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  1. @Endangered-EGO I hear you! I can go meta on it and let go of all personal attachment, etc. Though it's easier to do when in the comfort of your safe environment, but if my loved ones' life was endangered, I'd have to work through some hard emotions, for sure. Only shows how deeply we're wired for survival on a very instinctive subconscious level.
  2. @SQAAD It's not about dropping our survival skills, it's about the big picture perspective. And speaking of your examples of eating turds and having your finger cut off, if you were starving to death with only a turd available in front of you, you'd eat it. And if you were given a choice between watching your family slowly killed one by one or your finger sliced, I have a feeling you'd choose the latter option? You'd choose the lesser pain over greater? Perspective.
  3. Trust the process @RoerAmit
  4. Hello from sunny Florida
  5. The only things that are biased are concepts, because they're tied up to survival. The infamous phrase 'Curiosity killed the cat'...if the cat was thinking, it wouldn't have gotten killed. If an ant was thinking, they wouldn't have built their ant hill in the middle of the walking path. You get the drift. Biases are a survival mechanism and are conceptual, not actual.
  6. @RoerAmit Also, I haven't watched Leo's last video yet, but from this morning's comments it sounds like he touches on the topic of pain and suffering and gives good perspective on those. I'll be watching the vid shortly, let me know what you think. There is also a thread in Enlightenment subforum about it.
  7. @RoerAmit What helped me in the past is to sit with it and allow it to run through you. Healing takes time and it shall pass too. Observe, don't absorb. Eckhart Tolle has good videos on pain body. We don't have to identify with pain. Please listen to some of his videos, they'll be a healing balm. Much love <3
  8. @Preety_India And thank you, Pretty, for being so brave to take on this journey and for being part of this community. We learn from each other and grow together. Much love to you <3❤️
  9. I think these 3 dancing Russians girls are hilarious
  10. The deepest answers to life are not found in books or from other people, they are found inside yourself in moments of solitude and deep self-reflection - Leo Gura
  11. @Endangered-EGO Take nothing personally (there is no person) and be as present as 'you' can/observe, don't absorb
  12. @SageModeAustin Stage Blue values do come handy, just remember to keep evolving and growing beyond that stage
  13. I am participating in a poll conducted by a European university on what behaviors would be considered toxic in politics and which political figures are good examples of those behaviors and why. Any feedback/opinion is apreciated. And please be as objective in your comments as possible. Thanks!