feel comfortable again. Notice how strong the craving is. Ask yourself who or what is it that wants to get rid of the discomfort. This is excellent practice and will cultivate equanimity. However meditation is not about tolerating pain. If the pain in your back is too much its ok to move but try to move mindfully and very slowly. Don't move every single time you feel pain though. Maybe only once for each sit. Also use a cushion and tilt the pelvis so that you dont place strain on the back. It doesn't matter what you do you will always eventually feel uncomfortable. This is Dukha. Accept it and learn to let go of what your mind wants.
  7. A successful happy life does not equal alineating yourself from the world and becoming a recluse. Humans have evolved in such a way that we need community and connection with others. The Buddha renounced extreme methods of self-mortification and resorted to the Middle Way of moderation, which eventually led to his enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. For him the Middle Way was a logical, reasonable and realistic solution for human beings, whether they lived as householders or monks, based upon the very nature of the human body which was made to thrive on moderation rather than extreme pleasure or pain. Living as a hermit in a cave is a very ascetic life and therefore not the middle way. If you truly know your own suffering then you will know the suffering of others and understand with compassionate why they are the way they are instead of fearing them. I'm not sure where you live but in many countries now including the USA there are small intentional communities springing up all over the place where you can live in a healthy self sustaining way with other conscious people. Have a look into it. Intentional communities
  8. Er yeah you did say that. You asked me why I am not appreciative and I told you why. You might think you're teaching me but I don't subscribe to your view. If my mum died, my partner left and my dogs dying I'm not going to pretend that it doesn't hurt and that the pain is not real. I'm human, I feel pain and I accept that I feel pain. You're correct that the pain is not who I am however it's there and I don't deny it but I turn toward it and face it and try not to add to it or exacerbate it ie suffering on suffering. I don't pretend that I'm happy and if people can't deal with it and label me as negative such as you have well I don't need those sorts of people in my life.
  9. I'll never give up my bed. I absolutely love nothing more. It's like my sanctuary. My comfort bubble where nothing can touch me. Having said that I don't agree that the floor is better for the body. The floor is way too hard. My back needs some gentle but firm support.
  10. Best part of the day
  11. It sounds to me like you're over thinking the entire thing. You can't block thoughts and the more you try to the more they will force their way into your psyche. All you can do is recognise and accept them but don't identify with them. You don't have to act on them. Just know that they are there and allow them to pass. It's perfectly natural to think sexy thoughts around someone you find attractive. I do it all the time however I don't see it as a problem. Learn to become friends with your mind. You can always have a wank later
  12. Believing or assuming that you're more "conscious" is just a way to separate yourself ie it's ego. Whereas if you were really fully conscious you would know that there is no separation. Having said that, its healthy to be discerning about who to spend time with but not to the point that no one is good enough because they are all below you. You could start or join a Meetup group for likeminded people. Meetup
  13. I don't recognise or enjoy any good qualities in your view so why would I be appreciative. In fact your view is the perfect example of what Im talking about i.e. you're labelling and judging me as negative because I choose to express my authentic thoughts and feelings rather than mask them over with socially acceptable niceties. You're projecting. Refer to Leos video "dude"
  14. I agree and it's the same here in Australia. Australia is just a mini America in many ways. Don't ask me why we have gone down that road because it's always felt like a massive mistake to me and everyone I know but our government and media have relentlessly pursued that avenue. Probably because we have been allies for so long and also because we are such a young country with no real identity so we just take on the identity of others. Pity we didn't follow in the footsteps of more progressive non relgious countries who aren't all shooting each other. Leaving that aside I totally get what you are saying about putting on a brave face. Vulnerability is seen as weakness particularly in men who are still taught not cry.
  15. Maybe I wasnt clear enough or perhaps you have just totally misunderstood but I'm not talking about random strangers. I'm well aware and have enough life experience to know that you don't just open up about your personal problems to complete strangers. You have interpreted what I have said as me thinking my problems are special or more important but it's just not the case at all. Nice try though.