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  1. Beautiful music with Osho narrative:
  2. @mandyjw Thank you for the suggestions Yes,have made mattress adjustments, comfy shoes, better chair with lumbar support at work, etc. My doc prescribed new pain meds Tramadol that has been working so far today and not messing up stomach. I was finally able to take a decent nap and move around without pain yay. Hope it keeps working.
  3. I started using Aleve for my back pain it it has given some relief. I'm also on a anti inflammatory diet. And meditate to have a better spiritual perspective on pain. What other ways have you discovered to keep pain at bay? Thanks for your feedback.
  4. @Ulax I had 2 massage therapy sessions and had a ton of pain the following night/day afterwords. Will look into the program in the link, thank you!
  5. I like how he thinks @undeather @Nahm @Michael569 @Medhansh Thank you guys for the feedback and support ❤️?
  6. @Nahm Thank you for the kind words. I envision complete healing in 1-2 yrs. In the meantime, working on mobility and range of motion. I don't do anything strenuous, can already get in and out of bathtub by myself, get dressed/undressed, in/out of bed. Just 3 mos ago couldn't do any of those by myself, so I'm moving in the right direction in baby steps. I have strong willpower and great self discipline and positive attitude of not giving up. 10 yrs ago I healed cancer without an oncologist just by researching and taking the right steps. I work on my victim mentality and. I see these trials as opportunity for growth. Thank you so much for your support and understanding
  7. @Medhansh @Nahm What do use for those?
  8. @Nahm I kind of do what works for me as far as exercises go. There would be 2-3ays of intense pain followed by 2-3 days of sympom free days. I found this chart online while researching how nerves heal and it has been a case witj me. It has to get worse before it gets better.
  9. @Michael569 Ive been doing core exercises at home and try to stay active and mobile. My goal is to maintain quality of life Still working. The doc is pushing for a surgery, but I won't be doing it. I've been doing some research online and it seems back problems , even severe ones resolve themselves with time. Yesterday pain got pretty bad, so I got Aleve, but this morning I woke up with messed up stomach and feeling like throwing up. I took probiotics and some pineapple. Going to eat some breakfast now. I did take Aleve with food yesterday
  10. @undeather Compression fractures in T6 and T12 and ruptured discs throughout lumbar section of the spine L4 through S 1. Paraspinous - normal.
  11. Do what you want to do and shut the others up.
  12. Do what you want to do and shut the others up.
  13. NOURISH Nourish the mind with emptiness And the body with virtue Nourish all things in the world with benevolence And nourish all ages with Tao Natasha <3
  14. So, the results are in BUT steps the doc suggested to fix my current condition (sore back) have nothing to do with it. The doc prescribed 2 different vaccines (one is for chicken pox wtf?, colonoscopy, more scans (ok) (her friend owns an imaging company), pep smear, surgery (her brother is a surgeon), injections, etc. Nothing is said about core exercises, spine healthy diet, dry sauna (to help blood flow and inflammation), epsom salt baths (that have been life savers for my back pain, special mattress accomodations, etc). Again, sounds like catering to the Big Pharma. Ugh! Im determined to stick to my own common sense, research, and self discipline to help myself, like I did with beating cancer 10 yrs ago. Just bazzar an experienced doc/ chiro wouldn't know what works and what doesn't in a healing process of the body. Anywho, I'm setting a goal to get better on my own this year. Will be recording progress in this journal, so stay tuned if you care ??? 100% agreed
  15. In my recent contemplation came up an insight to view the Matrix as maternal and the Absolute as paternal. In other words, in this reality we feel like in a womb, connected, familiar, safer, tighter. While the Absolute seems distant, empty, and detached. Still both are one (all in the family : ) Let me know what you think, if it's a good analogy.
  16. Thanks for the links. Maybe that's the reason we feel like home here
  17. Next Friday I'll know why my back is in pain on/off. Had it X-rayed last Thursday. Until recovery this is pretty much how I feel about it
  18. @Khan 0 Ok, so the mother (matrix) drops 'you' to the father (the Absolute). Yes, I've been dropped and have to say momma's love is still more comforting than father's
  19. @Forza21 The essence. Both wave and ocean share the same essence which is water.