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  1. @Olly Your question answered by an enlightened person
  2. 'You' are the source manifesting/ experiencing itself through and as an object form of the physical body.
  3. @Pinocchio Dancing his way out of the puppet show matrix
  4. For me it was like going through 5 stages of loss and grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Once you start this journey, you can't really regress. Just keep going and feeling all the emotions that arise - they are all part of the process. The seeking will suddenly vanish, suddenly be there no more. There will be no more pain, no more suffering... just the peace and the bliss of what is.
  5. Death is not opposite of life, it's only opposite of birth. Surrendering to just being IT brings an end to the energy of seeking, suffering. And peace at last
  6. How can Pure Transparent Empty Awareness hurt Pure Transparent Empty Awareness? 'You' are untouchable, my friend!
  7. @The Son Agree. This reputation score system sounds like a mind game. I never pay attention to those numbers anyway.
  8. These are ridiculously funny. Thanks for sharing!
  9. How many Enlightened does it take to change a light bulb? (post your answer below)
  10. Interesting. English is my second language too, so I can see how Dalai Lama would have had hard time with that phrase.
  11. I need to be more consistent and disciplined at meditating daily. Would this approach help?
  12. Good information in this video. Thank yo for re-posting it.
  13. I am not against mental health therapy, just think that psyc meds are largely over-prescribed. Its a huge business and one should always follow the money trail. A friend of mine is a mental health counselor and she tells me how corrupt this business really is. So try to be discerning and if you have to use meds, do so as the last resort and only as temporary solution.
  14. Enlightened Tony Parsons and Lisa Cairns use 'unconditional love' as a synonym for 'enlightenment' and 'non-duality' in their talks. They are both in relationships, and when mention their partners, they always do it with warm regard and a lot of respect.
  15. @Helge You don't need meds. Check out Leo's 'Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Self Actualize', 'How to Stop Judging Yourself', and 'How We Lie'. Those are great resources to help you change perspective. You are already whole and perfect just the way you are, just need to realize it.
  16. @TruthSeeker Collapse the 'seeker', and what's left is 'Truth', enlightenment.