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  1. Just a reminder to stay on op discussion and not derail the thread. Thanks.
  2. From the Absolute/God perspective harming another would be same as harming myself. Even the word 'harming', it's only 'bad' to a threatened ego. And the challenge in OP is just a talk of a threatened ego.
  3. @JayFueel Keep your mind open to different perspectives and especially the big picture perspective. Here Leo explains the mechanics of evil
  4. Still work in progress, but being aware is crucial
  5. @Someone here Less attachments you have, happier you'll be.
  6. Wake up with no 'me' story Get up and be unnatached When walking, feel the presence No need on a doer to latch You're the Universe in motion A nobody thinking they are A somebody with a purpose A mission that's going far Impressing others, struggling Trying to make life worthwhile Forgetting Presense and Being Require nothing to smile Smile while breathing, creating As watching the day unfold The mind will try to snatch it The love and peace you hold Remain as what is, savor The moment without a role Life isn't there somewhere It's here, it's flowing, it's whole By Natasha <3
  7. @machinegun Leo is still partially Stage Orange, though he could also be a Green minimalist and Yellow integrator. Most immigrants are hard working folk, it's not so much about hoarding money as to insuring financial security, esp if you came from a poor country. I know, because I came from the same economically challenged culture as he did and share the same impeccable work ethic and strive for financial security and independence.
  8. An opinion, not a fact. Are you still a Mormon? If yes, you should know better. Further confusing the already deluded is irresponsible.
  9. I have seen through the ego -mind and stomached the fact that what I believed for 20+ yrs was a mind story, not an actual fact. This work takes courage, humbleness, and some time. This path is not for faint- hearted, it takes guts to go against the grain and burst the bubble of a belief/mind story. Direct experience is your best bet to start freeing your mind and to know what's actually there without conditioned interpretations.
  10. Evil is the ego creating separation and seeing things that are not there, aka selfishness.
  11. @JayFueel A light is just what it is - a light, not anything else. Your mind has been conditioned to believe it was Jesus or have some spiritual meaning. Don't give meaning to something that's not there. I used to be a Christian for over 20 yrs, until I started to deconstruct my beliefs and connect with direct experience, everything else is a mind story you were programmed to believe and are attached to.
  12. @WelcometoReality Psychedelics or no psychedelics, Leo's insights into reality are super valuable and profound. I'm not a psych user either, only had 2 mushroom trips about a year and a half ago, but still continue watching, learning, and most importantly directly verifying his every video and blog communication. The material he puts out is truly a spiritual goldmine. @Rilles It's ok not to resonate with everything Leo says or his style of communication. Look beyond the language and your personal biases and projection. Take the golden nuggets he offers and leave the rest alone. You can't expect reality conform to your liking, it's just that simple.
  13. @Phil King The spiritual ego was trying to prove something.
  14. @SQAAD Control is about survival. God/Being doesn't need to survive, it just is.
  15. @sorrytoch Leo has already made a video on art and creativity
  16. @Judy2 Thank you! Loved your poem too
  17. DEEPER SELF Become the deeper Self Heart over mind resides Beliefs no longer held No biases, no sides Become the deeper Love That's unconditional That doesn't lie or bluff Nor being fictional Become the deeper Peace Beyond the seen and known Let even knowledge cease And worldly wisdom gone The ever growing heart The kindness that abides The life like river flows The light which guides Become the deeper Now And Here, to behold This moment like a flower Eternally unfold By Natasha <3
  18. @TruthSoldier Higher teachings are communicated everywhere and in a lot of different just have to tune in